It’s kinda sad for me to wave goodbye to Show, as it ended its run recently. The story is pretty solid, as long as we close one eye to the ridiculous concept of a prosecutor donning a boxing mask and going around to beat up criminals who walk free because of corrupted lawmakers. I don’t think it’s that difficult to accept, really, because he is a vigilante afterall, and don’t we all love an underdog story? Sadly, Show lost week after week in the ratings game, which makes it a good example of how ratings aren’t necessarily equivalent to how good or bad a plot is (here’s side-eyeing Warm and Cozy).

[spoiler alert for the rest of the post!]


Anyway, besides the hilarious antics of Ha Dae Chul aka the Masked Prosecutor (Joo Sang Wook), Show most likely claims the worst parents of 2015’s mini series in K Dramaland. Back in my half-time review I was kinda dissing Dae Chul’s selfish non-existent Mom, and then in the second half of Show, it was revealed that the Big Bad Jo Sang Taek (Jeon Gwang Ryul) is actually Yoo Min Hee’s (Kim Sun Ah) father.

It was kinda expected, yet unexpected, but it certainly changed the dynamics a little when Min Hee got to know of her parentage. Jo is the person she works really hard to nab but often fails, because being an ex-cop, Jo knows very well how the police works and is crafty enough to escape every time. Her half-sister Yeon-ji (Shin Ji Soo) is mostly harmless till the very end, thwarting Min Hee and Dae Chul’s plan to capture Jo. Anyway, Jo tried to use the fact that he is Min Hee’s biological father as a leverage to avoid capture initially, but when Min Hee has no intention to acknowledge it, he reverts to his cruel self and has no qualms attacking Min Hee or people around her to get his way.


Dae Chul’s Mom remains selfish to the very end, and her hatred towards Dae Chul, although reason revealed, was kinda meh and without much explanation to the why. It is satisfying though, to see Dae Chul realises his father’s words at the end, “Do not let those who’re worse than beasts die happily; they must die like a beast.” We get no explanation how and why Dad was framed as a North Korean spy and Dae Chul ended up in an orphange, but my guess is Mom has a hand in all of it, and it’s most likely to satisfy her materialistic need. Her second husband conveniently took Dae Chul’s Dad research, pass off as his and end up being rich, while making Dad a fugitive; Mom is in no way innocent, especially when she revealed that she hated looking at Dae Chul because he reminds her of her ugly past. What kind of Mom is that? And to think Dae Chul always think of her, ugh. Mom repeatedly requests Dae Chul to help her other son Hyun Woong (Uhm Ki Joon), and towards the end she blatantly acknowledges only Hyun Woong as her son, it was difficult to watch.


I like Show for its battle of wits between Team Dae Chul and Team Villians, although it was hilarious each time Dae Chul shows up masked beating up people. It’s cute that he actually made friends with some people he had beaten up, such as conman Jang Ho Shik (Lee Moon Shik), and a fellow corrupted prosecutor. I also thought that it was realistic for Dae Chul to lose his license to practise law, although he still works in a law firm eventually. His love for boxing remains, or rather, he started boxing because of his crush on Min Hee initially. Noble idoicy lasted for all of like, a minute, which is awesome. All in all, Show is an enjoyable ride, and recommended to anyone who wants something that’s not romcom, but not dark and dreary.