After sending off Seo-jinnie‘s wifey…hey, I’m not the only one who refers to Ji-woo unni as “hyungsoo-nim”. Na PD openly tells Seo-jinnie in ep12 to marry her already. His response: “If I do, I’m not bringing her here” (i leave it to our dear readers to read meanings into his words)…but I digress.


Guest on board eps12/13: my puppy Ho-joonie!

1. The weakest link


In case you are still doubting Maknae Kwang-gyu‘s status as the weakest of the lot, he readily demonstrates his lack of strength when he happens to arrive first on set (after being branded as perpetual Latecomer for the prev series). He volunteers to start off with house chores, only to regret it immediately, when the first task is to refill the home made refrigerator — aka that block of ice.


Na PD very snidely tells Kwang-gyu that usually, Fool Taec does the job SINGLE handedly. (i dunno if he means it literally) Anyway, Kwang-gyu is initially undaunted…until he tries lifting the ice block…and it slips halfway to the ground…and he tries to load it back on the trolley…and it slips off further… It’s really pathetically funny seeing him struggle. (i know, i’m mean…but…*sniggers*) Thankfully, Taec arrives then (Kwang-gyu is practically in tears, cos the crew are too busy laughing to help), and without much fanfare, settles the first house chore for the day.

2. The Fox and the Negotiator


Na PD muz be kicking himself when he promises a kg of meat for every 10kg of crops. Cos ever since the plants start producing fruits, the harvests have never been below 10kg. In other words, the cast have been enjoying minimally a kg of meat for every ep. (a kilo of meat is REALLY a lot) In fact, they had so much they had to store un-used portions in the production crew’s freezer.


No surprises then when the oversized cucumbers, gourds, melons, and fruits easily add up to 10+ kg on the scale. So ever sneaky Na PD tries to bargain for a better deal (for himself) when he catches Taec alone. He starts off by pretending to ask Taec, “instead of meat, do you want to exchange the crops for something else?” And Taec’s immediate response is to get a LIGHTER pot, cos he is rather sick and tired of heaving the heavy sot (Korean pot) around whenever they  need to prepare meals.


Na PD latches on and wheedles that, “oh, then maybe we can cut down the exchange ratio for your meat supply, so, yunno… you can get your pot?” Luckily Taec is smart enough to shut up and says he needs Seo-jinnie’s opinion.


So when Seo-jinnie appears and hears of this, he praises Taec for not getting swindled by the wily fox (aka Na PD). And we know how good Seo-jinnie is at bargaining — and running circles around Na PD (re: his Grandpa Over Flowers experience). In the end, the cast get their pot AND their meat. (i think Na PD will prob sulk for some time…if he ever manages to work out he’s been had again)


3. The Apologetic Arrival


Yunno, you can’t really blame Na PD for misleading Seo-jinnie into thinking a girl group is visiting. During lunch, Seo-jinnie remarks that he noticed an European-make SUV trailing behind his when he made his way to the farmhouse. And he adds that it is RARE that Na PD looks presentable on Three‘s set (fyi, Na PD has taken off his guerrilla-styled cap, changed his clothes and even combed his hair). Na PD (who is probably still pissy after being had by Seo-jinnie), doesn’t actually correct Seo-jinnie’s assumptions…


Which in Seo-jinnie’s eyes, is a “confirmation” of his guesses. He immediately yelps and starts scolding the crew on why they hadn’t inform the cast earlier, so that they too, can “doll up” a little. And when the crew amusingly ask which girl group Seo-jinnie had in mind, his response, “Sistar!” (hmm, he likes them more than Girls Generation’s Sunny?) While ragging the crew for not alerting them, Seo-jinnie hurries around the farm looking for the best art piece bouquet to present to the “girl group”. (while we get a scene cut to Sohn Ho-joon hastily zipping up his fly in his apartment, as he rushes out to Three‘s location)


Imagine their utter disappointment when girl group turns out to be Ho-joonie. Seo-jinnie: “Give the bouquet to Jackson and kids!” Awwrr. Poor Ho-joonie. Although he has no idea why Seo-jinnie appears so irate, his ultra sensitive antenna picks up on the “I am not welcomed” vibe. Poor chap doesn’t even dare to straighten his perpetually semi-bowed figure. And when Seo-jinnie et al approaches him… he cowers and backs away. (oops) As usual, Ho-joonie seeks permission for everything and anything under the sun. He asks for the go-ahead to change out of his attire at least twice, before Maknae Kwang-gyu shoos him into the house.

