Injo and his cronies gain upperhand over Jung-myeong this week, as their plan to accuse her of employing black magic to curse Injo went well, with seemingly no proof that says otherwise. Yeo-jung continues showing her (crazy and) smug face to Jung-myeong, and if she could, literally rubs her hands in glee with Injo, when he assures her that he’ll kill Jung-myeong and all her supporters.

[TSKS][Gorgeous Political][E034(720P)][KO_CN][(108140)17-45-37]

Kim Ja-jeom secretly orders Lee Gwal to silence the kitchen ahjumma and her daughter Eun-seol, if they refuse to admit that Jung-myeong is the mastermind behind the using of black magic. Kim also when to look for Kang Joo-seon, and the both of them rallied/hired groups of thugs/commoners to threaten the peasants working on Jung-myeong’s lands, on the account of Jung-myeong being unfair and causes rift among the peasants because those working on her lands are exempted from tax.

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Meanwhile, Joo-won and the loyal workers from the Department of Artillery tried to find ways to prove that Jung-myeong was wrongly accused, and three of the workers go to Lee Gwal’s house, on the pretext of collecting soil for making artilleries (they’re allowed to collect soil from anywhere on Hanyang, even the palace). Two of them sneaked into Lee Gwal’s study, hoping to find some written evidence, and indeed, they found the letter written by Yeo-jung to Lee Gwal, regarding the wrongful accusation of Jung-myeong.

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In Woo comes over to arrest the trio instead, and was about to persecute them, when Joo-won arrived with the information that Jung-myeong had just admitted to her “crime” (because she can’t bear to sacrifice the mother and daughter, for being killed for something they did not do). In Woo let the workers go, and Joo-won takes the letter away. Poor In Woo is caught between his father (who’s all out to destroy Jung-myeong) and Jung-myeong (whom I believe In Woo has given up upon, but still wants to protect).

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Joo-won and Choi Myeong-gil decide to make use of the government gazette, to release the evidence that Jung-myeong was wrongfully accused by Yeo-jung and Lee Gwal. They managed to do it before Kim Ja-jeom realised something was amiss, and succeeded in having Jung-myeong released. Kim was actually angry about Yeo-jung orchestrating the whole accusation, but she reminds him that Injo has given his silent consent to her. Despite the whole event not being planned by Kim, he was still upset that Jung-myeong’s allies had found a way to save her.

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I can understand that for the sake of a drama, Jung-myeong’s role here is more heavily involved in the politics, and there’re more scenes of her trying to talk sense into Injo (she is, afterall, his aunt, despite being younger than him). Anyone who has some understanding of East Asian history would know that in reality, this is not very possible, as women are more often than not barred from politics (femme fatale concubines pull strings). From what I’ve read, Jung-myeong in history stayed far away from politics, in order to stay alive and keep her family safe. I also wonder with 16 episodes left, where will Show end? Will we get to both the invasions of Manchus? It’s definitely going to feel rushed if Show will end with post-Injo reign.