Heard it through the Grapevine – Week 13

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In Sang and Bommie are forcefully separated, though I can’t help but think it is actually a blessing in disguise, and the both of them are actually coming up with a plan to negate whatever his parents are doing. Bommie is awesome for insisting that she will not ask for a cent of compensation, because In Sang has no income, and also she doesn’t want the Hans to feel that money can be used to solve everything and bring away Jin Young in exchange. Whatever it is, their issue has taken a backseat for this week’s episode, as Show reveals the rippling effect that involves other players in the game.

We first get a somewhat massive quitting (considering we only get to see only 5 main workers in Daddy Han’s office, excluding him) in the office, first Lawyer Yoon, then Joo Young, and lastly Lawyer Yoo. They’re all involved in Uncle Seo’s lawsuit, heck, Joo Young was the one who continuously persuaded Uncle Seo to file a new case against his ex-employer.

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Lawyer Yoon being the youngest and most idealistic, is the most pumped up among the three, and he has already declared that he’s willing to go all out to fight Han Song. Lawyer Yoo is the most unpredictable among them, as she just goes with whatever suits her interest best. However, when tasked by Daddy Han to write the statement of claim for In Sang’s divorce (it’s so despicable for Daddy Han to even think of bringing the matter to family court), Lawyer Yoo tells him frankly that she hopes for Bommie to be awarded the legal right to bring up Jin Young, and also advises Daddy Han that there’s an increase in the number of lawyers and judges who fight for women’s rights.

It’s the same thing that Secretary Yang had told him in the beginning of Episode 26, and that he should be more careful of what he says these days, especially when he’s often self-righteous and encroaches his twisted beliefs on others. Daddy Han is displeased that Secretary Yang is trying to lecture him, but she corrects him that she has been tasked by the elders in the family to keep him in check, heh.

[TSKS][Heard It Through the Grapevine][E026(720P)][KO_CN][(072625)00-13-25]

Coming back to Bommie and In Sang, Mama Han is so easily swayed when Young Na (Hyun Soo’s Mom) bribes the fortune-teller to put forth Hyun Soo as a suitable new bride for In Sang, and Mama Han immediately wants to have lunch with Hyun Soo (when previously she pooh-poohed at the idea of Hyun Soo marrying In Sang. And also, Young Na is such a sh*t-stirring bitch). But In Sang is not raising a white flag so easily, even though he tells Bommie he’ll do everything the way she wants, and also demands his parents to let him settle the divorce by himself.

He is just so dejected and beside himself that he actually goes to the Seos unannounced and fell asleep at Bommie’s room. It’s tough times for him, and Bommie, and the kiss at the end of Episode 26 is a sign (crossing fingers) that either the divorce will not happen, or they’ll re-marry each other at the end. The employees at the Han household are also hopeful that the young ‘uns will find a way out, especially since Bommie also loves In Sang very much.

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    1. It’s a very Asian thing for the in-laws to keep the offpsring, especially if it’s a boy. But anyway, yeah, his parents are really crazy

      1. Yeah, in the really traditional Asian mindset, a boy is everything, especially in those prominent households. It’s a severely unfair and warped thinking because females are nothing compared to males (mothers included, unless there are no older male family members around, then the mothers call the shots).

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