We are back for more (failed?) cooking demos, plantings, weedings and harvestings. So far, the guests have been really co-operative, working their asses off in back breaking chores. Note: the operative word is “so far”.

1. New fridge, new slave

After 2 weeks, the primitive refrigerator oh-so-kindly sponsored by Na PD metamorphoses into a puddle of water. A replacement ice block is called for.


Thankfully, Seo-jinnie has the common sense to buy a PROPER fridge, rather than relying on one that disappears every week. I wonder if the crew will lug back all the new electronic/ furniture that Seo-jinnie + gang added to the farmhouse? Or will the owner benefit from the upgrades?


After shifting the new electronic purchase into their already-crowded farmhouse, BoA arrives. New guest slave!!


So BoA is put to work immediately to prepare lunch — which is fairly simple (and very healthy). Vege mixed rice with potato stew.


2. Honey


As usual, Na PD says if they want to have meat for dinner, there’s a price to pay. And the price is to harvest the honey from the bee hive. He very nicely sends 2 of the crew to “demo” the harvesting process, which involves smoking out the bees first (eeks, they are all around buzzing in annoyance!!!), taking each wooden panel out gingerly, then manually scraping off the honey — making sure NOT to scrape the side where the larvae are…if not, Hell will break loose.


Sounds…fairly easy? BoA and Seo-jinnie suit up (while Taec goes commando…cos there were only 2 beekeeper suits) for the simply dangerous task. Luckily the honey bees are not that aggressive, and they manage to collect a huge jar of seriously fresh honey.


To reward them, Na PD presents them with rice cakes on sticks, which they bbq and dip into the honey to eat. (i want…)

And the caption reads – Na PD: is it nice? it’s nice, right? should be nice! (sounds to me like he wants a bite…desperately. I can understand. I want…)

True to his words, dinner for the evening is pork rib kimchi-jiggae with steamed soft tofu and Taec‘s 2-weeks old banchan. Ribs (and tofu) sponsored by Na PD.


3. Humans vs. Beast: Weeding Competition

Scores: Beasts 1, Humans 0


Seo-jinnie releases Jackson and family to the fields for an outdoor dining experience. Actually, he’s hoping that Jackson and daughters will help finish up the weeds that are choking their crops. Unfortunately, the goats know better. They are only interested in the pedigreed plants — and a fruit tree’s leaves catches their fancy. Poor tree, I reckon it will be stripped bare very soon. 😦


And if you think weeding is easy, think again. Weeds are notoriously difficult plants to kill or uproot. (hence, weeds) So the humans spend a back breaking 1.5h to only finish one measly row. We are not talking about the corn field here, but the SMALL vegetable plot.


4. Aeronautical + Civil Engineer Matilda, and her gang of runaways

Update: Matilda, the hen who probably has IQ above bird-brain average, scores again by leading her sisters out through the tunnel she has previously dug. Unfortunately, the fugitives run into Maknae Kim Kwang-gyu while trying to escape and are promptly arrested and deported to the chicken coop.

That’s Matilda…twerking. lol

5. On a summer vacay

Poor Kwang-kyu arrives early next morning at the farmhouse after rushing there through the night without sleep. Only to find that the farmhouse fully occupied. Left with no other sleeping choices, he sets up this ridiculously pink rubber float and uses it as a bed. It really looks as though he has transported himself to Boracay or Maldives and is snoozing on the beach. Said float will appear next ep, and will be involved in sinking Kwang-kyu.


The appearance of this wildly garish thing attracts the attention of the crew (who are bored and probably waiting for Seo-jinnie and gang to wake up). The VJs literally rush to take dozing Kwang-kyu from a dozen angles.


6. Brunch

I muz say…the dishes are getting more colourful with each ep of Three. Much better than Season’s 1. In fact, it’s starting to look a leetle like Manjae-do…(see photos below for evidence)


7. Papa Yoo!


And so, the heads of Manjae-do and Jeong-seon (Gangwan-do) meet. Yoo Hae-jin arrives at the small village and is promptly recognised by a group of halmonis. Who invite him to a drinking session. (eh…it’s morning?)


True to his words, Papa Yoo plays the role of a Guest very well. He refuses to lift anything other than shifting his butt from one chair to another. I wonder if he will find it embarrassing to sit around all day? We will find out next week.