Finally had the time to watch episode 1 of Show, and boy, does the opening confuse people. It actually turns out to be our heroine, Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo), going undercover as an extra on a filming set, to persuade a popular actress to join in the movie she’s going to produce. The movie company Soo Jin works at is on the verge of closing down, and the situation got worse when her boss actually uses the company stamp to borrow money from loansharks, and Soo Jin ends up having to come up with ways to pay off the debt.


There’s alot of setting up the story in the first episode, as well as giving us the history between Soo Jin and Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han). Flashbacks are shown throughout the episode, especially after Soo Jin realises who is the artist behind a particularly popular on-going comic, “Ex-girlfriends Club”. Soo Jin was initially uninterested about the comic, until she hears the name of the artist, and her interest in the comic suddenly increases by multiple folds.


So apparently Soo Jin is the fourth girlfriend of Myung Soo, as the comic has already covered three of his exes, in sequential order, the “lionness”, the “cat” and the “fox”. I wonder what animal will Soo Jin be, given that she hates losing and apparently behaves in an opposite manner to what she says. Anyway, it seems also Soo Jin still feels something for Myung Soo, because she took the effort to touch up before meeting him, and actually was hopeful that he still stores her phone number in his phone.


Myung Soo on the other hand, seems earnest, yet also seems to be a flirt (given that he has the number of many girls in his phone). I’d say that he’s probably loyal to his friends, especially when he realises the dire situation Soo Jin is in, and breaks off the contract (which he already signed) with the company Soo Jin’s nemesis is in, giving Soo Jin the chance to produce a movie based on his comic (and hopefully pay off the debt).


That’s where Show will properly begin, as the four ex-girlfriends will meet, with regards to their love lives being adapted into a movie. As I only had the time to watch the first episode, I don’t know how much hijinks will ensue, but I thought Show should make an easy watch, though it may very well be without much story progression per episode. Of course, it’d also be interesting to see how Myung Soo and Soo Jin will get back together, given that both do seem to still like each other. I’ll continue watching this when I have time.