We continue with last week’s soya beans grinding, as the guys and gal work hard for their lunch.


1. Soya bean soup-noodles


Technically, this dish is very simple to prepare — if you do not need to grind the hard soya beans yourself. Like Teac puts it, there’s no technique involved, only strength. After spending like 3 hours, they finally manage to ground enough beans to make soup for 4.

Thankfully, the dish turns out to be really good. Even Seo-jinnie (a self-proclaimed hater of soy products) loves it.

2. A trip to town — and a visit to the vet


Worrying about Min-ki’s health (she hasn’t been eating or drinking much these days), the cast troop to the town’s vet for a checkup for Min-ki. The vet confirms Min-ki is very pregnant, and will be due for delivery in about 10-20 days. Which means…by the time the guys return in 2 weeks’ time for ep10’s filming, Min-ki will be a proud mama. However, the vet cautions them that Min-ki needs a shaded and quiet spot for delivery. And they should prepare cooked fresh meat or other proteins to maintain Min-ki’s health prior to delivery.


So besides buying the beef for dinner’s bulgogi, a huge chunk of chicken breast meat is added to the shopping basket.

3. Sigh…dinner


Kim Ha-neul unni really, really isn’t a good cook. Seo-jinnie teases that she is a good complement to the team — cos she is at their standards. 😛 So while Seo-jinnie and Maknae Kwang-gyu sets up Min-ki’s new house (purchased at the town’s hardware store), Taec and Ha-neul unni prepare dinner.


Other than a BIGGER kennel, Seo-jinnie decides to make a pen for Min-ki and her pups. So while Maknae Kwang-gyu saws, Seo-jinnie hammers. And the editing crew snips the sounds of sawing + hammering into a sound track on its own.


Back to dinner preparation: with utmost confidence, Ha-neul unni claims she can make bulgogi (which Na PD kindly reminds us that she tried — and failed — during her 1N2D stint). Seems like Attempt 2 isn’t any better. For one, she flops at getting the sauce right. In the process of trying to correct the level of sweetness/ saltiness/ blandness, Ha-neul unni eventually ends up with a HUGE bowl of marinade sauce. With only 300g of beef to marinate.


That of cos spells trouble: the bulgogi turns out to taste like cured salted beef. Even after adding loads of onions and vege to tame the salt level — it still remains unpalatable.


Erm, in her defense, the tofu soup is ok.


4. Min-ki’s new house!


Seo-jinnie and Maknae Kwang-gyu finally set up the pen around Min-ki’s new kennel…only to realise belatedly that they forgot to add a door to the fence.


So poor Taec (who is Min-ki’s official caretaker) has to clamber in and out of the chest-high fence daily in order to feed the dog. (i wonder who will be climbing in his absence during the 2-weeks non-shoot?)


Dinner that night (for Min-ki, not the humans) is boiled chicken breasts. Thankfully, Min-ki wolfs them down. That poor dog muz have been starving while carrying the pups and trying to avoid the hot summer sun.


5. Bagels and cream cheese


Breakfast the next morning is bread again. (oi, Chajumma doesn’t even have to bake that much!) This round, it’s Seo-jinnie’s fav bagel + cream cheese. Seo-jinnie of cos is tasked with baking. Taec tries his hands at cream cheese making, using the leftover yogurt (milk) from ep8.


Bagels are a little different from bread, since the dough needs to be boiled briefly in sugar solution prior to baking. And Seo-jinnie definitely added too much liquid to his dough, since everything seems to be sticking everywhere.



While the appearance of the bagel turns out ok, imho, I think Seo-jinnie’s bagels look a little flat. Anyway, the guys and guest think they are good. The cream cheese (and Ha-neul unni’s salad) though are excellent.

6. Salvaging the glutinous rice-potato balls’ pride


Na PD issues a second challenge to Ha-neul unni — to save her disastrous glutinous rice + potato balls in ep8. This time round, she doesn’t add glutinous rice to the soup, preferring to keep it clear. And you can see she is much more earnest in Round 2.


She passes, with flying colours. Seo-jinnie grudgingly says that the dish is good, and the glutinous rice-potato balls are near what he imagines them to be.

7. Surprise(s)!


We fast forward a little 2 weeks after, when Taec and Seo-jinnie return to the farmhouse — to find Min-ki’s litter of pups awaiting them. (altogether now…”Awwww”)


And that’s not the only surprise: Choi Ji-woo unni is back for Three! And her first question to Seo-jinnie is, “where is my bouquet? where? I want a bouquet too!”