What are sqweecaps? Squeecap + weecap = sqweecaps! Because in this domain Yoo Yeon Seok is MINE, I shall dedicate an episodic Warm and Cozy sqweecap to him. His character, Baek Gun-woo is a petty, silly, idiotic manchild, but hey, love is blind, for me, for Gun-woo, for all fangirls out there.

Episode 1

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Baek Gun-woo plays polo with his brother and other rich boys, on his birthday.

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A girl, Lee Jung-joo comes hesistantly, with some “evidence” to prove that she’s Gun-woo’s twin…Are they or are they not?

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He ushers her back to the resort room, but hides in the toilet when his Mom and sister suddenly enters. Jung-joo left a photo on the coffee table, which Gun-woo’s sister picks up and shows Mom. The photo is of Mom and a man, but Mom insists she doesn’t know the man. Jung-joo looks crushed.

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Gun-woo goes to find Jung-joo after having the birthday cake cut, and gives her one of his birthday present. He’s too rich and privileged, and while having no ill intentions, his words come across as arrogant, and don’t really sit well with Jung-joo. Nonetheless, they make a deal with each other, where he promises to be a scoundrel 10 years later, and she promises to become an awesome lady, so they’ll date each other. Hurhur.

10 years later…

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Gun-woo has become a chef!

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(042124)12-52-05]

And he doesn’t know why the haenyeos (female divers) loathe him.

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(043448)12-53-19]

When he spent 12 months trying to win them over with his charm! Why!

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(043667)12-53-49]

We flashback to him saying all the wrong things (really earnestly) to the haenyeos: Your black diving suit makes you look so fashionable and sexy! *snickers*

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There’s a town blogger who gives Gun-woo’s restaurant “Maendorong Doddot” free advertising, which attracts female customers who come for the “handsome chef” (and the food).

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(049128)12-55-37]

He receives a call from his friends back in Seoul, and he flies over immediately for a gathering because of a name: Mok Ji-won.

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For a moment Gun-woo reverts to Chilbong, when Ji-won’s boyfriend (?) appears. This Ji-won girl is not worth it, Gun-woo ya!

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(064677)12-56-54]

And Gun-woo continues to brood on his way to airport (? I assume. Or hotel.)

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The next day, he meets his noona and tries to get her to lend him money, but noona is told not to lend him money. He then receives a message telling him there’s a buyer for his restaurant and he immediately flies back to Jeju.

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(069517)12-57-33]

He meets Jung-joo at the airport, and tells her he’s her twin, heh.

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His signature nail biting habit.

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(080067)13-04-31]

At Jeju airport, he offers Jung-joo a ride, in his convertible (me me me! I want a ride too!)

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He rushes to see the ahjusshi whom he borrowed money from, but fails to return. The ahjusshi was on his way to find Gun-woo’s hyung, but is stopped by Gun-woo.

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He lies that he needs the money to get married, and forces Jung-joo to greet the ahjusshi together, hehe.

맨도롱 또돗.E01.150513.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(103636)13-01-48]

Jung-joo has the worst day of her life ever (and it’s actually their birthday!), and while cleaning her shoes at a stream (she fell down from a horse and got herself dirty), Gun-woo observes her from a distance away.