Heard it Through the Grapevine – Week 12

It’s inevitable that we have to come to this point, but this week marks the beginning of then end (hopefully), as we head for the forced separation of Bommie and In Sang, fueled by his parents.

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Daddy and Mama Han firmly believes that the “revolt” by their house employees was instigated by Bommie, specifically her presence itself is the reason behind their revolt. Daddy Han refers to the employees as “vessels” (家臣), which is so medieval I can’t even. Bommie questions his choice of word as well, but he offers no explanation. Both her in-laws find her explanation and reasonings extremely distasteful and rude, so much so that Mama Han orders for her immediate moving out.

The employees got wind of Bommie’s predicament, and the whole gang who’s been holing up at Secretary Lee’s place rush back to the Hans. Even Secretary Yang is called back, and she acts as the mediator for young ‘uns and the employees. Eventually Bommie gets to stay, though we know it’s before long that she’ll get chased out again. In return, the employees agree to remove the clause of their retirement money, while the Hans retract the rule for them to wear the formal uniforms (for the kitchen helpers, chief maid and the butler).

Seeing that threatening Bommie had failed, Daddy and Mama Han then turns towards In Sang, telling him that he can only inherit the entire Han fortune IF he divorces Bommie. Wut. These rich people are seriously effed up. In Sang is troubled about how to weasle his way out of the situation without divorcing Bommie, but she already senses what is in store for them. She makes the decision for them, and it is painful to see the young people failed in their cause against their dictator parents.

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Mama Seo seems to be the sole voice of reason when the Seo family hears of Bommie’s impending oust from the Hans, as Daddy Seo and Noo-ri keep asking Bommie to apologize and also blaming Uncle Seo for going ahead with his lawsuit against his previous company, which they believed is the reason behind Bommie being disliked by her in-laws (they’re not entirely wrong about that). Mama Seo encourages Bommie to stick to her stand, and also enlightens In Sang about Bommie’s thoughts.

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In the midst of all the family issues at the Hans, Secretary Lee uses her knowledge of Secretary Yang squirreling away money from the Han Trust (which is actually headed by her brother, I think), to get some leverage in the employees’ cause of retirement money. Unfortunately for her (or them), Secretary Yang drops the bomb of In Sang and Bommie’s divorce papers are already sitting in Daddy Han’s drawer, only awaiting for Bommie’s personal stamp to finalize it. (Basically I think the employees are depending on Bommie for support as well as strategy to fight against the Hans for their unfair contract)

I really hope Daddy and Mama Han (and all their effing rich friends) get their trials and retributions, because they’re so convoluted in their beliefs and their narrow-mindedness is acting to their benefit and not for their children, as they so like to claim. Show is very much a social commentary, and one just can’t help but hope the underdogs will in the game played by the rich.

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