Heard it Through the Grapevine – Week 15

Aaaaand, we’ve come to the end of the quirky ride, and while times I drift off during the stretches of political maneuverings (especially in the last few episodes), Show was a fun ride with an equally quirky soundtrack to boot.

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In Sang settles fairly well into his new life at his in-laws, taking over Bommie’s night shift at the convenience store, while Bommie takes the day shift. In Sang however, keeps thinking that it’d be better for Bommie to go for the civil exam instead of him, and our young couple ends up in a quarrel. Luckily for them, Tutor Park and Secretary Lee have the intention of sponsoring both of them to continue with their studies.

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Apparently all the employees left the Han household, leaving the huge house empty, save for the new employees. Yi-ji applied to go overseas, and Hyun-soo goes together with her, to the dismay of both their mothers. Mama Han too, eventually leaves the house, claiming she’s going travelling. Daddy Han asks if she’ll ever come back, and she gives a nonchalant non-answer. Daddy Han ends up being the only person living in the big house, which is a huge contrast from the first episode.

[TSKS][Heard It Through the Grapevine][E029(720P)][KO_CN][(032768)12-26-56]

All the familiar faces at Han Song left too, although the fate of Secretary Yang is up to each viewer’s interpretation. The case of bribery and malfeasance which involved the Prime Minister candidate seemed to be not completely over, and Secretary Yang’s brother who was made to be the Han Trust CEO, is likely to be made the scapegoat. Secretary Lee and others urge Secretary Yang to ditch Daddy Han and save her brother instead, but we did not get to see what her decision is, though she says she’ll think about it. Her arc is unresolved till the end, though we see that Daddy Han has a new personal secretary, which should be Secretary Yang, especially after Daddy Han hints her that she cannot quit, in light of everyone else who left. I’m assuming Secretary Yang left as well, but Han Song, given its ties with so many politicians, is likely difficult to be taken down by just Lawyer Yoon and Lawyer Yoo, so that’s why Daddy Han is still who he is, but his family all left him.

[TSKS][Heard It Through the Grapevine][E030(720P)][KO_CN][(086374)12-48-21]

Over at Lawyer Yoo’s new firm, practically all the familiar faces are now working there: Lawyer Yoon, Tutor Park, Secretary Kim, and even Min-jae, In Sang’s friend, is doing an intern there. Lawyer Yoon even jokes that to those unaware, it’d seem that their firm is a branch of Han Song. Uncle Seo and Joo Young head for her hometown, where he’ll help out with her family business.

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As for the employees at Han household, Chief Maid and her husband, the Butler, together with Tutor Park and Secretary Lee (they’re getting married!), apparently bought a small house that has three storeys, and become neighbors by taking a storey each. The house is near Bommie’s parents’, and In Sang and Bommie are also given a storey to stay in, so that they can both focus on their studies. Secretary Lee learns how to look after Jin Young, while Chief Maid and Mama Seo cooks for everyone. The Seo’s house becomes the base camp for all who used to work for the Han’s, making it a stark contrast to the empty Han household.

[TSKS][Heard It Through the Grapevine][E030(720P)][KO_CN][(100421)12-30-37]

I think the ending is the most realistic as it can be, with regards to Daddy Han, because as mentioned above, his network among the politicans is too deeply entwined, therefore work-wise he’ll remain as powerful as before, though perhaps his reputation is tainted. But on the home-front, Daddy Han is abandoned by his family, because he is too draconian and did not once listen to them.

[TSKS][Heard It Through the Grapevine][E030(720P)][KO_CN][(099337)12-30-06]

The ending for everyone else is a little too neat, but given the struggle most of them had to go through (fighting against authority, mostly), I thought it was good that everyone find their solace and learn what’s important in life, and most importantly, In Sang and Bommie grow together with lots of support from people who truly care for them. All in all, Show did a good job of presenting a satirical drama, dramatic at points, yet not losing the groundedness in being a social commentary.

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  1. all in all, Jin young gets to grow up in an environment that is loving and totally different from his father’s, which is a good thing. They should make a baby category in baeksang awards cuz this baby is darn cute!

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