Ahh…I love Spring. And each ep of Three only serves to drive home an irrational desire to become a farmer. (husband: you sure? you have to stand under the sun, yunno?…ok, scrap the idea) So maybe I may not survive the real deal, but that doesn’t stop me from oohing and ahhing at all the nice slow-mo shots of tiny sprouts, beautiful spring blooms and lush, verdant greenery. And not to forget, the animals.


1. The morning-after

The guys spend their first night at the farmhouse and next morning, as punctual as a clockwork, Mathilda flutters out of the chicken coop for her daily morning worm-hunt. As “maknae”, Kwang-gyu ahjusshi has the unpleasant task of chasing her down and throwing her back home — so that she can lay that egg(s) for breakfast! (i hope Mathilda, with the extra fresh proteins she eats every morning, lays more eggs than the other hens…if not, they can consider having a fat, roasted chicken for one of their meals…)


Returning Mathilda to her home is considered an easy-peasy task. Maknae Kwang-gyu’s second task — to milk Jackson — nearly earns him a kick to his head. Obviously, he is squeezing her tits the wrong way. Taec shows him the “proper” way to get Jackson to co-operate: through a series of strokings and heavy pettings. And voila! A quick fondling and milk is expressed. (not my fault if it sounds raunchy — blame Na PD)


And while maknae Kwang-gyu struggles to get milk from Jackson, Seo-jinnie looks on in wry amusement from his bedroom.


2. The simple (?) fare

Reminder: the guys are not Chajumma. So usually the spread is kinda…pathetic. Like for breakfast? Pancakes and coffee. Lunch? Rice wrapped in mustard leaves with daejeong. (zzz…)


Juz when we think Na PD is going easy on them…he suggests orders French baguette for breakfast the following morning. A bit more on the stove building later. (and yes, Papa Hae-jin, your primitive stone stove pales in comparison to Seo-jinnie’s “modernised and technologically advanced” brick stove)


3. Strawberries, melons, corns, potatoes and such

Planting has begin! This time round, the guys get to choose the crops they wanna harvest. (what? no more Sorghum Hell?) So for staples, Taec suggests corn and Seo-jinnie, potatoes. (he has a something with potatoes…last season, he was whining that Na PD doesn’t even give him a potato. season 2, he is dubbed the Mechanical Potato Peeler)


So the guys troop down to a neighbouring nursery to start seeding their crops. (about 4,000 odd stalks of corn, a few tens or more rows of potatoes…easy) Halfway through the rather boring job of seeding the planters’ bed, Seo-jinnie starts to become very interested in the greenhouse. And starts muttering that he also wants one.


So, when Taec suggests they plant honeydew/rock melons (a tropical fruit), Seo-jinnie’s wish is granted. A greenhouse is build. For the rock melons.

4. Taec’s new love

I admit, I am not a Park Shin-hye fan. For some reason, after seeing her in Heirs, I decided I can’t stand her. Well…I’m glad to say my opinion has changed.


Shin-hye is the first (and young and female) guest invited to Three (Season 2). And we have seen how Taec behaves around young and female guests (read: Go Ah-ra). So yes, history repeats itself. Cue: irrational (male) behaviours.

1st weird behaviour:
Taec agrees with Seo-jinnie that the strawberries are super precious, since they are super delicious. And since girls are well-known to like sweet stuff, the strawberries have to be hidden from all female guests henceforth.


The moment Shin-hye enters the farmhouse, she is presented with a strawberry — the biggest one in the patch. And given a free pass to eat as many as she wishes.

2nd weird behaviour:
Uncontrolled giggling. When asked to bring Shin-hye to the Love Patch, Taec is both shy and yet, excited. He even presents a little stalk of wild flowers to Shin-hye to commemorate her being the “first” to walk with him on Love Patch.


3rd weird behaviour:
Impervious to cold, heat, and weight. Seo-jinnie is practically nagging Taec to cover up his feet, since the evening has started to get chilly, but no. Even when cold water splashed onto his bare feet, Taec is fine. Seo-jinnie laughingly says that Taec muz be “burning up inside”.


Not only does Taec displays abnormal body temperature, he suddenly acquires inhuman strength. Suddenly the 40+kg of cement is no longer heavy, but as light as a feather.

4th (and the most) weird behaviour:
Taec starts wriggling. I am so-very-serious. He really does start wriggling. For no apparent reasons, he becomes a wriggly octopus around Shin-hye. He wriggles to check on the potato sprouts, he wriggles when starting the fire, he wriggles while Shin-hye describes the dinner menu…and he accompanies the wriggling with this high pitched giggle… (oh, Taec…)




5. Three’s best young, female guest ever


She brings food (meat!!! ok, they offals, but they are still meat), she cooks, she washes, she even lays bricks. Yes, she’s Park Shin-hye. Seo-jinnie is clamoring for her to be put on Three on a permanent basis after this ep. He doesn’t even mind if Kwang-gyu ahjusshi leaves — he juz need Shin-hye and Ji-woo unni. (yeah, so he wants to exchange an invalid, for 2 maids)


So she lugs a huge sling bag and an ice box when she makes her entrance. The guys are immediately drawn to the ice box’s contents. Shin-hye says her parents open a BBQ offal shop and the big pack of beef tripe and intestines are her house-visiting gifts to them. Na PD swoops in to try to confiscate the items, but even he is charmed with Shin-hye and later agrees to let them have it for dinner.


And first thing Shin-hye does at the farmhouse is volunteer to wash up the dishes. Later Taec brings her around on a farm-tour, and amazingly, Jackson docilely stands still to allow Shin-hye to pet her. (that nanny goat has mellowed with motherhood)

6. The stove

Evil genius Na PD. He throws a task which even Chajumma finds hard to these culinary noobs. Breadmaking. But I suppose the stove-building competition is a Man thing. Seo-jinnie is so intense in making sure his brick stove will turn out much better than Papa Hae-jin’s primitive one.


At least, he has cement. Papa Hae-jin’s stove uses baked dough to seal the heat in. And Seo-jinnie stove has a shiny, metal chimney — hich he forgets to buy after making a trip downtown, and had to have Dong-chi deliver.  (it’s that poor guy’s birthday! but oh well, he gets to shake hand with pretty Shin-hye…not a bad bday pressie)


Shin-hye chips in to help lay bricks and smooth out cement. In reward, she gets to sign her name on the wet cement…and she signs “Na PD is a fool” on it too. (lol)


Not too sure who will be invited on Three next week, but Shin-hye will be helping out in the plantings of the seedlings…does she not wanna go home? And of cos, is the French baguette a success or flop?