This is the episode of many facial expressions of Baek Geun Woo!

[sab: throughout Warm, I have an urge to tickle Yoo Yoon-seok‘s chin…that pout…]

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He picks up Jung Joo’s shoe,

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and tells her, since it’s her birthday, he has an awesome present for her. She can either hit him to release her anger,

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or she can ask for a hug if she needs someone to console her. Aww.

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He then invites her to his restaurant, and cooks seaweed soup for her birthday. Chef Geun-woo!

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Geun-woo angry that Jung Joo’s been cheated of her money.

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And then he remembers she’s very “sick” and looks worried.

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Geun-woo gives her the seaweed soup to bring back home to eat. Such a kind boy.

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Geun-woo chillaxing on his hammock (again).

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Looking kinda uncertain at Jung Joo’s decision of moving to Jeju to stay, and open a cafe (all because of your big fat lies, bad Geun-woo!)

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Running away at the very mention of a snake…

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…but decides he should be more “man” and takes a thin branch to fight the “snake”. Oh Geun-woo, you’re hopeless.

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He gives a long speech about the right way to tackle a snake.

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And ends up knocking himself on the door frame in his hurry to run away again. *snickers*

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Geun-woo recalling his lies about making it big running a cafe in the part of Jeju he’s in.

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Geun-woo is proud of himself for thinking of offering her his toilet. Gawd.

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Geun-woo realises he’s in deep shit.

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YES! Hang up Ji-won’s call!

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Geun-woo telling Jung Joo her fortune, cooking up white lies that people with long eyelashes will have a good and long life. Geun-woo is so bipolar sometimes.

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He drives Jung Joo to see the sunrise, as she hopes to be able to pray for good luck looking at the first sunrise at Ilchu Peak. They overslept, and he brings her to another place to view the sunrise.

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Peeking at Jung Joo.

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Deep in thoughts, still upset that Jung Joo’s “terminally sick”.