Six episodes into Show, my interest continues to be piqued, and it is definitely a good sign. Some questions get answered, yet some remained as vague, and there were plenty of actions.


We now know for sure that Hye-ryung is no vampire, and like in Mask, she just so happens to look like Myeong Hee from 120 years ago. She loathes her father (the nefarious Minister who is in cahoots with Gwi) for offering her as food to Gwi, for his career advancement (her own words). I’d love to see more of Myeong Hee in action, but I guess I have to be patient? She’s having the least screen time of our four leads, but she’s the one who’s most mysterious among them all. I also hope there’ll be more interaction between her and our Night Scholar Sung Yeol, because I felt we were left hanging in the air after their brief encounter back in Episode 3.


Yang-sun is still as cute as ever, having her fantasy coming alive yet thinking she’s dreaming. She’s creating more trouble for Sung Yeol and gang, though not of her fault. I’m totally baffled as to is she really Jin, Crown Prince Yoon’s young friend, or gasp, she is actually Jin’s twin sister? I’m totally sure the young friend is a boy, and Yoon seems pretty sure he is a boy too, but why did Yang-sun’s father have half of the box (which Yoon has the other half), as well as Crown Prince Jung-hyeon’s diary? Why did he say “so that Yang-sun can continue to live as my daughter”? If my guess of Yang-sun being Jin’s twin sister is correct, I think he adopted Yang-sun, and her biological father gave the adoptive father the two items.


Yoon is stepping up his game as a potential love interest to Yang-sun (and I root for this pair, totally), finding out rather quickly that Yang-sun is a female (yay for smart male characters!), and doing cute things to her. I love that he falls in love with her rather quickly, and flirts with her. We also get to see a more serious side of Yoon, as well as a more glimpses into his childhood. His father, then Crown Prince Sadong, told him all about Gwi and Prince Junghyeon’s diary, confirming to us that not only does Yoon know about Gwi, he is also looking for the diary, like Sung Yeol is. His playfulness is just an act, and he IS the Eomlan Seoseng, the one distributing fliers regarding Gwi, around the country. I’m glad that the current King has an inkling to Yoon’s secret activity, and I’m crossing my fingers that the King will live longer than Gwi.


Leaving the best for the last in this post, Sung Yeol is one vampire with the physique and and brains *swoons*. It was an awesome fight there he had with Gwi, although he ends up being seriously injured. It’s a little of a stretch to have the fight last all the way till daybreak, but I’ll buy anything as long as it makes the protagonist a smart character. The fighting scene outlined the key difference between both our vampires here: Sung Yeol being the good one, is able to walk in daylight (as long as he has the magical black robe on him), while Gwi can only be confined to the night (I wonder if he has his hand on the magical black robe will he be able to withstand the sun too?). I also love how quickly Sung Yeol learns that Yoon has the same agenda as him (and also Yoon guessing that there’s a vampire in the midst who can walk in the daylight), because now, can we get them to work together and demand a bromance as well?

PS: An additional capture of Lee Joon Gi rocking that guyliner oh-so-well. *swoons and dies*