Boss Seo is really having a bad day. I am beginning to feel kinda sorry for him. Well, I suppose even scary mob bosses have Monday Blues…


Synopsis (eps9-10):


Correction: Do-hyeong doesn’t immediately see Joo-young across the block. However, a slip of tongue from Joo-young alerts him that she is somewhere near. Prior to that, the couple are carrying on about the usual Noble Idiot types of conversation, where Joo-young pleads with Do-hyeong to “forget” her, since she is “unsuitable” for him.

bb121We get a short flashback to when Do-hyeong first brought Joo-young home to introduce her to Scary Car-Sitting Om-ma (Mdm Moon). Mdm Moon juz ignored the girl in plain sight, and carried on persuading Do-hyeong to choose from her list of girls to go on blind dates with. We also see Joo-young’s early entry into lounge hostess profession, where she had impressed Mdm Lee with her innocence and got selected during the round of beauty pageant-like interview.


But back to the present: when Do-hyeong spots Joo-young, he also sees, to his horror, Boss Seo’s man looking for her in the floor above. He shouts a warning to Joo-young to run, and he dashes out of his apartment to do the save-my-bride-to-be thingy again. Unfortunately, his apartment’s security guard has been bribed earlier by Jang-gab, and Do-hyeong loses the thugs’ tail. But he does pick up a broken micro-recorder which Joo-young retrieved earlier from their home. He passes the recorder to Yoon-mi.


As for Yoon-mi, she orders her staff to dig through the files on Boss Song’s sting operation — only to realise certain pieces of documents are missing. Those documents are linked to Boss Seo’s mistress, Hye-jung, who also works as a freelance insurance agent. She is the one who forces the Shadow’s victims to sign hefty policies so that the Syndicate can profit from their deaths. Yoon-mi calls her sunbae, Hyeong-sik, and asks about the missing documents. In response, he tells her not to be such a busybody over old cases.


Joo-young is brought to the warehouse where Moneylender Park and his mistress, Mi-soo, are held. Boss Seo arrives too, and leeringly insinuates that he will spend a “nice night” with Joo-young before he decides whether to ship her overseas to work as a whore. At the moment though, Boss Seo has another urgent task to do. He forces a badly beaten up Moneylender Park to memorise a script “confessing” to killing Boss Song, and threatens Park with Mi-soo’s safety if he doesn’t comply. (why do i tink this is a crap idea)


Moneylender Park obliges and Boss Seo brings him to Chairman Kang. Unfortunately, Chairman Kang doesn’t seem to buy Park’s story. And breezily tells Seo to hand Park to the police. (you should see Boss Seo’s surprised + pissed off face…like “Huh? After all my efforts?!”) Seo calls his police mole, Hyeong-sik, to rig an “accident” so that Park will never reveal that he has been co-erced into confession.


Well, Park does sorta stumble to the police station…only to bolt at the last minute. Do-hyeong, who happens to be with Yoon-mi (who is surprised at the news that Park is turning himself in for Song’s murder), rescues Park. (amazingly, the police, the thugs…no one manages to catch an injured man running on foot) In Do-hyeong’s car, Park screams that he knows where Joo-young is held — but needs Do-hyeong’s help in evading Seo’s men who are in the car behind.


Do-hyeong drives into a deserted highway tunnel, and suddenly stops the car. He sees only 3 of Boss Seo’s men in pursuit, and decides to fight it out. Park lures 2 of the henchmen away, leaving only Jang-gab to deal with Do-hyeong. And waahhh, I can’t help but admire how efficiently Do-hyeong grabs Jang-gab, breaks his right ankle and using a Montblanc pen, stabs his leg…and later aims the same pen towards Jang-gab’s neck. (see? pen mightier than sword)


By now the police have arrive (late as usual), and assessing the situation, Do-hyeong releases Jang-gab and allows himself to be arrested. Yoon-mi tries to intervene, saying that Jang-gab (as a assault victim) looks too much like a mobster than a normal civilian, but Hyeong-sik openly puts her down and orders her to mind her own business.


In the police van, Do-hyeong overhears that Jang-gab will be sent to hospital and released. Panicking, he asks Hyeong-sik’s underlings for the name of the hospital, only to be sneered at and ignored. In desperation, he attacks (with cuffed hands, mind you) the police and successfully escapes the van.


