Things begin to heat up at our hanok-farmhouse, as Summer rolls around and temperature soars. Those metal bowls that Koreans love to use for their meals? They become painful to touch after some baking under the sun — as exemplified by Seo-jinnie’s thrown bowl and Taec’s yelps of pain.


Unlike the humans, the vegetation is taking to the extra heat very well. And for reference, the temperature is about 31 deg C. I consider that mild…but then, I was born and bred in the humid tropics. (34 deg C + 90+% humidity = Home) So, I really dunno what are they whining about with a balmy 31 deg C…


1. Sharing the spoils of an award

In case you haven’t heard/ read, Na PD was awarded the Daesang winner for TV (??) category at the recent 51st Baeksang Arts Awards. And to celebrate his win, he decides to reward the Three family with a good meal and a refrigerator.

The celebratory, joyous, sumptuous lunch of … ddeokbokki and fish cake.

But before you congratulate Seo-jinnie et al, let’s juz say the “good meal” is a tiny plate of uncooked ddeokbokki (ok, there’s a few slices of fish cake thrown in). And the fridge? A block of ice.

Latest hi-end Samsung refrigerator…totally biodegradable.

Such generosity from the ever big-hearted Na PD…


At least the ddeokbokki made a good lunch. And the ice block does a good job chilling the beers and watermelon (from Kwang-gyu maknae) — before it melts.

2. The Summer Prisoner

Sorry, but Ji-sung appears in this black/white horizontal stripes, long-sleeved tee coupled with black pants…he looks like he’s here to serve a sentence. (and did i mention it’s HOT?) Even though his status is Guest, Ji-sung oppa immediately applies his abled body to all the manual and menial tasks.


Maybe he’s kinda embarrassed by the lukewarm welcome from the guys — re: Shin-hye’s earlier visit, where she gets a farm tour, fed strawberries by Taec, and given fresh flowers — Ji-sung volunteers to plant the lemon saplings in the greenhouse within 15 mins of arrival. And no, no one gave him a farm tour, or strawberry snacks beforehand. (sad) The situation might have been different, if he has brought along meat instead of measly ice-creams. (ice-creams which everyone ate, btw)


Yo-na tries to improve the situation by appearing for a few seconds and aegyo-ing Taec, but that only led to Taec collapsing in shocked laughter. (where’s Park Seo-joon?!)


2. Kim Kwang-gyu’s twin

See picture below and spot the difference(s), if any:


Well, at least the Ahjusshi’s get-up helps in diffusing the stifling heat in the greenhouse. Plus Ji-sung’s self-hypnosis that he’s “juz a recruit digging trenches in the Army”. The editing crew keeps popping in Kill Me, Heal Me references and background music, which makes it really funny. As though Ji-sung is calling upon his other personalities to make his current pain more bearable. Well, we can bet that it’s our aggressive man-child Shin Se-gi doing the digging.


Unfortunately, Shin Se-gi also scares off the animals on the farm. Min-ki backs away from being cuddled, and Black Pearl + Diamond look rather taken aback by Ji-sung’s “sinister presence”.


3. Ji-sung’s fan meet

Since the menu for dinner involves deep fried chicken and preserved daikon (the latter failed in the preparation, but the guys eat it anyway), a trip to town is in order. And a trip to town means a trip to the clean, public restrooms at the Municipal Office. Seo-jinnie and Taec are already familiar faces (they muz have borrowed the restrooms too frequently, given that the staff can comment they look more tanned “than last time” and immediately offer them instant coffee), but Ji-sung is a rarity in town.



So Seo-jinnie oh-so-kindly and very loudly pointed out Ji-sung’s presence in the carpark. Mayhem ensues, with all the OLs (Office Ladies) pouring out from the building juz to have a chance to swoon over Ji-sung, get his signature, and even a selfie or two. (hey, the perks of working at Gangwon-do Municipal Office don’t seem too bad!)



