My oh my, the plot moves rather quickly in this week’s episodes, as Hwa-yi’s real identity is most likely being known by In Woo, who puts two and two together. Heo Gyun’s real motive is also made clear, as he begins to present more ideas to Kang Joo-sun, to take down Gwanghae.

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Hwa-yi’s lost bracelet made appearance again, ending up in Queen Inmok’s hands, who is more than anxious to know who had it and why it was lost, all the while thinking perhaps, just perhaps Jung-myeong is still alive (her faithful maid had to keep reminding her otherwise). One of her guards turns out to be planted to keep an eye on her by Kim Kae-shi, who reports to her about Queen Inmok’s recent activity, showing her a drawing of the bracelet.

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It just so happens that Heo Gyun managed to take a peep at it, and later on, In Woo drew him something similar, telling Heo Gyun only that his friend has lost it and he’s wondering if Heo Gyun, having read so widely, has any idea where is the origin of the bracelet. Heo Gyun immediately jumps into action, abducting Hwa-yi, questioning her intentions. Hwa-yi, at knowing Heo Gyun’s motive’s of dethroning Gwanghae, reveals that she has the same intentions as him, and thought she has an ally.

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Hwa-yi asked Heo Gyun to pass a letter to Queen Inmok, claiming that she’ll want to meet Hwa-yi after reading the letter. Instead, Heo Gyun orchestrated a secret meeting of Queen Inmok and her supporters, first by sending letters to the supporters claiming that the Queen asks for a meeting, and then delivers Hwa-yi’s letter to the Queen. He then informs one of Gwanghae’s loyal minister that the Queen is planning a rebel. Kang Joo-seon is outraged at Heo Gyun’s plan to involve the Queen, but Heo Gyun explains calmly that it must be done so such that Gwanghae will lose all sympathy (if any), among the court and the citizens alike, should Gwanghae decide to execute the Queen.

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Not only Hwa-yi, In Woo has also realised that it was wrong of him to trust Heo Gyun, as he had more than once saw Heo Gyun meeting his father in secret. Heo Gyun tries to lie his way through, but i think In Woo has already seen what a weasel Heo Gyun is, though I think he has no idea yet what Heo Gyun’s true motives are.

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Gwanghae trusts Joo Won enough to bring him to meet the Jurchens secretly, where he tells Joo Won his plans in countering Ming China: ally with the Jurchens to defeat Ming China, thus having a higher chance of gaining recognition as an independent country, instead of a subordinate country. The envoys from Ming China, taking advice from Kang Joo-seon (he has countless business dealing with them), visits Queen Inmok instead of meeting Gwanghae at Mokhwa-kwan (the building where Joseon kings meet China’s envoys officially), incurring the wrath of Gwanghae. The envoys are hell-bent on getting Joseon to supply firearms and manpower, in their battle against the Jurchens.