This drama is such a riot, but in a good way. I know there may be some who think the presentation is confusing, especially when the “drama” parts get interspersed with the “interview” parts, but with no indication whatsoever. There’s alot of meta involved, and the dialogues are pretty fast and furious , so it requires some concentration to watch.


The first two episodes package themselves as something like a filming for a new variety programme called “First Day at Work”, which is why we have the “interview” segments. The line starts to blur because the other cast members get “interviewed” too, and I thought this drama/variety concept is not going to work well (thankfully from Episode 3 onwards PD Pyo Min Soo will be the main PD so Producers will be more of a conventional drama). Whatever it is, I still enjoy Show simply because of its meta and reveals to viewers the nature of working in the entertainment circle.


We get not only the TV program producers, but also artistes among the characters. Producers boast a long list of cameo (and it’s only currently at episode 4!), most of whom play themselves in the semi-real settings of Show. Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin take on the roles of veteran variety and music programme PDs respectively, and their personalities are as bipolar as it can be. Na Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) is one who’s passive compared to Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin), and she’s got a bad temper when it comes to work. Caught between them is newbie PD Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun), who harbors a crush on Joon Mo’s girlfriend (special appearance by Jo Yoon Hee), but actually Joon Mo’s not that interested in her. Rounding up the main cast is starlet Cindy (IU), who puts on a resting bitch face, but she shows glimpse of kindness and normalcy under the diva act.


Show is not afraid to make fun of real life, such as bringing up the doubts of whether tvN’s 3 Meals a Day will work (Producers just cite real programme and artistes’ names left right and center), or that everyone’s pretty afraid of veteran actress Yoon Yoo Jung. It also shows how some artistes work the press in their favor, such as citing a busy drama schedule as a reason for dropping out of variety programme, when in reality they’re being dropped by the production crew. We also get to see that producing a programme requires alot of team work and often the production team has to haggle with the artistes for their appearance on the programme, or for idols to comply to dressing codes (nothing too skimpy for KBS2, apparently).


Aside from the drama and meta, I find Producers quite an eye-opener to how South Korean TV works, and I can’t wait for more real life anecdotes amidst the drama (the four-way loveline among our main cast!).