I think there’re some questions that we have, will never get answered, but I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll get addressed along the way, like how we get more background history of some of our characters this week.


I think the biggest revelation of this week’s episodes has to be what was written in Crown Prince Jung-hyun’s diary, as well as *gasp*, Gwi had a human lover before! I wasn’t expecting the latter at all, when Show is kind of predictable. The fact that he had a lover (and a child, bless him/her), is actually tied in to one of the ways to kill Gwi, as written in the diary. So there’re three ways to kill Gwi, apparently, and yes, as what we’ve known so far, all methods involve “people”, and one of it involves making use of matriarchal lineage. And so new questions are popping up, who is actually the descendent of Gwi? I’m sure the child survived, as opposed to Gwi’s belief that the child was killed (by who? him?), and so what makes the child, a half-vampire? Is a half-vampire immortal then? If so, then what’s the need of Hae-seo, the guardian vampire who sired Sung-yeol? So many questions, will we have our answers?


Putting aside Gwi, we see more of Hye-ryung, and get more glimpses into what makes her tick. Her mother was driven crazy by her power-hungry father, because he offered Hye-ryung to Gwi in exchange for his promotion in the court. Hye-ryung revealed that the only way out for her is to obtain a higher and more powerful position than her father, which is to become the Queen, thus she made her own deal with Gwi. However, she maintains that it doesn’t mean her husband has to be Yoon, but it can be whoever Gwi puts on the throne. My hunch tells me otherwise, and she’s actually concerned about Yoon. We also see more of Hye-ryung interaction with Yoon and his mother, and it does seem that it was a calculated move on Hye-ryung’s part, to be acquainted to Yoon’s mother.


Over at the Eomlan Seoseng trial, Yang-sun and her father both admits to being the Eomlan Seoseng, although her father insists it was him, because he wanted to avenge the death of Crown Prince Sadong. The king leaves it as that, and warns Yoon against confessing that he is the real Eomlan Seoseng, because the king has worked so many years to protect Yoon, and many other people will be implicated if Yoon admits publicly that he is Eomlan Seoseng. For the greater good, basically, if the king can sacrifice only Yang-sun’s father. Anyway, still quite a number of people died along with Yang-sun’s father, as their motive is the same – to protect Yoon. Whatever.


Yang-sun’s mother finds out that she’s the child of Seo Jung-do, a noble who was Crown Prince Sadong’s good friend (who was also sired by Gwi, but gets killed by Sung-yeol in the nick of time). And because Seo Jung-do was implicated in the treason charge against Sadong, which means Yang-sun is a criminal by relation, and Yang-sun’s mother decides to abandon her. And so Yang-sun will remain in the story, and no longer needs to go to Tamra. Ok, whatever. Oh, and Jin is really Yang-sun! What in the what?


Sung-yeol continues his one-man show, although he’s revealing himself to Yoon, and requesting for a coalition, which, yay, finally! I find Sung-yeol’s way of protecting Yang-sun from Gwi is pretty facepalm-y, in a reverse psychology way. I’d be floored if Yang-sun is Gwi’s descendent, which would explain why the writers are keeping her in the story, and not just for providing excuses for Sung-yeol to stretch himself thin protecting her.


I’m still wondering if Su-hyang will betray Sung-yeol out of jealousy, and at half-way mark of Show, anything is possible. I’d say that if she does betray Sung-yeol, it’s gonna be too predictable, so I’m hoping for something different. I do wonder why she and Ho-jin are into Sung-yeol’s secret of being a vampire, and why are they helping him.


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