I believe Cha Yoon-mi deserves the award of “Best Tag-along-er of the Year”. She does practically nothing much other than run after Do-hyeong, while he does the sleuthing, punching, and basically everything else. Where’s the police in the policewoman???


Synopsis (eps7-8):

Do-hyeong is thrown unceremoniously into the car and kidnapped together with Jang-ho. Luckily (?) for him, the kidnapper is Chairman Kang’s secretary (Secretary Kim), and not Boss Seo. So instead of killing him together with Jang-ho, Secretary Kim instructs his goon to dump Do-hyeong somewhere.


While Do-hyeong gets driven off, we learn that Jang-ho is the sole witness to Boss Song’s murder. Boss Seo had pretended to succumb to him, and lured Boss Song to an empty warehouse. Boss Song fell for the trap (being the arrogant prick that he was), and was promptly stabbed to death by Seo’s head goon, Jang-gab. But Jang-ho also learns that Secretary Kim (who was previously humiliated by Song) was the one who helped Seo set the trap to lure Song to his death. Secretary Kim calls Boss Seo to “take care” of Jang-ho the loose end now.


Do-hyeong manages to subdue the kidnapper driving the car, and returns to rescue Jang-ho. They (or rather Do-hyeong) manage to fight past Secretary Kim’s men and almost escape — until they run into Boss Seo and his men who juz arrive on scene. Boss Seo dons a face mask and confronts Do-hyeong, but Do-hyeong still recognises the voice that spoke to him over the phone on several occasions as belonging to Seo. Boss Seo kills Jang-ho, and leaves Do-hyeong bleeding and injured on the ground.


And…Yoon-mi finally arrives, after wondering where everyone went to when Jang-ho fails to turn up at the meeting place earlier. She checks Do-hyeong in to the hospital, and finally starts to suspect that Jang-ho isn’t the one who murdered Boss Song as she initially presumed. Meanwhile, her sunbae-boyfriend Hyeong-sik, is much more on the ball. He checks out Jang-ho’s motel room and picks up the mobile phone he has discarded on the floor before fleeing.


In Jang-ho’s phone, he sees a bunch of pics which Jang-ho had secretly taken that will incriminate Boss Seo for his crime. Plus, he sees Boss Seo’s name in the call list.


As for Joo-young, she is happily sequestered in Mdm Lee’s comfy hideout. Her mood turns bad though when Mdm Lee tells her what Do-hyeong has been up to — and that he all along knows about Joo-young’s background, her association with Boss Song, etc.


Do-hyeong refuses to stay overnight in the hospital, even though his severe concussion has given him a bad nose bleed. His mind thinks back to when he has heard Boss Seo’s voice, and confirms that Moneylender Park and Jang-gab will lead him (and tag-along Yoon-mi) to Seo. Problem is, Moneylender Park is nowhere to be found (he has ran off in fear for his life after knowing that Seo is after him). Yoon-mi and Do-hyeong track down one of Moneylender Park’s previous goons, who tell them he is probably at his mistress’ house. Unfortunately, they are late again, as Boss Seo manages to locate Moneylender Park before Do-hyong/ Yoon-mi do.


As for Joo-young, the shock of knowing that Do-hyeong knew about her all along drives her to take a razor to her wrist. (whut…) Mdm Lee’s man sent her to the hospital however, and she is saved.


Ironically, that triggers a chain of events where the hospital cleaner and nurse recognise Joo-young’s face from the posters that Do-hyeong has been giving out previously. They call Joo-young’s brother, wanting a piece of the reward. Joo-young’s brother contacts Do-hyeong, and he rushes down to the hospital with Yoon-mi.


Joo-young overhears the cleaner’s conversation with her brother, and worries that Do-hyeong will be implicated if Seo’s men come after her in hospital. She chucks out the IV drip and escapes in Mdm Lee’s car (she too, came to hospital when she heard that Joo-young has attempted suicide). So our two lovebirds brush past each other without seeing each other — again. (this is getting annoyingly tiring)


Back in Mdm Lee’s home, she gives a dressing down to Joo-young for taking the cowardly way out. She lays it out that even if Joo-young dies, Do-hyeong will still be in trouble — he has already gone too far for the Underworld to ignore him completely. Mdm Lee firmly tells Joo-young to clean up her own mess. (way to go!) Chastened, Joo-young silently agrees.


