And so, the drama about nothing and everything has finally ended. Tbh, I was caught by surprise by the super short 12eps run, cos I’d thought it’d be longer since there can be more stories to tell. Well, with Producers‘ format, it can be a never-ending story.


As to whether I enjoyed Producers, I find that it takes me some time to kick start my engine to actually watch it. But once I start, it’s hard to stop. I pin this to Producers‘ lack of climaxes coupled with its endearing characters. The former doesn’t give you the urge to pick it up immediately, the latter makes you really care about Producers. Besides one super annoying bitch in the show (no prizes for guessing who — CEO Byun), the rest of the characters are very loveable despite their obvious flaws. Heck, even CEO Byun’s vindictiveness can be “understood”.


As for the 4 leads, the 2 ladies are set diametrically as opposites, while the 2 guys mirror each other as Producers progresses. The penultimate and last ep converge their similarities: Seung-chan pleads Cindy’s case, using the same words as Joon-mo did years ago to save Yuna. They are both deadly loyal guys, even if sticking up for what they believe in will be detrimental for them. Their only slight difference is age. Joon-mo is more mellowed and disillusioned, having taken more hard knocks and disappointments. But that doesn’t stop him from recognising himself (the younger, better, more idealistic self?) in Seung-chan.


As for Seung-chan, he definitely grows up (a little) towards the end of Producers. At least he isn’t the clueless, totally wet behind the ears rookie that stepped into KBS months ago.


I haven’t dealt with the other “minor” characters in Producers enough, but that doesn’t mean I never notice them. Though they may not get as much screen time, their short presences do make an impact. Especially Kim Jong-kook‘s performance. Being a Running Man fan for years, the image of him being the Toughie has stuck. So it was a pleasant surprise to see him break out of the Tiger mold, acting as snivelly, sycophantic PD Hong-soon. His love affair with Yang-mi is both funny and yet rather sweet.


To wrap things up, I won’t mind if Producers give us a Season 2. With its formatting, it shouldn’t be difficult. And I do want to find out how Joon-mo, Ye-jin, Seung-chan and Cindy (plus our other characters) are getting along.

As Yuna’s fate post-Stardom has shown, Life does go on — behind the scenes 🙂