In a blink of an eye, it’s already ep10 for Three. And Na PD promises Seo-jinnie and Taec that there won’t be any “guests”, juz the “owners” of the farmhouse to round up Season 2. (sure…cos Choi Ji-woo unni is part of the “family” too…so, yep, no “guests”) But besides the much anticipated return of Ji-woo unni, there’s 2 new members to Three‘s family.


1. Introducing Mama Min-ki, Babies Eddy and Sappy


The first half of Three‘s ep10 is devoted almost entirely to Min-ki. We start off into the week following Seo-jinnie + crew’s departure from the hanok farmhouse. A camera has been installed in Min-ki’s new kennel, so we witness her instinctual preparation for the birthing process.


She first paws the grounds around the kennel and later inside the kennel, building a firm, hideout for her pups. And later into the night, she starts going into labour. It’s hard not to get misty-eyed looking at Min-ki struggling, cos she is obviously in pain and discomfort…panting heavily and squirming to find a comfortable spot to settle down.


Unfortunately, after several long hours (it’s almost daybreak), the vet has to be called in due to the prolonged labour. After nearly losing a finger to a distressed and agitated Min-ki, he decides that Min-ki needs a Caesarean. And so Eddy and Sappy (as named by Seo-jinnie) are delivered in the animal hospital.


3 days later, Taec and Seo-jinnie arrive back on the farm, and beelines to ooh and aah over the pups. They are still tiny, defenceless things, mewing constantly for their momma and her milk.


2. The most pathetic meal in Three’s history — ever


Besides the pups, other living creatures are giving forth to young’uns. If you consider fruits as “young’uns”. There are tomatoes, strawberries, gourds, watermelons, lemons…in fact, everything has sprouted and borne fruits. (and the lettuce has officially become a tree) Taec jokingly reminds Seo-jinnie that they had assumed the crops will wilt.


Since potatoes are Seo-jinnie’s favourites, Na PD says the lunch today will simply be…steamed potatoes. And hard boiled (steamed) eggs. Unfortunately it takes like an hour to steam the potatoes and eggs. The effort put in isn’t really worth the (plain) results…


Dinner is slightly more presentable — though it is a close call from being a miss. The guys decide to do dakgalbi (stirfried chicken) and a simple butterhead lettuce salad for dinner. Since both Taec’s mum and Seo-jinnie’s chef friend are unavailable (their calls for help go unanswered), the duo decide to ask the chicken stall owner for tips. End up, they may as well not ask. Since the “suggestions” are so cryptic (“oh, you need pepper, vege, blah blah…” and “oh, maybe this…or no, maybe that”).


So Taec juz works his “magic” (i.e. throw everything he sees within range in). And the dakgalbi turns out not too bad.


3. Ji-woo unni!!


How cute is it that Ji-woo unni appears in Pippins Long Stockings’ striped socks? She steps out of the SUV and promptly scoots to a neighbouring farmhouse to hide. (deja vu: her Grandpas Over Flowers (Greece) appearance) When Seo-jinnie and Taec finally relax and start to snooze post-dinner, she pops over and yells “Is anyone home?!”


Seo-jinnie’s surprised response is rather telling, “You didn’t tell me you are coming for the show when we met 2 days ago?!” Prompting Na PD to quip, “You mean you both are so close? Why are you meeting so often?! When did this start??” Seo-jinnie promptly slams the door in Na PD’s face to prevent his further probing. (but aww, we wanna know too!)


Snippets from the cameras installed in the farmhouse show Ji-woo unni and the guys chilling over (lemon) beer and snacks. (Seo-jinnie rats Ji-woo unni out on her fib that she “doesn’t drink”) And it’s so cute to see Seo-jinnie and Ji-woo unni bicker. Like what Taec says, they appear to have skipped over the “dating” bits, and went straight to “marriage”, judging by the way they poke fun at each other, squabble and argue over little matters.


The conversation at one point turns to Ji-woo unni accusing Seo-jinnie of making Taec slave over chores, while he does nothing. Seo-jinnie of cos protests that he does DO a lot. (umm…like maybe stand around a lot?) And he huffily complains that Taec’s cooking hasn’t “improved” when Ji-woo unni praises his culinary skills. While the two go back and forth, Taec juz looks on in complete amusement.

4. The Squadron Commander

Heh, Ji-woo unni definitely owns the place. The next morning, she is the first to wake, and starts some simple preparations for breakfast. (after pottering around, she goes back in to snooze) Maknae Kwang-gyu arrives not long after, and nearly freaks out when he realises who is in the guest room.


It doesn’t take long for Ji-woo unni to kick the lazy bums’ (Seo-jinnie and Taec) asses out from bed. And hilariously, they look like they have no other choices but to obey her commands. Taec is assigned to cook rice, Seo-jinnie to wash the veges, Maknae Kwang-gyu — disappears conveniently to weed the greenhouse.


Grumbling, Seo-jinnie complains it’s not like Ji-woo unni can cook “that well”, even though she is giving orders confidently to wash this, slice that. He nitpicks on Ji-woo unni slicing the gourd too thickly for the breakfast’s gourd soup, only to have her snap at him to shut up. But when she does slice it a little thinner later, Taec pops over and asks why she has sliced them so thin. Cue: totally annoyed look from Ji-woo unni. (i’d say…these guys are asking for trouble)


Since Ji-woo unni has been asking for a bouquet since last night (Seo-jinnie smoothly lied that it’s there — hidden in the corn field — but, it’s too dark to go collect it now…), the guys start to zero in on prospective flowers to bunch into a bouquet. Seo-jinnie is adamant that the gourd flowers muz be in the bunch. But Maknae Kwang-gyu and Taec are against the idea — cos there won’t be gourds anymore if you prematurely pluck the flowers…right?!


So Taec comes up with a HUGE bunch (making sure it’s larger than Kim Han-neul‘s) of wild daisies. Seo-jinnie gets to do the honour again of presenting the bouquet, but insists on plucking ONE gourd flower for Ji-woo unni. (aww)


Despite Seo-jinnie’s whinings that Ji-woo really “can’t cook”, breakfast that morning is scrumptious. There’s the gourd soup, fried rice and assorted banchan. The guys continue to pester Ji-woo to pickle some kimchi before she leaves, much to her amused annoyance.


And we shall continue next week with more antics from the 4 farmhouse owners of Three. (to be brutally frank, i think ji-woo unni looks very much prettier sans makeup than han-neul unni…don’t you think so? han-neul unni looks a little washed out without the makeup)