To shake things up, Na PD introduces a new “member” to the Three‘s family. And the new member(s) is reputed to be a hardworker. Very hardworking in fact.


1. Hot, hot, hot!!!!


Temperature swells up to a humid 35 deg C in the afternoon, and the guys finally have enough of sitting around in the sun. They decide to set up a rainbow tentage to shelter them from the merciless heat. But to enjoy the cooling shade, the guys have to sweat it out first.


Or rather, only Taecyon and Ji-sung sweat, while Seo-jinnie and Maknae Kwang-gyu hang around admiring sweaty biceps.

2. Late lunch of river…snails?


I really dunno what these are — but they are shelled creatures (like snails?) found in freshwater. But to collect them, the guys have to take a refreshing, cool dip in the nearby stream. Even though they aren’t the sweaty ones, Seo-jinnie and Maknae Kwang-gyu volunteer for the skinny dipping river wading to “hunt” for the snail thingy. Ever the worker bee, Ji-sung drops in to help out — after cleaning out the house.


Midway through, Kwang-gyu decides to show-off his (ahem) “buff” (not) body.


The guys cook somen (rice noodles) with the river snails (?), broccoli, hard boiled eggs and lettuce. Topped with Maknae Kwang-gyu’s special gouchujang sauce.


And they ate the refrigerator for dessert. No, am not kidding…Taec shaved ice manually from the depleting ice block and topped the shaved ice with adzuki red beans, home made condensed milk, fresh milk and a not-so-ripe strawberry. (the last strawberry after Park Shin-hye‘s visit)


3. Ji-sung’s obsessions

There are two of them — no. 1 is Taec, and no. 2 is washing.


We smell a budding bromance as the editing crew strings together Ji-sung’s heaping praises for Taec’s cooking skills throughout his stay. And then Three contrasts Ji-sung’s opinion with Reality — we all know Taec is an “anything-goes” cook. While Ji-sung compliments Taec on his “detailed culinary skills”, Taec is shown fanning soot into the condensed sweetened milk…and saying “eating a little bit of soot is ok”. (lol, but ew)


When he is not gazing admiringly at Taec, Ji-sung is busy washing up. He cleans…everything. From the wooden platform (which, btw, is filthy), to cooking utensils, blahblah. Anything that looks grimy or oily to Ji-sung ends up getting a soapy bubble bath. Na PD teases that Lee Bo-young has trained him pretty well, since Ji-sung admits he wasn’t such a neat freak before marriage. (and congrats to the lovely couple on their darling bb daughter! <3)

4. Welcoming the new member!!!

A commotion within the production crew alerts the guys to the newcomer. Na PD cordially tells them that he has purchased a new animal — cue surprised looks from our residential pets.

And then 2 crew members enter the frame, gingerly carrying…a BEE HIVE?! Seo-jinnie immediately yells at them to stop (coming near) … and the crew members obligingly dump the hive in the middle of the path and scuttle off.


End up, Taec and Ji-sung have to lug the hive, very very gingerly, to the stand Seo-jinnie sets up under a shady, flowering tree. The guys suggest a game of rock-scissors-paper to appoint a “lucky” guy to don the beekeeper suit and open the hive’s “door”…until Maknae Kwang-gyu wanders over innocently and picks up the beekeeper suit.


Seeing an opportunity, Seo-jinnie immediately ties Maknae Kwang-gyu into the suit, while Taec and Ji-sung bind his hands in the beekeeping gloves. So poor Kwang-gyu gets “nominated” for the opening ceremony.


Once the mini door is flung opened, our busy bees, nicknamed Hunting Leopard(s), zip out of the hive to start collecting nectar.

And if we have anyone to blame for introducing bees onto the set (let’s hope nobody gets stung), it will be Shin-hye. Cos after sampling her home-produced honey, the guys were whining for more. (they are hinting to Na PD to invite her back…not get a bee hive though)

5. In reward for the dangerous op…

To console them for having to live with the stingers, Na PD nicely gives permission (and money) to buy sliced pork and octopus for dinner. A trip to town ensues, and “head chef” Taec appoints his 3 “sou-chefs” to prepare the ingredients after their return.


Imo, Taec does ok with frying (either deep frying or stir frying). He juz doesn’t do very well in soup-based meals. The stir-fried spicy pork + octopus and fried rice dinner turns out not bad. (see pic for verification)


After dinner, Na PD informs them of Breakfast Challenge Part II (homemade mayo egg + potato toast — aka more baking). Maknae Kwang-gyu proudly displays the whisk he brought from home…and another whisk-like thingy. It’s a head massager — which he promptly tries on Seo-jinnie, getting this rather extremely cute reaction:


6. Match making session

While lazing around in the farmhouse post-dinner, the topic veers to marriage, kids and of course, Ji-sung and his wife. He shares with them (and us) that he has dated his wife for 7 years before mutually deciding to tie the knot. He also reveals that Bo-young was the one who started their relationship. He was still serving his military duties then, when Bo-young took the initiative to call him … and things started from there. (they were previously in a more distant hoobae-sunbae relationship)


And of course, the other guys (including Ji-sung) start to tease Taec and pair him up with Shin-hye. Since Kwang-gyu has worked with Shin-hye previously, he has her phone number. So he calls her, and a full round teasing session begins — with Taec and Shin-hye as targets. The phone was passed from Kwang-gyu to Seo-jinnie — and Ji-sung also chips in on the 3-way conversation — while lying on Seo-jinnie (see pic below) …o__0 (bromance!)


All the while, Taec tries to hide under his blanket and remain as silent (and invisible) as possible. Unfortunately, he is not spared the guys’ goading (hey, you’ve got the best wingmen around!) and the phone is shoved into his face. All Taec can manage to squeak out is a “hello”, “are you doing well”…then awkward pause…before yelling in consternation “why are you doing this to me!!!” (cue giggles from Shin-hye and guffaws from the guys all round)


7. Breakfast Challenge Part II

Seo-jinnie’s second breadmaking attempt turns out to be much more successful than the first. Even if this round, it’s not baguette, but milk toast. (the ingredients and their proportions are slightly different)


Given his rather work-averse nature, Seo-jinnie decides to proof the dough next to his bed. So that he can work on it the next morning in his half-asleep mode and let it proof a second time.


Meanwhile, Recruit Taec gets busy preparing the mayo — he is flanked by Major Kwang-gyu and Sergeant Ji-sung and ordered to “whip faster”. Seo-jinnie prepares for the second delivery of his baby (aka the Toast bread). Cockily, he assures that 20mins is sufficient, only to have the “labour” extend yet another half hour.


Finally though, Toast baby is successfully delivered and I muz say, the second attempt DOES look MUCH better. The guys enjoy a hearty breakfast of potato/egg mayo salad on toasted bread, washed down with fresh lemonade from the lemons plucked the day before. (envious)


8. Bye, Ji-sung oppa…and Hello, who’s here?!


It’s time for Ji-sung to leave his day-labourer job, but not before Taec christens the greenhouse after him.


As for guests in ep6 — we are in for a treat. It’s omg…BoA! and Papa Yoo Hae-jin! (does that mean poor Taec need not tend the fire anymore?)