Like I said earlier, much of Producers isn’t about the plot — nothing happens, other than a bunch of human interactions. There’s no big conspiracy theory to unearth, no earth shattering secrets to reveal…Producers is all about your normal, not-evil-yet-not-totally-good characters that people everyday life.


And since we have 2 guys and 2 gals as leads, it is inevitable that Producers compares them, revealing the friction in between and also, how they complement each other. I’ll start with the ladies first…

While Cindy may appear initially as a prickly, haughty Princessy, exhibitionist type (re: her see-thru costume that got everybadi in trouble), plot developments reveal her to be the exact opposite. You’d expect an extraverted personality — since afterall, she has stage presence and a career as an Idol — but, Cindy reveals her inner character to be that of a sensitive introvert.


In terms of behaviours, she has the innate itch to “set things right”, a strong sense of perfectionism and need for balance. She will quietly re-arrange items in the cupboards according to colours, material-types, etc. Like how she goes about re-folding the towels and categorising them in the bathroom cabinet according to colors. And later, re-labelling and cleaning out Joon-mo’s fridge. (plus toilet!) She even impresses the Perfectionist Housewife (aka Seung-chan’s mom) by sorting out the recyclables (very) properly, and pre-washing the plastic bottles and cans. I dunno what else to call it but “extreme thoughtfulness”.


On the other hand, the backstage personnel — Ye-jin — is anything but shy and introverted. Unlike Cindy who has a large fan base but no true friends, Ye-jin gets along chummy with nearly everyone. Even with that sex bomb maknae writer (Da-jung) who gets on her nerves with her insubordination.


Ye-jin describes herself as “prickly”, but I think generally everyone sees through her and acknowledges her soft inner core. Even annoying Da-jung doesn’t dislike Ye-jin despite disagreeing with everything she says. Remember that incident where Ye-jin gets slimed by Cindy’s fans thanks to CEO Byun’s PR tactic? Da-jung chooses to stand by her boss and join the minority supporters even though she displays disdain in her daily interactions with Ye-jin.


As for Ye-jin herself, she warms up to people very quickly. Even with people who has trod on her toes previously. (or daily, in the case of Da-jung) She forgives and forgets Cindy’s wardrobe transgression at the Music Bank performance, and ends up taking Cindy under her wings. She defends Cindy against scary CEO Byun when she takes Cindy home and takes her side during a forced co-performance with the young starlet, Jin-ni.


Thus, it’s not that surprising that Cindy is more in touch with her inner self when she finally breaks out from her shell. As opposed to Ye-jin, who totally is clueless to emotional cues, and hilariously thinks she is “on top” of everything.