Farming rehab!! And there’s plenty of farm chores to do in this ep. So much so that Na PD had no choice but to loan his precious army to Seo-jinnie and gang.


1) The lazy newcomer


Oh well, Papa Yoo Hae-jin really sticks to his guns when he proclaims he is only visiting as a GUEST. So while BoA sweats it out under the heat with the guys to prepare lunch, Papa Yoo is either strolling around in contemplative philosopher mode, or on his rumps observing the hustle and bustle around him with absolute Zen.


Lunch for the day is “traditional” jajangmyeon (u mean there’s an untraditional one?), where the noodles (“myeon”) is hand rolled and hand cut. The black sauce (“jajang”) is prepared from scratch — and nearly didn’t make it to the dining plate. (fyi, it nearly became jajang soup — see below)


Thankfully, the save is successful, and the team with their guests get to eat a reasonably jjangmyeon-look alike dish.

3_1412) War against weeds

Right, maybe Papa Yoo finally feels a wee bit embarrassed, so he volunteers to scrub the dishes. Then again, that is an easy task compared to what the others have to face — weeding. And not juz a small vege plot this time, but the ENTIRE corn field (or ex-sorghum field).


In their absence, the corn stalks have grown. But the weeds have grown taller. And the latter is literally choking the crops. In order to succeed in harvesting some corn later, the unwelcomed visitor muz go. The guys take to using ploughs and rakes and even manual hand pulling to remove the tough weeds…but it is a really hard job.


And seeing that progress is at a snail’s pace, Na PD has no choice but to forcibly enlist his crew of writers, sound crew and maknae PDs to become weeders for the day. Only the VJs are spared (cos we still need footages right?!). Even with the almost-entire team working on weeds removal, the whole process took the entire afternoon. (phew! i take back my words to becoming a farmer)

3) Roasts for dinner — but before that, SHOPPING

Maybe he’s plain tired, or maybe he’s being nice suddenly,  but Na PD agrees to let Seo-jinnie and gang make a trip to town and purchase (in his views) “unnecessary” food (read: instant food, canned food, readymade sauces).


To Papa Yoo of Manjae-do, the mini mart in town is like a huge supermarket chain store. (re: Manjae-do’s non-operative “supermart“) He also complains about Seo-jinnie’s source of ready food, like eggs, fresh vege, meat (which Na PD seems more generous with). Seo-jinnie retorts that Manjae-do’s farmstead at least had ensuite bathrooms, heater…and a TV. At that, Papa Yoo shuts up. :p

4) The Return of the Fire Master


Since the guys will be having roast meat for dinner — roasted chicken and pork ribs — the oven has to be activated for the chicken. Papa Yoo (aka Manjae-do’s Fire Master) takes one look at the oven and immediately improvises it by adding 2 more bricks as stands inside the oven. He explains that with the bricks, the food and bread will bake faster due to the even circulation of heat — as testified by earlier footages of Chajumma’s baked loaf.


After the chicken is marinated and wrapped in foil, Papa Yoo begins stoking the fire. In less than a minute, the once-cold oven is now fiery hot. So hot that Papa Yoo has to watch over the fire in case it burns the chicken.


Taec meanwhile, is in charge of glazing and bbq-ing the pork ribs. Something which he is rather good at, I muz say. (see pic below)


The chicken turns out not bad too. Although it isn’t as browned as we hope, but BoA did a good job in marinating it earlier. Thanks to the double layered foil wrap, the juices are still preserved within the meat. So although it may look unpresentable (compared to the gloriously glazed pork ribs), I suppose it tastes juz as good. As evident by the finger lickings that go around the table.


5) Banchan taste test

Post-dinner, the guys retire to the farmhouse to chit chat and laze around. The topic turns to Taec’s prepared banchan. Earlier in the afternoon, Papa Yoo had tasted Taec’s musaengchae (preserved radish) — and failed it immediately. So you can imagine how tentatively Papa Yoo approaches his childhood fav banchan — kongjaban (preserved and sweetened black beans). Thankfully, the kongjaban passed with flying colors (even though Papa Yoo commented they look kinda ugly). Taec gleefully explains he followed Chajumma’s recipe when he saw Three (Fishing Village). (aww, that boy)


Heartened by the positive reviews, Taec starts piling out all the Tupperwares-filled banchan for Papa Yoo to try. (overwhelmed!)

6) A breakfast excursion


Breakfast the next day is supposedly traditional lunchbox. (or maybe we shall call that “breakfast” box) Basically, all the 4 layers of the lacquered lunchbox need to be filled with food. Taec wakes up bright and early to start frying the sausages and eggs, as well as steam rice. BoA contributes her MSG-laden rice toppings (hmm…Na PD didn’t say anything?!) and makes rice balls.


When completed, the lunchbox looks like this: first (bottom most) layer — egg roll and 2 types of sausages:


Second layer is filled with Taec’s banchan:


Third layer is rice with ssamjang (spicy/savory rice dip):


Last and top most layer is filled with BoA’s rice rolls. Omg, I am hungry already!


Since it’s such a pleasant morning, the team decides to stroll over to Won-bin’s wedding location for breakfast. Unfortunately, the green field loaned for the wedding is now returned to the farmer — and converted into a ploughed, dusty bare field. (sorry, it’s so ugly i decided not to crop a pic)


Seo-jinnie and the rest opt to have breakfast in a nice looking and breezy pavilion instead.


On the way back after breakfast, they pass by a small stream and start a water fight. Ending with Maknae Kwang-gyu paddling (and sinking) on his pink rubber float.

7) More good news on the way!


Guess who’s coming on Three next ep? The beautiful Kim Ha-neul!!! And omg, Seo-jinnie will present her an even BIGGER bouquet of wild flowers — while Kwang-gyu and Taec cackle like mad on the sideline. (was Seo-jinnie co-erced into the act?)


And for those of us who kinda miss Min-ki in action…(i know, i am one of them) She has been kinda listless recently, refusing to go for walks and sometimes even refusing treats. I believed the crew send her in for a check up…and well, they hint that “good news” is on the way. Min-ki…pregnant? (sqeeee…then we will get to see more puppies on screen?!!)


Can’t. Wait. (but doesn’t it juz seem like yesterday that Min-ki was a cute lil pup??)