Only managed to catch ep1 of Mrs Cop during lunch today. Btw, Cop is showing on S One channel on cable. So if you are lucky enough to have cable at home, catch Mrs Cop on Tues’ evenings.


Main Cast:

  •  Kim Hee-ae (from Secret Love Affair) as Detective Choi Young-jin. As the blurbs put it, she is a good cop, but a lousy mother. She’s driven, task-oriented and has a sharp, unfailing instinct when it comes to solving cases and nailing the baddies. But, her EQ isn’t anything to shout about. She tries the patience of her district’s Chief, and also her immediate family members (her young daughter, Eun-ha and her sister, Nam-jin).
  •  Kim Min-jong (from A Gentleman’s Dignity) as Detective Park Jong-ho. Senior officer in the same station as Young-jin, he is portrayed as the opposite of her. Young-jin scoffs at his glibness and ability to “smooth things over”, deriding them as the reason why Jong-ho is still a swinging bachelor for his age (cos he is juz too “apathetic”).
  •  Lee Gi-kwang as Officer Lee Se-won. One of Young-jin’s team members, together with Jin-woo (Sohn Ho-joon) and Do-young (Lee Da-hee), of which the latter 2 haven’t appeared in ep1.
  •  Shin So-yul as Choi Nam-jin. Young-jin’s younger sis, and whom she affectionately calls “Stepmother” — to Eun-ha. Nam-jin is pissed off with her unni’s inability to keep promises to Eun-ha and also her placing Eun-ha as secondary to her work. Despite that, she still shares a strong, loving relationship with her unni.



Ep1 opens with Young-jin staking out a neighbourhood for a serial rapist-murderer. She finally spots someone who matches the description caught on CCTV for an earlier crime, and gives chase. Halfway through, her sister buzzes her constantly on her phone to attend Eun-ha’s dance recital asap. Young-jin does catch the suspect, but misses Eun-ha’s performance. By the time she reaches home, a crying Eun-ha has fallen asleep and Nam-jin is understandably mad.


However, the suspect that Young-jin captured turns out to be a snatch thief — who is juz plain unlucky to happen to be in the rapist-murderer’s crime scene earlier. Unfortunately, Young-jin’s District Chief has taken a bribe from a politician, and he chooses to close the serial rape-murder case haphazardly. Young-jin is persistent though in re-opening the case and obtains approval eventually (by stepping on everyone’s toes).

But most likely, the approval had to be granted anyway — cos the real rapist-murderer strikes again. Not once, but twice. We get to see Young-jin display her astuteness and doggedness during the re-investigation of the serial rape-murder cases.


Unfortunately, her qualities as a police officer are inapplicable at home as a mother. Eun-ha resorts to shoplifting in order to get her mum’s attention. Poor girl.



It’s refreshing to see Kim Hee-ae in an unglamourous role. With hardly any makeup on, and every inch the scruffy, tired police officer, she is a far cry from her other roles in previous dramas — think the elegant music teacher in Secret Love Affair, or her demure personality in Noonas Over Flowers.


And I already like it that her outward imperfection carries through to her character and personal life in Cop. She is not the sleek, professional, genius type of profiler like Hyun or the pretty detective Ji-an in I Remember You, in fact, she is more like the ahjausshi-type of nose-to-the-ground detective like Do-shik in Ten. Yes, THAT type of scruffiness.


Young-jin’s lack of concern for her welfare also extends to how she treats her superiors and her loved ones. Not that she doesn’t love or respect them, but she doesn’t really know the proper way of expression. I feel bad for Eun-ha, knowing that her mum makes promises she tries to keep, but fails to keep. Even then, Eun-ha continues to adore her and places Young-jin on a pedestal. With her superior, Young-jin is juz way too blunt. Unlike Jong-ho, she doesn’t see why her behaviour is seen as inappropriate at times. For example, barging into a bus load of police honchos juz to force her District Chief to sign an approval on re-opening the serial rape-murder case isn’t exactly a good career move.


Even though Cop has a central heroine who is anything but perfect, and the plot isn’t anything new, there’s a high chance I will be catching it. (sigh. is the kdrama universe conspiring to drown me in police procedurals?)