4. Le Popularity Contest

I believe it muz be cos Gangwon-do is mainly filled with ahjummas, so younger Taec (and by association, 2PM) may be less well-known than Seo-jinnie. Otherwise, I can’t explain why the chicken shop owner only puts up a sign that says “Lee Seo-jin was here”.


Poor Taec. He is the first to spot the sign, and poutingly points out that he comes more often than Seo-jinnie to run grocery errands. Aww. I’m sure the ahjumma will may remember to include your name next time.

5. The chicken and the chicken dinner

This episode is all about chickens.


Before we get to the dinner, a quick update on Mathilda, whose previous job title is Aerospace Engineer (ref to her ability to launch herself up and over the coop’s netting), and current (new) title is Civil Engineer. Flying out of the coop muz be getting boring for Mathilda, cos she decides that tunnelling under and out is a more creative. The camera catches her furtively scratching the dirt near the edge of the chicken coop nightly, stopping only when a human walks by. After several nights (and hours) of scratch-digging, she worms her way out of the newly created tunnel and struts off to annoy the neighbourhood dog (Min-ki) and goats (Jackson + family).


Someone pls give an award to this escapist chicken.


Back to those dead and chopped chicken. (thankfully, no one suggested eating the hen-group) After several hits and misses — more misses than hits — the guys finally work out the formula for the spicy garlic marinade. (if you muz know, it’s 3 tomato ketchup to 1 goujuchang, with chopped garlic, salt and sugar syrup…Ji-sung says add some salt in too) And as usual, Seo-jinnie manages to get away with doing absolutely nothing, while poor Taec and Ji-sung try to figure out the recipe.


Thankfully (or amazingly?), the fried chicken dishes (spicy/garlic vs crispy) turn out ok (first piece turns out half raw, which Ji-sung accidentally feeds to Seo-jinnie…heh, in revenge for doing all the hard work). The best verdict is in the form of the production crew beelining to pick off the leftovers which can’t fit in the serving plates.


6. Dishwasher no. 2

Besides trench digging lemon trees planting, Ji-sung turns out to be a dishwasher equivalent of Seo-jinnie. Even hawk eyed Seo-jinnie has no complaints over Ji-sung’s meticulousness. Everything gets washed and wiped down at least twice. In the short interview, Ji-sung says his dishwashing skills are honed at home — Lee Bo-young will cook (and he heaps praises on her culinary skills), so it’s fair he does the dishes…and he claims dishwashing to be his hobby now. (swoons…i love guys who do housework)


Taec, meanwhile, experiments with banchan making after dinner. It’s stir fried anchovies with chillis, which is a good accompaniment with cold beer…but see his reaction? I think the taste is meh….


7. Breakfast for a to-be Mum

No, Yo-na isn’t pregnant. But Lee Bo-young is. And will be delivering her son within this month. Ji-sung claims he has learnt from his mother-in-law (whom he shares a really close relationship, seeing how he calls her for help during Three) how to make the nutritional seaweed soup for his expectant wife. (in Asia, we normally encourage breastfeeding mums to load up on seaweed/kelp due to their high nutritional value and the belief that intake of seaweed can help increase flow of breast milk)


Na PD being Na PD, immediately puts this nugget of information to good use. It’s seaweed soup for breakfast the next morning.


And we get a snippet on how Taec in Season 1 attempted seaweed soup…and it turned out to be this yukky, bubbly broth that Seo-jinnie claimed tasted like dirty seawater. (pwahahaha)


No major incidents reported for this round of seaweed soup-making (other than Ji-sung over washing the pork slices). Taec, the ever-experimental chef, is inspired by Ji-sung’s success and attempts to make cold seaweed soup (miyeok naeng-guk). Only to nearly fail in the attempt again as he added too much of the wrong type of vinegar (apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar).


Luckily the guys are not picky eaters. And visually, the seaweed breakfast feast looks good.


More of Ji-sung (and how cute is he in the loose pants he bought from Laos!) next week. And side note: Maknae Kwang-gyu is kinda MIA in ep4, cos he was busy with filming. He will be back in ep5. 🙂