As we wave bye-bye to eager puppy Ho-joon, Three invites another preppy guest on set to annoy feed Seo-jinnie and gang. And is it my imagination but Three (Season 2) seems to be going on like forever? (ok, not imagining, definitely is)


1. Fanboy Ho-joon

One of Ho-joonie’s many endearing traits is his humility. He has completely zero airs. Even with his current popularity, he continues to be in awe of his sunbaes — and hoobaes. Technically, he is older than Taecyon, and probably has been acting longer than him, but Ho-joonie still sees Taec as larger than he is. (lol)


That explains why before Ho-joonie leaves, he asks for everyone’s autographs on his rubber shoes. And then exchanges numbers with all of them (except Seo-jinnie, since he already has Seo-jinnie’s no. from last visit). Maknae Kwang-gyu jokingly gripes that Ho-joonie only wanted Taec’s no. from the start, and uses him only as a “front”. (cos Ho-joonie asks for Taec’s no. immediately after obtaining Kwang-gyu’s)


But before Ho-joonie leaves, he tries his hands at one last farmhouse task — helping Min-ki fix that human door on her dog pen. Well…all I can say is, Ho-joonie’s help is more of a hindrence. Maknae Kwang-gyu tells him to help saw the planks, and Ho-joonie nearly saws off the wooden slats of the farmhouse instead.

2. The second unwelcomed visitor

Seo-jinnie goes all out again to gather flowers, after hearing that another guest will appear following Ho-joon. I dunno what makes him assume it’s going to be a girl, he should have learnt from previous lessons that preparing flowers in advanced is going to bring him a MALE guest.

3_347So when Hong Seok-cheong appears, Seo-jinnie refuses to give him the fresh bouquet he has hidden in Min-ki’s kennel. Instead, Hong receives the dying bouquet given to Ho-joon. (meanie Seo-jinnie) At least Taec and Kwang-gyu are nicer, they rat on the new bouquet’s location to Hong. (hehe)

3. The way to a man’s heart

However, Seo-jinnie’s impression of Hong changes when he hears that Hong is a very good chef…and he has come prepared with a HUGE icebox of food. Namely, Thai food ingredients (like spicy chilli, green papaya), cos Hong learns that Seo-jinnie enjoys spicy Thai food.


Na PD, as usual, tries to rob the ice box, on pretext that the guest + cast need to use “organically grown produce” for Three. Unfortunately, he meets his match in Hong. Hong practically out-argues Na PD by pointing out that he fails as a PD, if  (1) he can’t even see the value of adding variety, and (2) the importance of having new colors (brought by the new items) in the food presented on screen. Poor Na PD has no choice but to skulk off with tail between legs. (lol)

4. The local gang

Chef Hong agrees to take over meal preparations for Three, but on the condition that he mainly supervises. (like not going to happen…as seen later) Dinner for the evening will be roasted chicken and Thai fried rice. And since we (still) can’t eat Mathilda, we have to get a chicken from the town.


Cue: the 4 power walking through the town looking like they own it. Then rewind to their conversation: they are all talking in ahjumma-speak. Seo-jinnie is wondering whether to get a groceries trolley, and the rest are giving suggestions on the type of basket/trolley to buy.

5. Most hard to prepare dinner — ever

Chef Hong’s idea of a roast chicken involves several steps: rubbing the raw whole chicken with spices, garlic, herbs and butter, stuffing it with vegetables and herbs, arranging potatoes and vege around the chicken…then followed with a manually whipped egg white soufflé, mixed with sugar, herbs, and then use the soufflé to blanket over the chicken…before sending chicken for Round 1 of roasting.


Round 2 involves taking out the chicken after an hour, removing the soufflé crust, recoating the chicken with more butter and herbs…then sending it back again for 20 mins of roasting.


Gosh. I’d rather buy KFC, thank you.


Since the roasting is taking such a bloody long time, Chef Hong knows he needs to feed the band of hungry boys first. So he fries up a quick and spicy Thai fried rice for them, followed by subaek-soju (watermelon soju).


But the long arduous journey to bake that chicken is really worth it. The cast enjoys it so much that they joke that after today’s ep, everyone may get a chicken CF.


6. The vainpot selfie Queen


That’d be Hong. After dinner and a quick, impromptu noraebang session, Hong returns to the farmhouse, and proceeds to…take several selfie shots. (his obsession with selfie-ing continues the next morning with him taking pics of himself virtually against everything and anything…)


I suppose in order to appear pretty in the shots, you’d need some prep. Hong is the only guest in Three who actually brought along a face (and scalp!!) hydrating mask(s) to use in the night. (even the female guests juz wash off makeup and zzz)


And he’s quite diligent about keeping himself in tip-top shape too. The first thing he does after waking up is … yoga. He goes through a series of stretches, arches and whatnots before finally deciding to brush his teeth.

7. Seo-jinnie ruined breakfast!

Despite “agreeing” to only give instructions to the cast for food preparation, Chef Hong is probably still too OCD to totally let go of the reins. In the end, he ends up preparing 2 breakfast sets for the cast.


The first is something which I’d probably love, but normal (or straight) guys like Seo-jinnie will find disgusting. Power V smoothie (or in Chef Hong’s speak, “vege consommé”). In layman’s term, it’s actually a bunch of fruits and vege mushed together, then drizzled with olive oil and perked up with sea salt. Super healthy start to any day — and probably a good way to move your bowels too.


Judging from Seo-jinnie’s face, I think he’d probably agree with the bowel-movement part of the consommé/ smoothie. 😛


Second half of breakfast is hamburgers! Using the leftover ground beef/pork from previous dinners, Chef Hong and Taec busy themselves with preparing burger patties, while Seo-jinnie takes over the bun baking.


Maybe it’s due to his previous series of successes, but Seo-jinnie is ruined this time by his over confidence. One look at his dough — which hasn’t risen — should have sparked off alarm. However, Seo-jinnie insists on throwing them into the oven for baking…


And the result: very burnt buns. So burnt that you can’t even bite through. (uh oh)


Thankfully, Chef Hong saves breakfast by throwing in home made wedges. Tip of the day (taught by Chef Hong): boil the potatoes (with skin) first before deep frying them. That way, you won’t take forever to cook the wedges and you won’t risk burning them (like Seo-jinnie did with his bread…which he blames on Taec for over-stoking the oven’s fire…)


While the breakfast hamburgers look presentable, they require a huge effort to eat it. As exemplified by Taec, who nearly broke his jaws trying to bite through the stone hard burnt crust. (juz eat the patty then…sigh)


Guest for next week is Lee Sun-kyun, and he turns out to be another good cook too!