This Variety isn’t new, in fact, the recent eps which air from 9 Jun 2015 start from 47. However, I muz thank kooriyuki for pointing this Variety out to me. There’s Ho-joon puppy! And my fav Ahn Nae-sang ahjusshi!


The premise for this Variety is simple. Throw a bunch of artistes back to high school and record their bewilderment, their performance (or lack thereof) and of course, the ensuing hilarity. For this round, the actors/singers are transported to Goyang International High School. And by “International” it means that the students learn a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish and Japanese.


The cast includes:

  •  Ahn Nae-sang: probably the oldest high school student around.
  •  Sohn Ho-joon: the scaredy cat puppy
  •  Lena Park: rapper, and being Korean-American, her command of English is peerless
  •  Kim Jeong-hoon: I last saw in him Princess Hours (Goong), and given his Seoul U (dentistry faculty) background, he’s a Geeeniuss with a pretty face
  •  Oh Jung-yeon: broadcaster, and also excellent in gymnastics
  •  Seung-hee: rookie starlet from group F-ve Dolls (er, who?)
  •  Kang-nam: regular on Running Man, and being Japanese, he has no issues with his mother tongue


Like Three Meals A Day, nothing very much happens other than a bunch of lessons ranging from languages, to sciences and maths (ewwwk) and of course, physical education. I am impressed with brainy Jeong-hoon, who not only excels in maths + science (the students are juz in AWE of him as i am), but also makes the grades in languages. He picks up Spanish rather fast, and impressed the lecturer so much that I think she has fallen in love with him already.

yunno, he looks more like a guest lecturer than student

Ahn Nae-sang ahjusshi…well, he’s in the same class as Jeong-hoon…but other than that, there are no similarities between the two. If Jeong-hoon is your typical over achiever, Ahjusshi Ahn is your typical laid back, happy-go-lucky Zen student. He has no qualms showing how little he knows and how out of depth he is. And also how impressed he is with Jeong-hoon’s cleverness.


Ep47 spends the better half of the show on Ahn Nae-sang + Kim Jeong-hoon in class, and devotes the second half to the other pairings. The lady-lady pairing: Lena Park and Jung-yeon are far less interesting. They attend an English class, which obviously, is to Lena’s advantage. But their next class is folk music — which had them (and me) totally out of depth. Cos the musicality of Korean folk songs is rather…unique.


The third class is made up of Ho-joon puppy with a bubbly Kang-nam, and a I-can-hardly-remember-her rookie, Seung-hee. The first class is Japanese language, which Japan born Kang-nam impresses with his fluency (duh). Seung-hee’s not bad herself too. (that girl needs to stand out more…it’s Variety!) But poor Ho-joonie, he juz looks petrified. In fact, he looks petrified everywhere. And it’s ironic, cos he tells the class during self-intro to treat him as an “equal”…but there he goes hunched up in a corner, looking as though he may cry. (aww, my poor boy) Kang-nam though, is a social butterfly, and is immediately pally with the high schoolers.


Not sure if I have time to highlight (or weecap) the next few eps. But I will definitely continue watching, if juz to re-hash my own high school days. 😛