The Time I’ve Loved You – Half-time Comment

For some odd reasons, Show is one that I’m up to date with, even though it’s clearly not interesting and fast-paced, with the irritating ex-boyfriend, and a guy BFF who can’t make up his mind why he can’t say “I love you” to our female lead.


There’s a considerable number of differences between this remake and the original. The most obvious of all is the different personality of Oh Hana (Ha Ji Won) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin). I wasn’t too fond of Cheng You Qing because she irritates me with her self-righteousness and too assertive to be likeable. Oh Hana on the other hand, may be easier to get along with, but she feels too generic as a female lead. Thankfully So Eun (Chu Soo Hyun) is not whiny like Maggie (Andrea Chen), although So Eun is much more calculating when Maggie is more of a sticky little girl who wants to get her way.


The male leads in both versions on the other hand, are made for the win, although I still don’t understand why Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) refuses to confess to Hana. He wasn’t bullied and ignored by Hana, like Li Da Ren (Chen Bolin) was by Cheng You Qing, and he did not come from a household of strong-willed women, like Li Da Ren was. The second male leads however, I’d say Ding Li Wei (Sunny Wang) wins hands down over Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Kyun Sang), in the sense of an interesting character. Ding Li Wei is an outright jerk, yet he has such a glib tongue that Cheng You Qing was bought over by his sweet words again for the second time. Comparatively, Choi Won may have seen Seo Hoo being intimate with other girls three years ago, but otherwise Seo Hoo is in no sense a womaniser like Ding Li Wei, which makes the conflict flat in this remake.


I also did not like how this remake did away with the reason why cute young boy Sung Jae (L) was leading Hana on. If SBS produced A Beautiful Life (Song Chang Ui, Lee Sang Woo) years ago with a scene of a gay couple getting married, what’s holding SBS back now keeping the same storyline of Sung Jae being a gay like Nic (Xu Hao En) was in the original?


I find the remake rather flat and mundane, although our OTP has some rather good chemistry together. Perhaps that’s enough to carry the drama? With the multiple writer switches, I can only cross my fingers that the story will remain coherent, although some of our characters seem to have a personality switch (I have a nagging feeling Seo Hoo will no longer resembling Ding Li Wei in any sense, and is just a super wronged and picky guy who happens to be a pianist). Such a shame, really.

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