Aww, we didn’t get to see Yoo Hae-jin and BoA‘s send-off. Ep8 of Three starts 2 weeks later with the crew returning to crops which have either overgrown, or bore fruits.


1. Summer

Mid-July. And mid-summer. The cabbages have become shrubs, the blueberry shrub has become a fruit laden tree, the corn stalks are knee length…but so are the weeds. If the downside of farming is weeding, then the upside muz be harvesting. Fool Taec(yon) and Maknae Kim Kwang-gyu (who came dressed in earth brown like a monk) have plenty fun plucking ripe chillies, blueberries, raspberries, cabbages, perilla leaves, strawberries, etcetc from and around their farms. So. Much. Fun


Even the bees have been busy. Merely 2 weeks from their first harvest, the productive insects have restructured the damaged honeycombs from the human pillagers. Each wooden slat is now heavy again with honey. Seo-jinnie is so ecstatic from his first harvest that his initial phobia of bees (and bees’ stings) has been forgotten. He proudly tells Na PD that he collects honey sans beekeeper suit now.


Lunch is another healthy affair of mainly veges harvested by Maknae Kwang-gyu and Taec.


2. The charms of Kim Ha-neul


Seo-jinnie becomes so engrossed in the honey that he fails to notice Kim Ha-neul‘s approach to the farmhouse. And ignores her while she stands awkwardly around. (ok, in his defence, his hands are sticky from squeezing the honey out from the combs) The guest introduction this round is very much unlike the previous eps. The three guys are either unfamiliar with Kim Ha-neul or too stunned by her beauty…they can only shyly stand apart from her and not make eye contact.


To break the ice, Na PD instructs Seo-jin to take Ha-neul unni to the field, where Taec had earlier helped to prepare a big bunch of wildflowers (in anticipation of today’s female guest, as hinted by Na PD). Cue more awkwardness coupled with wild gigglings from Ha-neul (and sideliners Kwang-gyu/ Taec), who cringes at the mushiness of the whole thing, yet doesn’t really seem to hate receiving flowers.


3. The bunch of contradictions

Hmm…if I need one word to describe ep8’s guest, I’d say Ha-neul unni is “quirky”. Unlike the sweet, effacing charm of Park Shin-hye, or the competent, breeziness of Choi Ji-woo, Ha-neul unni is … a bunch of contradictions. But that’s where her charm lies.


For dinner, Ha-neul unni proudly declares she has learnt her favourite recipe from her om-ma — glutinous rice/potato balls soup. Supposedly a speciality of Gangwon-do, whom she is native to. However, as dinner progresses, we realise her confidence is kinda…misplaced? I won’t say she loses it. In fact, she is declaring her glutinous rice soup base (which has turned into gooey porridge) as extremely delicious. And insists everyone around to try it. Only to  have the tasters make a weird face. (see below series of pics)

3_1843_1863_187Of course, everyone tried to be polite about it. But she earns herself the nickname of “Glutinous Rice Ball”, no thanks to her insistence in defending it. (lol) And hilariously, she responds to the newly given nick when called. (heh)


Later, when it’s time for bed, Ha-neul unni declares she can’t sleep very well in unfamiliar surroundings. Guess who is the first to snore and the last to wake up the next morning?


4. It’s confirmed!

Yes, our guesses were correct: Min-ki is pregnant. Taec starts fretting about her when she stops eating and spends her entire day holed up in her kennel or under the farmhouse’s wooden porch. He finally notices her swollen tummy and calls the other guys in to verify.


The production crew also confirms that they had brought Min-ki to a vet, and knows she is in the family way. I want puppies on screen soon!

And how sweet is it that when the guys know Min-ki is preggie, they each wake up separately at night to check on her? Aww…

5. A hit-and-miss breakfast

Menu for the following morning is egg-bread (basically baked egg on top of a pancake mix) and home made yogurt. I’d thought the yogurt is the “miss”, given that it didn’t solidify correctly (still looks like milk). However, it’s the egg-bread that fails to meet the mark.


Ha-neul unni obviously isn’t one to mince her words. Unlike Seo-jinnie and Maknae Kwang-gyu, who try to make it look delicious on-screen, Ha-neul unni goes “ew…yuck”. Prompting Na PD to take a test bite. He verifies it to be overcooked. Rather, it’s not overcooked, but juz tough as military rations. Cos instead of milk, Taec had used water in the mixture. And added in too much flour after that.


Ironically, the milky-watery yogurt is slurped down by all — maybe it’s the fresh fruits and honey that help.


After breakfast, it’s time to prepare lunch — which is to be soya milk noodles. (yeah, sounds strange…but i assure you it’s delicious) First though, the soya beans have to be hand-ground. Not an easy task, and even with 3 grown men (and 1 woman), the process takes the entire morning…and they are not even halfway there.


More bean grindings for next ep then!