There’re always a few dramas where you’ll be anticipating (sometimes with high hopes), when the first news of the drama was released. Oh My Ghostess is one of them, be it the concept, or the creative team behind it, or names such as Jo Jong Seok, Park Bo Young and Kim Seul-gi got attached to the project eventually.


The first two episodes had more heart than the trailers showed us, and I wasn’t expecting a story that focused more on the ghostess Shin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gi) than the body she ended up possessing. Park Bo Young takes on the role of Na Bong Sun, a meek and quiet girl who somehow is perpeptually sleepy, and it doesn’t help that she can actually see ghosts as well. Bong Sun’s room is not unlike that of Tae-yang of The Master’s Sun, with lots of garlic, crucifixes and amulets hanging on the wall. She even has a huge cresent blade which Soon-ae comments it’s like that of General Lee Soon Shin’s.


Episode 1 is essentially the introduction to the various characters of Show, but after watching both the episodes, in retrospect, the main character of Show seems to be Soon-ae and not Bong Sun. We’re introduced to Soon-ae first, where she narrates that she’s the most maligned type of ghost, having died a virgin, thus she roams the mortal world and possesses random women to get the kick out of seducing men. She also doesn’t remember who she was while alive, and that fact is made fun of by other ghosts. Her habit of possession got her into trouble, as this particular shaman is out to track her down and keep her in line. We haven’t gotten much information about the rules of the supernatural world here in Show, and all we know are, if Soon-ae possess a body which has a frequency that matches her, she can’t eject herself out of the host at will, and eventually she’ll disappear.


And so Soon-ae hops onto Bong Sun while running from shaman ahjumma, and although she soon finds out that she can’t leave Bong Sun’s body easily, she also realises with glee that Bong Sun’s work place is full of guys. Soon-ae/Bong Sun immediately finds herself loggerheads with the boss, celebrity chef Kang Seon Woo (Jo Jung Seok). Seon Woo may be harsh with his words, but he is disciplined and high expectations of himself and his staff. He is also kind-hearted and righetous. It’s your typical Korean drama male lead: the gruff-on-the-outside, soft-inside guy. I thought it was kinda strange that he doesn’t voice aloud that Bong Sun is behaving strangely, talking back at him and being opinionated, when sorry is the word she says most frequently. But whatever, I’ll just go along with the story since that’s just a minor quip.


While Soon-ae is loud and speaks her mind, Bong Sun is very timid and quiet. I guess it’s because she’s often harrassed by spirits (her grandma is a shaman, and apparently Bong Sun inherited the ability to see ghosts), which makes her a little fearful. I find it interesting that Bong Sun actually has a wish of becoming a real chef one day, and she runs a blog, posting humble recipes passed down by her grandma. It’s also cute that while Bong Sun admires Seon Woo, Seon Woo is a fan Bong Sun’s blog.


Episode 2 is a mix of LOL humor and heart-breaking moments, as Soon-ae recovers her memory. Now the mystery is how and why she died, and will she approach her family in the form of Bong Sun? We also get to see more of the family dynamics of Seon Woo, which consist of Mom (Shin Eun Kyung) and a younger sister, Eun Hee (Shin Hye Sun). Mom gave birth to Seon Woo during her teenage years, but she’s somehow become a Professor over the years. She’s ultra superstitious, and during the growing up years of Seon Woo, she’s often absent, which made Seon Woo develop some kind of complex (he hates having rice, which is the staple of Koreans), which I believe Soon-ae/Bong Sun will heal him of it over time.


There’s also the recurring theme of Seon Woo’s fortune being one of those rare guys whose “full of sunshine (positive energy)”, which supposedly will suppress the negative energies of ghosts. Will Seon Woo eventually send Soon-ae away to where she’s supposed to go? Will Soon-ae leave Bong Sun’s body one day? Will Seon Woo fall in love with Soon-ae or Bong Sun? So many questions, which I hope will all be answered.