Ensue merry-go-round chase around the estate, where Hyeong-sik, together with the police, tries to capture Do-hyeong. Hyeong-sik even opens fire at Do-hyeong — but misses. With some Healer-esque moves, Do-hyeong manages to make his way to the hospital where Jang-gab is receiving treatment — and misses him by a car. Literally. And Hyeong-sik + his underling also miss Do-hyeong — by a leap (from the bldg).


Hyeong-sik lays a police trap throughout the entire estate, hoping to snare Do-hyeong. In desperation, Do-hyeong contacts Yoon-mi in the night, and she helps him escape the police entrapment. He also tells Yoon-mi that he needs to find Moneylender Park, since he is confident Park knows where Joo-young is.


As for Park, he is holed up in one of his henchmen’s apartment. He sends them out to round up a few of his previous goons (who have mainly deserted him) to rescue Mi-soo. Unfortunately, those who do turn up are rather…out of shape. Juz then, Park hears the familiar voice of Do-hyeong, and latches on to him immediately. Yep, one Do-hyeong = an army of goons.


We check back with Mdm Lee, who is now alarmed with Joo-young’s disappearance. She manages to trace where Joo-young’s bff is holing up and brings her to her lavish apartment. Joo-young’s colleague doesn’t really know what happens, but guesses that Joo-young may have gone to find Do-hyeong. (well, half correct)


In the evening, Boss Seo (although very pissed after receiving news that Park has escaped), goes ahead for his date-rape with Joo-young. Thankfully (from Joo-young’s pov), Boss Seo is called away after a few leers…cos Chairman Kang is in his office. Right. Now.


Well, seems like Chairman Kang isn’t a fool. He knows what Seo has been up to behind his back, and is 99.99% confident that Song is murdered by Seo. With some nifty on-the-spot torture, which involves roasting half of Seo’s cheeks on a hot griddle, Chairman Kang instructs Seo to bring Joo-young to him. Intact. (see? mob boss’ Monday Blues. and crap idea to make Park take the rap)


In the warehouse, Joo-young manages to help Mi-soo escape by burning through her cable tie. The lighter was tossed by another girl held captive by Seo’s thugs — remember the small time factory owner who put his daughter as guarantor/ collateral for his loanshark debt? Yep, that’s her. That poor thing was captured, and gang raped into submission (her leg is broken by one of her rapists too). She is now under Hye-Jung’s wings, though I don’t see that as good news. Likely she will be sold to another cheap brothel and later butchered. Anyway, her last act of kindness is to help the other two captive ladies.


Unfortunately, Joo-young tosses the lighter too far out, and it catches fire on the plastic sheets behind her…She tells Mi-soo to escape first.


The Black Knight and Joker (okok, Do-hyeong and Park) arrive to see the warehouse in flames. Do-hyeong rushes in, shouting for Joo-young, and witnesses the thugs running away from the fire. He sees Joo-young…but is hit by a flaming beam, and faints. (duh)



Sorry, was kinda caught up with work, and missed my scheduled publishing time. So this Review is added on after publication… T_T


In case you missed my scathing sarcasm in the Synopsis, Bride is turning out to be one good piece of dark comedic action flick. We have a super-hero type Bank Exec, who manages to evade the ineffectual police and the bumbly (and trying very hard to look scary) mobsters. Especially poor Boss Seo. After all the efforts he made into trying to bury his crime, they all backfire on him. Shouldn’t have done naughty things in the first place then.


And then, there’s really weird conversations in between the tensed scenes. For example: while Joo-young and Mi-soo are held captive, they start chatting…about housing loans and loan interest. Not joking.


I’m not sure if Kim Moo-yul uses a stunt double throughout Bride, but there are some scenes in which he has to DIY. Cos there’s a camera right in front of his face. Like those where he is cycling like a demon, or running back and forth (and sometimes in circles) around the police/ gangsters/ combi of both. Guy muz train like mad prior production.


As usual, there’s not much progress on Yoon-mi’s part. (boring) Other than she finally, finally suspects the presence of a mole within the force. I wonder how long it will take her to realise her beloved darling sunbaenim’s weird behaviours are a result of a guilty conscience. Girl is as a dense as Yang-sun in Scholar Who Walks The Night.