How different can biological brothers be? Very very different, as this movie as shown. But then again, that’s because both brothers grew up in vastly different environments, reason given as the story unfolds.


Jo Jin-woong plays the role of the older brother Park Sang-yeon, while Kim Sung-kyun is the younger brother, Ha-yeon. It turns out that they were separated at the age of 8 and 10 respectively, as the older brother gets adopted and brought to the States. The movie begins with Ha-yeon narrating their stories, of how they grew up poor and without a father (who passed away in an accident while at sea), and it turns out that Ha-yeon is actually filming for one of those reality shows that reunites lost family members.


Sang-yeon is the one who approached the makers of the show, which means he returned from the States, intending to look for his long lost biological mother and brother. Their mom (Kim Young Ae) suffers from Alzheimer’s, and it was due to a momentary lapse in looking after Mom, that the brothers have to search high and low (literally) throughout the South Korean penisula.

This movie is essentially about the long-lost brothers who (kind of) bonded over the course of a few days, looking for their Mom, who managed to travel from Busan to Seoul, and then to various provinces across the country. It is on the road trip that both brothers learn to accept each other’s differences (which are really on the extreme end), and that things are not what it seems. Mom also had some help here and there, though not without causing some troubles first (because of her Alzheimer’s).


There’re some hijinks here and there, such as when a pair of pickpockets decided to return the wallets they stole from the brothers, after discovering that Sang-yeon is a pastor while Ha-yeon keeps way too many amulets in his wallet. Ha-yeon keeps pooh-poohing about Sang-yeon’s pastor-ish talk, while Sang-yeon begins a prayer circle with the pickpockets, asking for God’s forgiveness. The movie revolves mostly around the two brothers’ outlook of life, pragmatist vs idealist, jaded vs romantic, the list goes on. It’s not exactly a heartwarming outing, more like a road trip of learning about each other for the brothers. There was also very little interactions between Mom and her two sons, which I was a little disappointed about. It’s really, as the title goes, a movie about two brothers.