It’s starting to get a little repetitive to get Yang-sun to remain relevant to the story instead of being shipped to Tamra (otherwise known as Jeju now), in the sense she acts against common sense and her priorities, creating more troubles for Sung-ryeol instead of being away from the danger as Sung-ryeol wanted. Of course, that would be beneficial for the drama, but it’s frustrating for the viewer.


In a twist of fate (or rather orchestrated by the current King), Yang-sun is accused of being Eomlan Seoseng, and everyone else (including her father, as well as Yoon’s closest friend) are accused of being her allies. They’re brought to jail and subjected to torture, where Yang-sun’s father shouted out of desperation that Yang-sun is a girl, to save her from being branded by hot iron. The King does know of Yoon being Eomlan Seoseng, and he chose to sacrifice Yang-sun to save his heir the same fate of his own son.


We also get more information about what happened 10 years ago, when Crown Prince Sadong was killed. Apparently Yang-sun’s father saw Gwi bite Jin’s father, and turn him into a vampire (Sung-yeol tells us in another scene that the victim has to receive the blood of a vampire to turn into one…but why do some turn and some do not?). Sung-yeol arrives just in time to save Jin from being bitten by his freshly-turned vampire father, and kills the vampire. It’s all witnessed by Yang-sun’s father, and it terrifies him to see Sung-yeol again. With the one-arm book-seller it’s another story, as he has seen Sung-yeol’s name before, in Crown Prince Jung-hyeon’s diary, where the last page was his last letter to his best friend, Sung-yeol. He wishes to atone for his sin in causing Crown Prince Sadong’s death inadvertently, but ends up being killed by the troops out to capture Eomlang Seoseng.


Sung-yeol wants to form an ally with Yoon, but it seems that time is still not ripe yet. One of the very first things Sung-yeol did was to compensate the families of the book-sellers who were killed by Gwi (remember in last week’s episodes?), in a bid to regain the public’s faith in Eomlan Seoseng. I don’t really get why he can’t reveal himself to Yoon, but he tells Soo-hyang and Ho Jin his plan on reviving the corpse of one of the king’s concubine who was killed by Gwi, when Yoon reveals to the public that he is Eomlan Seoseng, so that people will believe that Gwi exists and support Yoon to get rid of Gwi (I think). Sung-yeol’s plan is thwarted, however, as the king’s men go trampling the market, in order to round up the people related to Eomlan Seoseng.


Gwi continues to pressurize the king to bring him Eomlan Seoseng, but the king totally has the guts to stand up against Gwi. (Get your claws off the king!!)


In other notes, Hye Ryung still has the least screentime among all the main characters, and she continues to be shrouded in mystery and her motives are still very much difficult to understand. It turns out that her deal with Gwi is for her to be made Yoon’s wife, when she brings Gwi Sung-yeol. Hye Ryung actually made herself an acquaintance to Yoon’s mother, who is living in a temple, since a year ago. I wonder if this calculated move is on her own accord, or advised to her by her father or even Gwi. Also, she deliberately lets her identity be known to Sung-yeol, though I have no idea how is that going to lead him to Gwi.


Lastly, I really like the contrast between Sung-yeol and Gwi (as if we need any more examples of Sung-yeol is good and Gwi is very bad) shown in this week’s episodes – that Sung-yeol feels really upset that he has to drink human blood to recuperate from his wounds inflicted by Gwi, while Gwi kills for entertainment. Anyway, just gimme Lee Joon Gi anytime!