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Hwa-yi gets her wish fulfilled, by entering the Department of Artillery, and she vows to herself that although she used to regard Gwanghae as her older brother, she’ll now take away what’s his one by one. Sigh, she only knows half of the story. I feel so sad for Gwanghae here, because up till this week’s episodes, I still don’t see in what sense is this Gwanghae a villain, as mentioned in the promotional articles of Show.

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Anyway, Hwa-yi proves that she knows the distillation method of refining pure sulfur, which earns both the awe and irritation of the craftsman who kept trying and failing in the refining of sulfur. Her presence however, proves to be a bane because Kang Joo Seon has decided to use her presence to get rid of Joo Won and the Department (because Hwa-yi’s background is dubious AND she’s from Japan, a big no-no). Gwanghae was against Joo Won for keeping Hwa-yi in the Department, but Joo Won convinced Gwanghae that she’s the only person who can refine sulfur, and promises to take full responsibility should Hwa-yi turn out to be a spy for Japan, or if something bad happens at the Department. This always spells trouble.

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Gwanghae is proud of the achievement the Department has had so far, and invites all the ministers to the Department. Kang Joo Seon is particularly displeased that Gwanghae has found the way to counteract Ming China, because that means he can no longer control the King, as well as his business with Ming China will likely be restricted. I think he’s the one who actually caused the poisonous fumes at the distillator, which he actually intends to frame Hwa-yi and Joo Won for it.

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We also learn that In Woo, like Joo Won, has a bad relationship with their fathers, but unlike Joo Won, In Woo is an illegitimate son. I think deep down he yearns for recoginition from his father, but he pretends to be nonchalant and behaves like a good-for-nothing. He does, however, asks Heo Gyun about how the Department of Artillery works, because that’s what his father (Kang Joo Seon) tasked him to do. In so, it confirms both Gwanghae’s and Heo Gyun’s suspicion that Kang Joo Seon is the¬†antagonist to Gwanghae. In Woo asks Joo Won why does he work for Gwanghae, despite knowing that he’s heartless and cruel (oh you people, totally misunderstood Gwanghae). Joo Won tells him that it is because Gwanghae is the kind of king Joseon needs now, and he’ll work for his even if it means disobeying his father. I totally see In Woo and Joo Won being forced into opposing camps, and it breaks my bromance-loving heart so. Sobz.