It’s not juz us viewers who are shipping Lee Seo-jin and Choi Ji-woo. See post’s featured image, with captions from Three‘s editing crew, below:

While Seo-jinnie and Ji-woo unni watch Min-ki feeding her pups, caption reads: Both of you…pls also quickly become blissful and happy too

And not juz above pic, throughout ep11, the editing crew blatantly place captions that read “Get together please”, “You both look good together”, etcetc and cameras are actively zooming in on the couple doing “couply things”. (d’awww, juz. get. married. already!)


1. Ji-woo and her honey craze (or fear?)


Straight after breakfast, Ji-woo unni starts pestering Seo-jinnie to harvest honey. But she soon goes from ecstatic to horrified — when she hears the Surround-Sound buzzing coming from the hive.


Seo-jinnie instructs her to smoke the bees out of the hive before they start collecting the honey. Given her slightly high strung state of mind, this is what happened:


Ironically, when the guys previously harvested honey on their own, they have been quite lax in smoking the hive, and there have been no mishaps. Ji-woo unni’s ultra dense smoke screen actually caused Taec to be stung by a (confused, lost, and perhaps very scared) honeybee. To be on the safe side, the production crew hustle Taec to the town for a medical consultation.


While Taec is away, Ji-woo unni takes out her powdered malt and mixes it with the honey and ice cubes for a refreshing post-breakfast drink.

2. Maknae’s challenge – buckwheat noodles

For lunch, the cast decide on trying out Gangwan-do’s local delicacy — buckwheat noodles. It actually has a very cute name, loosely translated in English to “Slap Your Nose Noodles”. In other words, buckwheat noodles so springy that it will bounce and “slap” you on your nose while slurping them. Maknae Kwang-gyu, who had been performing exceedingly well with noodles, has been tasked to prepare the dish.


However, Kwang-gyu isn’t that good at dough kneading: a clip edited out from prev ep shows that he had tried his hands at dough making to produce handmade noodles — and the dough became chewing gum instead. So it is with trepidation that he tries out dough kneading for the second time. Luckily, he’s second time lucky. Ji-woo unni fries a zucchini jeon as an accompaniment to the noodles — and because it’s a rainy day, so joens (pancakes) are in order. (i second that)



Meanwhile, Teac is slurping his slappy-nose noodles in town. And trying to make the strands bounce up towards his face, with zero success. (pwahaaha, that look)


3. Potatoes for meat


As usual, the condition to have meat for dinner is to harvest the crops. Every 10 kg of crops earns the cast 1kg worth of meat. Seo-jinnie decides that the potatoes are likely to hit the mark. And yes, they do — all the tubers dug up from the ground are huge. The result, 15kg for half a basket of potatoes. They call Teac on the phone to buy 1kg of beef for dinner.


And Taec returns…with 3kg (actually 3.5), urgently whispering to Seo-jinnie that the butcher has added extra (that’s a LOT of extras) for them. The casts’ sidelong glances and evasive movements do not escape eagled-eye Na PD, who immediately swoops in to confiscate the whole lot (including the pack that Seo-jinnie tries to hide) for re-weighing.


Disgruntled, Taec decides to barter trade the potatoes with their neighbours (the young couple who live close by). In return for the potatoes, Taec receives ice cream and fruits. (and isn’t the interior of their neighbour’s house so cozy?? destroys the assumption that rural farmsteads = broken down houses)

4. Kimchi Queen


No visit from Ji-woo unni will be complete if she doesn’t help them preserve kimchi. (heh) Last season, Ji-woo only did 1 napa cabbage kimchi for the cast, and they are all head over heels in love with the dish (and prob her). This round, she decides to make 3 types of kimchi for them — spring onions, cabbages and carrots (with greens).


And while everyone is busy being ordered around by Ji-woo unni to wash this, peel that, mix this and toss that…Seo-jinnie escapes to Lazy Boy Paradise by pretending to walk the goats.


5. The umbrella tree


Dinner is another scrumptious affair, with bbq-ed beef and seasoned chives plus banchan. Yumz.

3_278Halfway through, the weather decides to turn romantic on them and it starts to pour (a heavy drizzle). Taec has this brilliant idea of hanging the open, transparent umbrellas from the pear tree’s branches to shield all of them while they eat dinner. And the effect is actually quite pretty (the pic below doesn’t really do justice):


6. Taec’s bacon challenge

My my, isn’t it a day to showcase culinary skills? During lunch, Maknae Kwang-gyu surprises us with his homemade buckwheat noodles, and post-dinner, Teac declares that they will have bacon for breakfast tomorrow.


Quick flashback to yesterday’s potato lunch — Taec suddenly craves for bacon and an American brekkie the next day. So Na PD casually tossed out, “ok, then make your own bacon.”

Challenge. Accepted.


The samgyeopsal (fatty pork) bought the previous day was seasoned with salt and herbs (rosemary and basil from the farm). After dinner, Taec brings out the salt-herbs encrusted meat and a debate ensues between Taec and Seo-jinnie on which apparatus to use to smoke the meat. Taec is all for the “sot” (Korean pot) and Seo-jinnie, his “delivery ward” (the oven). Kwang-gyu, the mediator, tells Seo-jinnie to let Taec decide, since its his project.


So the pot undergoes the smoke test first. And fails. Cos after 10 mins of covering the pot with the heavy lid, the oxygen supply gets killed and the charcoal embers die off. After some grumbling, the bacon is shifted to the oven, where it would appear to be the perfect curing machine.


But, Taec still doesn’t rest easy. Throughout the night, he wakes up every few hours to check on the fire (and Min-ki), and is up the earliest the next morning.


The result: bacon!!! (a little charred, cos the wood caught fire in the middle of the night and burnt it, but still, it’s bacon)

3_290Even Na PD, who had scoffed at the possibility of Taec ever attaining bacon success, is very impressed.


Maknae, who used to work in a sashimi restaurant, is tasked to slice the bacon and Taec grills them for breakfast. Together with eggs and homemade mashed potatoes.


Hilariously, juz after Seo-jinnie and Ji-woo praise him for his improved culinary skills, Taec breaks (and wastes) two eggs on the floor.


But even then, compared with the Taec in Three (Season 1), who doesn’t even know how to properly cook rice…the bacon challenge is resounding proof of his culinary improvement. (see, anyone can learn to cook)

3_295 3_297

7. The married couple

Right…so are Seo-jinnie and Ji-woo unni an item already? or no? Here are some photo evidence (with my captions) of how compatible they are:

After waking up, both move to the same rhythm. They pick out the toothbrushes and washing stuff at the same time, move to check their reflections in the mirror at the same time, out the door at the same time…
And they behave like an old married couple sharing the wash basin in the morning. Taking turns switching on and off the tap for the other person.
Most “damning” evidence: the camera catches them feeding each other bits of bacons and potatoes while Taec and Maknae are busy preparing breakfast.

Unfortunately, all good things muz end. Ji-woo unni packs up to leave the farmhouse (after grabbing a huge jar of honey as kimchi payment).

But for next week, are we going to have a girl group dropping by? (cue: background music of A-Pink‘s Mr Chu)


…prompting Seo-jinnie to go all in a tizzy, looking for pretty flowers.


…only to get him. (my Ho-joon puppy!!!!)