For someone who’s supposedly missing, we will be seeing a lot of Ko Sung-hee in eps3/4 of Bride. Granted, majority of them will be in flashbacks.

Synopsis (eps3/4):


Having the police find a dead body in the boot of your car definitely means some serious explaining is in order. Do-hyeong is hauled to the station for questioning, and hilariously, Moneylender Park also ends up in remand — for drink driving. Yoon-mi’s sunbae, Hyeong-sik, volunteers to help out in missing Joo-young (and now dead Boss Song) case(s) since he has background knowledge wrt the sting op 3 years ago.


However, Yoon-mi’s hoobae colleagues from the Missing Persons Team aren’t fools either. They guess that something big is up: Yoon-mi seems personally invested in locating Joo-young, and both Yoon-mi and Hyeong-sik appear to recognise the dead body in Do-hyeong’s trunk. They rather cleverly link the two puzzles together, and guess that Joo-young could be the spy who helped in capturing Boss Song 3 years ago. (bingo!)


Hyeong-sik and Yoon-mi aren’t that ready to share info with the team — yet. The direction of the investigation starts to paint Do-hyeong as Boss Song’s potential murderer. (and his background as an ex-Marine doesn’t bode well against him) During the interrogation, Do-hyeong is stubbornly silent. Yoon-mi and Hyeong-sik both sense they he is hiding something. They start off by interviewing people around Do-hyeong, to check if Boss Song has ever met with Do-hyeong.


Interestingly, all of Do-hyeong’s neighbours, colleagues, friends interviewed have this comment about Do-hyeong and/or Joo-young: they are either surprised that prim and proper Do-hyeong is cohabiting with a woman, or those who are in the know find that Do-hyeong/ Joo-young are too quiet, too lovey-dovey, that’s why they “suspect” something is up between the two. (duh? u mean it’s a crime NOT to have lovers’ tiffs?)


Given Do-hyeong’s radio silence, Yoon-mi and Hyeong-sik resort to tried and tested police work to map out Do-hyeong/ Boss Song/ Joo-young’s whereabouts on the day Joo-young disappeared. Using the CCTVs footages, Hyeong-sik retraces Boss Song’s route. He did pay a visit to Do-hyeong’s workplace in the afternoon, but was seen making a phone call in the lobby before leaving (without meeting Do-hyeong).


Yoon-mi, however, guessed correctly that Boss Song probably met Do-hyeong while the latter was cycling home from work. And yes, she confirms that the two met in a café in an area where there are no CCTVs — also the location where Hyeong-sik loses Boss Song’s trail.


Her next gut instinct leads Yoon-mi to Joo-young’s old-time friend, when she was working as a lounge hostess. Joo-young’s friend confirms that the couple did meet much earlier than 3 years ago.


At the same time, in a mental flashback, Do-hyeong reveals to us that his relationship with Joo-young extends beyond the 3 years they “officially” become a couple. Many years ago, when Do-hyeong was “celebrating” his military enlistment, he drunkenly bumped into Joo-young and threw up on her. (ew) Joo-young immediately recognised him as the high school oppa she had a crush (?) or a previous relationship (?) with. (we see an unconvincing Kim Moo-yul in high school uniform, from Joo-young’s perspective) Joo-young pretended not to recognise him at first, but unable to stop herself, trailed after Do-hyeong and his friends to a noraebang. After Do-hyeong’s friends left, she entered the room.


Juz as she was about to kiss Do-hyeong, he woke up from his drunken stupor. He appeared not to recognise her and took her lie that she was a hostess “hired by his friends to give him a good time” at face value. He tried to pay for extra time with Joo-young, only to be rebuffed. Joo-young left in tears. However, Do-hyeong had recognise her. He rushed out after Joo-young, but she had left. During his military service, he’d hang around the noraebang on his off days (in full military garb, mind you…) hoping to get a glimpse of Joo-young. (i lol-ed so much at the below screencap… since when did a noraebang need such a proficient bouncer?)


Of course, when Yoon-mi confirms that Do-hyeong has met Boss Song, and probably knows about Joo-young’s “dirty” past (through Boss Song), her next assumption that Do-hyeong probably also killed Joo-young in rage isn’t that far fetch. Back in the interrogation room, Yoon-mi loses control briefly and flies at Do-hyeong, prompting Hyeong-sil to takeover the interrogation.


Since Do-hyeong still isn’t talking, Hyeong-sil decides to gather evidence on Joo-young’s murder on his own. He breaks in to Do-hyeong’s apartment, and finds…a pool of blood stain that flashes neon under Luminol.


Another flashback from Do-hyeong confirms that he had met with Boss Song. However, the result is kinda unexpected. Do-hyeong wasn’t surprised when Boss Song revealed that Joo-young (prev called Joo-hee) was his mistress, since he suspected that Joo-young had a checkered past. He had tried paying off Boss Song to keep him away from Joo-young…but Boss Song told him that he wasn’t interested in Joo-young anymore. He only wished that Do-hyeong, in his position as a bank exec, “help him out” in future.


Meanwhile, Moneylender Park is released. (finally someone remembers him) He receives a call from a man, Boss Seo Jin-gi (Ryu Seung-soo, whom i can’t shake off his sneaky-heodang persona in Running Man). Boss Seo isn’t some low level thug. He manages to thrash Moneylender Park’s team with his well-dressed hooligans before issuing a veiled threat to Moneylender Park to “stay on course”.


The discovery of blood stains in Do-hyeong’s house causes Yoon-mi to fly into a frenzy. But before she can beat Do-hyeong into pulp (she could, if she wants to), Do-hyeong’s Super Mum swoops in with a lawyer to rescue him. Yep. Besides being an ex-Marine, our male lead also happens to be a chaebol. His mum, Mdm Moon, is the Chairperson of S&M Corporation, and has huge political backing as well. (anymore secrets?)


