I have to admit that Show is engaging and thus well-deserved of winning the ratings game week after week. It’s not exactly a makjang, although it has the usual elements of illegitimate child, assuming identities, and revenge. Kudos to the writer for making use of conventional plotlines but creating something different.


At the half-way point, I’m glad that Ji-sook (Soo Ae) has finally shown some changes. I guess indeed, when push comes to shove, the meekest will also stand up for themselves (though I know of people in real life who continues to be a doormat). She’s the one who realises the nefarious connection between Seok Hoon (Yeom Jung Hoon) and Professor Kim (Joo Jin Mo), the psychiatrist whom Min Woo (Joo Ji Hoon) has been consulting, and she’s also getting a hang of how Seok Hoon operates. It’s awesome that she is stepping up in the game that Seok Hoon is playing, and decides to protects Min Woo actively.


I was wondering for how long will Ji-sook’s family remain in the dark about her still alive, and I wasn’t expecting Ji-sook to out herself in front of her brother AND the loansharks. Sometimes I find Ji-sook naive and it makes me a tad exasperated, but when she starts standing up against Seok Hoon for herself and Min Woo, I root for her. Anyway, I believe her family members will be her Achilles’ heels in the subsequent episodes, though if she confesses to Min Woo about her real identity, perhaps he will be able to protect them together with her?


Min Woo on the other hand, is winning hearts all around, first by confessing his atttraction to Ji-sook (whom he still knows as Eun Ha), and we do see that he is nowhere near the crazed and dangerous guy his brother-in-law Seok Hoon, is out to make him be. I think it is a winning move to portray Min Woo as someone suspicious of his surroundings generally, but he actually trusts Ji-sook/Eun Ha, and is not afraid of admitting it, as he tells his half-sister Mi Yeon (Yoo In Young). The trust is shaken in Episode 9 and 10, but I believe there’ll be an even stronger bond between Min Woo and Ji-sook in the coming episodes, as Ji-sook takes it upon herself to protect Min Woo. The unexpected bromance between Min Woo and his secretary Chang Soo (Jo Yoon Woo) is also another evidence to the viewers that Min Woo is inherently a nice guy, but made neurotic by his environment (who wouldn’t? It’s a house of crazies).


Mi Yeon appears to be a non-player in the game of deceit Seok Hoon created, especially in the earlier episodes, as she’s mostly (yet another) neurotic wife who’s jealous of her husband’s mistress (quick recap: Eun Ha was Seok Hoon’s girlfriend, and the relationship countinued even after Seok Hoon married Mi Yeon, and then Eun Ha died in Seok Hoon’s hands). No one else in the household except Seok Hoon, knows that Ji-sook is pretending to be Eun Ha, and Mi Yeon continues to be jealous of Ji-sook. However Ji-sook not the cold and calculative b*tch that Eun Ha is, which is making Mi Yeon kinda confused about the change in personality, though Mi Yeon maintains her dislike for Ji-sook.


Seok Hoon remains mysterious in the sense that his motive behind destroying Min Woo is still unknown. A few episodes back, he revealed to Ji-sook that his father was injured in some work-related accident, but he was never compensated and was even sacked. Eventually his father passed away and Seok Hoon learnt that the powerless can never overcome the powerful. My theory is, the employer in question is Min Woo’s father, and Seok Hoon wants to take revenge on his father. What’s best to deny the predecessor his heir? That said, it’s really an elaborate plan from Seok Hoon to be in cahoots with Professor Kim and to literally screw Min Woo’s sanity upside down.

[TSKS][Mask][E10(720P)][KO_CN][(068910)15-50-29]Lastly, an engaging plot can only engage with a superb cast, and I think all four leads here, together with the supporting cast, share great chemistry. They’re thoroughly convincing in their roles, and especially Joo Ji Hoon, he makes us feel the pain Min Woo feels, and we just can’t help but root for him to win the game against Seok Hoon. Definitely one of the best ensemble performance with a gripping storyline of this year.