4. Slave Ho-joon reappears

And here’s my silly Ho-joonie (left) tying the beekeeper’s hat the wrong way around. haiz
Straight after changing into his slave attire, Ho-joonie’s first qns is “what can I do?” Even when Seo-jinnie responds that there’s NOTHING to do, Ho-joonie continues to repeat the “Can I help?” mantra. Turns out there really isn’t anything to do before dinner, so the guys space out in the farmhouse reading comics and lazing around.


Since it’s customary to introduce the guests to the honeybees (and the honey), Ho-joonie gets his first try at honey harvesting. Poor boy is kinda nervous around the insects, and doesn’t dare to remove his beekeeper’s hat even if feeding himself honey under the hat becomes a little awkward.


After the honey collection, the cast troops to town to purchase meat (pork marrow) and Taec’s dream pot. Along the way, Ho-joonie got so impressed with Taec’s single-left-hand driving, and he mimics it throughout the whole car ride. (face palm. he really is like a kid)

Usually Kwang-gyu prefers to sleep in the common area with the other guys, but chooses instead to share the small bedroom with Ho-joon during his stay at the farmhouse. (aww)
An interesting anecdote: Maknae Kwang-gyu takes an immediate liking to Ho-joonie, seeing in him a version of his younger self — and even today, the two are kinda similar. Both have the same earnest characters, and tend to put others above themselves. Being the more “experienced” hyung, Kwang-gyu unconsciously takes Ho-joonie under his wings. (yunno, that “i’m so scared, and i’m sorry i’m scared” look that Ho-joonie gives…it’s earning him a lot sunbae-nims’ love. am reminded of how Chajumma will nag Ho-joon, and then feed him, in Three (Fishing Village))

5. Chef Baek’s disciple


Dinner that night is a grand affair, with pork bone marrow + potatoes soup. But it’s breakfast the next morning that’s interesting — cos Ho-joonie has been tasked to prepare breakfast for everybadi. The editing crew liken him to a Cordon Bleu trained chef, cos after all, he has learnt from Chef Baek hasn’t he? (re: Home Food Rescue)


Even though he is super super sure of the recipe, the way the other guys keep looking askance at his breakfast preparations (which is daejeong soup, btw)…poor Ho-joonie becomes smaller with each question posed, and less confident. Until it comes to a point when he suddenly asks himself why he is so afraid. (LOL)


Because he really doesn’t need to freak out. Chef Baek’s formula of slow cooking the radish with daejeong (and sugar) turns out to be freaking good. (and we see Na PD shamelessly squat next to the sot drinking straight from the ladle like a hobo) The production crew tries to stir the pot by hinting that Taec is obsolete, causing Taec to showcase an impromptu steamed egg to prove that his “self-taught” cooking skills are juz as good. Unfortunately, said steamed egg gets derided by Seo-jinnie and Kwang-gyu. Seo-jinnie: “Sending the kid (Ho-joonie) “overseas” for training is a good idea”. Kwang-gyu: “Don’t worry Taec, even if I have to sell corn for my entire life, I will support you financially for your overseas cooking classes”. (pffftt)


6. A door for Min-ki!


Remember how Seo-jinnie and Kwang-gyu had enthusiastically crafted the pen for Min-ki and her pups…and forgot about adding in a door for the human feeder? Over the weeks, Taec has been patiently clambering in and out to feed Min-ki her food and drinks. Finally, Seo-jinnie and Kwang-gyu take pity on Taec, and decide that a door is in order.


So the two troop off (with Na PD and another VJ) to the town’s hardware store to look for the appropriate tools. (fyi, they spent such a long time there, you’d start wondering if the hardware store is Dubai Mall or something) After the trip to the store, Seo-jinnie does his usual poop thing in the town’s municipal buildings — this time he chooses the fire station.

Here’s Kwang-gyu waiting for Seo-jinnie to complete his business. Reminds me of how guys will wait in line for their galfrens outside the Ladies. 😛
But the poop trip produces an Eureka moment: Seo-jinnie realises that they forgot about the lock. So while the men are busy walking in and out of the hardware store, the boys (Taec and Ho-joonie) bring Min-ki and her adorable pups, Eddy and Sappy, indoors, to escape from the pending construction work.


7. Chef Hong


Next week’s guest will be Hong Seok-cheong, and we expect LOADS of laughter and mad giggling from him — after all, he is in the midst of good looking guys and I fully expect him to enjoy it. But besides that, Three has dubbed him “Chef Hong”, cos he will be introducing international, Michelin-starred food to the cast. (yumz… burgers, anyone?)