The first thing Do-hyeong does after being bailed out of remand is to troop home, and cry over the puddle of Luminol-ed blood stains.


While we find out from Yoon-mi on the real cause of the blood stains: Yoon-mi’s colleague had manage to trace Joo-young’s route that evening — to a gynaecologist.


Yes, your guess is correct. Joo-young had received a phone call from Boss Song after he met Do-hyeong, and the creep had insinuated that he’d want Joo-young to repay him monetarily and sexually. The shock of hearing Boss Song’s voice and the knowledge that he knew she was the spy had caused a miscarriage. Joo-young wiped up the blood stains in horror and staggered to her gynae. However, the loss of blood was too massive, and the baby was lost. She stayed only one night in the hospital and checked out on her own. But at least that proves Joo-young isn’t dead, and Do-hyeong isn’t a murderer.


After stoning for a night in his empty apartment, Do-hyeong decides to follow up on the sole lead he has — Moneylender Park. On his way to Park’s office, he spots a badly beaten Park being dragged out by Boss Seo’s thugs. Cut to: Do-hyeong’s one-man op to rescue Park from Seo’s thugs. He leads Boss Seo’s henchmen on a merry chase around the estate before rounding back and driving off the car — with Park inside.


Stopping in an isolated location, Do-hyeong questions Park again about Joo-young. However Park claims he knows no “Joo-young”, unless he’s referring to “Joo-hee”. Joo-hee’s good-for-nothing oppa is the typical lowlife types that Park associates with, and when Joo-hee’s oppa brags about Joo-hee marrying a bank exec, Park had agreed to loan him cash to start a small business. Of course that never happens, because he gambled the cash away. Park then let slip that he had considered writing off Joo-hee’s oppa as “bad debt” and let the Shadows take him.


Juz then Boss Seo calls. Do-hyeong grabs the phone over from Park and demands to know if Seo has taken Joo-young. Unknown to him, Park has sneakily taken out a Taser from the backseat. Next thing he knows, Do-hyeong is cuffed and encased between two of Seo’s thugs, enroute to meet Boss Seo.


Thinking quickly on his feet, Do-hyeong feigns that he needs to use the loo…and when rejected, immediately shat in the backseat. (!!) To the thugs’ utter disgust. (omg, this is really the best escape plan..but rofl!) They pull over to let Do-hyeong use the toilet, and untie his hands — to their demise. Do-hyeong easily overpowers them and escapes…


…to a motel, to clean up his suit. (and himself, of cos)


We are introduced finally to the BIG BAD BOSS of the Shadows — a Chairman Kang. He clearly favours Boss Song, and isn’t too pleased that Song has died. The primary suspect is Boss Seo, whom Chairman Kang ordered over and not so subtly hints that he knows Seo covets Song’s territories and very likely has murdered Song and planted his body in Do-hyeong’s car. Boss Seo is pissed that even in death, Chairman Kang refuses to acknowledge he is better. To prove his worth, he orders all his henchmen to locate Joo-hee/ Joo-young before Chairman Kang’s men do.


Returning home, Do-hyeong finds Joo-young’s brother and sister-in-law in the apartment. He finally digs out the truth from Joo-young’s brother. Yes, he had borrowed money from Moneylender Park, but the loan was paid in full. He’d thought Joo-young or her good friend had helped to clear his debts. Do-hyeong recalls that months back, he had overheard Joo-young talking to her friend, who was also in debt. And Do-hyeong had approached her — to pay off her debts, in return for her not to contact Joo-young again.


Do-hyeong immediately checks out Joo-young’s ex-colleague/friend, juz as Yoon-mi is pressing her again if she knows where Joo-young has hidden herself. Joo-young friend claims she has no idea where Joo-young is.


After Do-hyeong and Yoon-mi leave, who shall arrive but Boss Seo? He has better results than the former pair. He manages to semi-torture a reply from Joo-young’s friend: Joo-young had contacted her. She is now hiding in another ex-colleague’s (also prev a lounge hostess, now turned restaurant owner) place in Incheon. Boss Seo leads his men to Incheon to capture Joo-young. With some good acting, Joo-young’s friend manages to evade the burly guy who is supposed to watch over her.


She calls Do-hyeong and alerts him that Boss Seo is on his way to kidnap Joo-young. Do-hyeong immediately floors the accelerator and speeds towards Incheon.


Why do I feel that Do-hyeong is turning into Superman? I find that his prim and nerdy bank exec façade is much like Clarke Gable’s geeky reporter exterior. Pop him into a tel booth and he will zip out as a superhero. So now he isn’t only a man who can fight with his fists…but he comes from a background where he can pull seriously big strings. The playing field is levelled then. This clearly isn’t a show about an underdog who manages to topple the Underworld while searching for his lost bride. I’m not complaining though; cos realistically, how many underdogs can win in this situation?


At the moment, it’s Do-hyeong’s ex-Marine background which is helping him evade capture and in turn, capture those chasing him. The poop-in-the-car trick is hilariously good — it’s effective, albeit embarrassing. But if survival is the goal, making yourself stink shouldn’t be an issue. And although Do-hyeong may not have that many pieces of the puzzle as compared to Yoon-mi, he is still much faster at locating Joo-young’s hidden location.


Bank exec 1: Police 0


It’s rather ironic then, that Joo-young doesn’t know that her fiancé is more powerful than she gives him credit for. Maybe she does know about his family background or guesses that he comes from a well-to-do family. But she is likely unaware that when it comes to hiding from the Big Bad Wolf, there’s no place better than behind him.


Really, she shouldn’t have run. tsk.