Do-hyeong, understandably, nearly goes berserk when he realises Joo-young has slipped past him again. And Yoon-mi drops an even bigger stone on him — she suddenly remembers she has forgotten to update everybody that Joo-young has miscarriage. (insert massive eye roll)


We take a step back in the investigations since the leads have all died (literally), and Joo-young clearly isn’t in danger. Do-hyeong goes back home and morosely disassembles the baby cot. Yoon-mi calls her boyfriend sunbae out for dinner, and we get a short flashback on the reason why she joined the police force. Yoon-mi’s dad was a loanshark, and like Moneylender Park, hid himself under the guise of a small time businessman. One of the borrowers murdered him (and Yoon-mi’s mother) in desperation…but their deaths reveal their true statuses and Yoon-mi was both shocked and ashamed.


When her parents’ murderer was captured, she went to the station and asked him in a pleading voice if her parents were “bad people”. The murderer was rude to her and pushed her away — until Hyeong-sik (who was the detective in charge of the case) stopped him. From that day on, Yoon-mi had idolised Hyeong-sik, and joined the police force cos of him. (ohmy, what a “good” reason). Hyeong-sik clearly can’t remember this incident when Yoon-mi brings it up during the dinner date.


Hyeong-sik calls up Boss Seo’s mistress, Hye-jung, and shows her the pics he has taken from Jang-ho’s phone. He tells Hye-jung to relay to Boss Seo that he plans to use them to blackmail him.


Unfortunately, Boss Seo isn’t someone to be trifled with — he breaks in into Hyeong-sik/ Yoon-mi’s apartment, and warns Hyeong-sik that if he wants to go down the blackmail route, Hyeong-sik will have more to lose. Apparently, it wasn’t juz Joo-young that informed the police about Boss Song’s location 3 years back during the sting operation. Seo also gave info to Hyeong-sik, and from then, Hyeong-sik has been in Seo’s “employment”. Threatened with exposure (especially to Yoon-mi), Hyeong-sik backs down.


Joo-young mulls over Mdm Lee’s advice, and decides to call her bestie (who after escaping from Seo’s goons is holed up under police protection) to ask for the “recorder”. We don’t hear what her bestie says. But the next thing we see is Joo-young appearing in the apartment she shared with Do-hyeong and taking out a recorder from a drawer. She sees the half-dismantled baby cot, and breaks down.


Do-hyeong returns home from work (yeah, he decided to return to work — partly to apply for long leave to continue to look for Joo-young, and partly to get his colleague’s help to look for Moneylender Park) and sees that someone has washed his shirts for him. He receives a call — it’s Joo-young, calling from the opposite building. Do-hyeong sees her…



Imho, OCN should stick to 10-eps shows. Plus not do cheesy romances anymore. Bride‘s plot is starting to fray and go nowhere. The impression I had from ep7 onwards is juz loads of running around, and achieving nothing. There’s no actual sleuthing, it’s all Do-hyeong running after, or being chased by, and then fighting and getting beaten up by Seo and gang. A few times, it’s exciting. Too many times, it appears that Bride has no idea how to proceed in filling in the 1h time slot twice a week.


I’m not altogether surprised with Yoon-mi’s ineffectiveness in Bride. Based on OCN’s track record, their shows usually have weaker female characters and stronger male ones. Nearly all the police procedurals churned out by OCN had the men taking centre stage, be they genius pathologists (God’s Quiz), vampiric detectives (Vampire Prosecutor), ghostbusting detectives (Cheo-yong), or juz normal human police officers (Ten). However, it’s rather weird that in Bride‘s case, the one holding the gun and cuffs is the female — but she appears to be hanging on to the coat tail of a bank employee. Yoon-mi really hasn’t done anything to impress me other than her stunt in ep1.


On the other hand, I see some potential in the ahjummas. We haven’t seen much of Do-hyeong’s car sitting om-ma, but there have been juicy hints that she is powerful. Mdm Lee too, is a chameleon. She pretends to have left the Underworld behind her, to become a small-time sashimi store owner. Apparently, no. She still has men under her, and she knows how to move under the radar and yet still get intel. I am holding out some hope that our shadowy ahjummas make the ahjausshis quake in their pants.