To be honest, I was skeptical about Show, although I kind of liked the previous work of its writer, Warm Words (didn’t manage to finish watching it coz real life was a b*tch back then). Warm Words could be a little boring at times, but thankfully, High Society seems to be more optimistic and LOL at times.

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UEE takes on the role of the youngest daughter of a chaebol family, Jang Yoon-ha. She has an older brother and two older sisters, and only the brother Kyeong Joon (Lee Sang Woo! You’d better be a good oppa or else!) seems to care for her well-being. The second sister appears to be Yoon-ha’s sworn enemy for some reason, and they physically fight each other (are they 10?). Dad (Yoon Joo Sang) keeps a harem of mistresses, one of them seems to be taking on the role of the head of the harem pretty well, openly challenging Mom (Go Doo Shim). Mom and Dad here have a seriously strained relationship, with Dad being ultra-authoritarian and Mom restraining herself from exploding at Dad, and explodes at Yoon-ha instead. It’s so different from the loving parents they played over at Warm Words.

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Yoon-ha defies the law of all chaebol offsprings, by hiding her wealthy background and takes on a part-time job at a supermarket (I wonder how is it possible she is able to do it without running into all those irritating rich ahjummas who may likely know her parents), which so conveniently turns out to be one run by the family of the guy she’s having a blind-date with. Guy in question, Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Shik), is a seemingly childish guy and also full of himself, yet I feel there’s more to him than what is shown so far.

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Chang Soo’s good friend, Choi Joon-ki (Sung Joon), comes from a modest family (Dad is semi-paralyzed and Mom [Yang Hee Kyung, the lovely Aunt from What Happens to My Family] is a domestic helper of Yoon-ha’s Dad’s no. 1 mistress). I’m not so sure if pretty sure Joon-ki doesn’t think of Chang Soo as a friend, and he certainly doesn’t betray what he thinks. Joon-ki is definitely more shrewd and hides his real self, not unlike Yoon-ha. I’m also pretty sure his interest in Yoon-ha increases by several fold after he found out her identity, though it’s rather obvious that he’s already interested in her from the first time he saw her.

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Rounding up the love square is Lee Ji-yi (Im Ji-yeon), an optimistic and simple-minded girl, who works with Yoon-ha at the supermarket. She harbors a crush on Joon-ki, visualizing him as the perfect Prince Charming. Ji-yi follows him around like Woodstock follows Snoopy, happy just being around him. But drama laws dictate that she’ll end up with Chang Soo, whom I think is falling for her. Ji-yi may be simple but she is not vain or materialistic, as she doesn’t believe in marrying a rich man, but she’d rather earn her own keep.

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Besides the lovelines, what I find interesting is the Jang family dynamics, as well as the mother-daughter relationship. Mom is definitely in the wrong for blaming Yoon-ha for every bad thing that happened, but Mom also has to put up with Dad’s draconian ways, which will definitely make anyone go crazy. Kyeong Joon is loggerheads with older sister Ye Won (Yoon Ji Hye), fighting over inheriting Taejin Pacific Group, their family business. It’s obvious Mom’s favorite is Kyeong Joon, which shows that Mom is a traditional Asian Mom who favors sons over daughters. Show also has some pretty interesting dialogues, which makes watching Show more enjoyable. Definitely one of the more promising new dramas, provided it maintains the quality it has shown in the first two episodes.