Drama Review – The Time I’ve Loved You (SBS, 2015)

It happens to all of us every year: that one drama we somehow watched, made us curse and swear from the beginning till end, but we still completed it. And we just have no idea why we sat through that 16 hours (or longer), and we’re able to pin point the bad more than the good points. The Time I’ve Loved You is one of such drama this year (as is Warm and Cozy is the other), and for those who’ve watched the original, likely will find this remake really bland.


I’m not a fan of the original, because I can’t relate to Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin), although I agree Lee Da Ren (Chen Bolin) is really an awesome guy who’s most likely extinct in reality. The setup is nothing special, guy likes girl for more than a decade, but girl friendzones guy (actually she likes him too, but is afraid of destroying the friendship). Guy is afraid of making the first move because he’s lived in a household of two women with strong personality, and it doesn’t help that girl is pretty assertive and stubborn.

When the story is moved into the Korean drama setting, the original conflicts become watered down, and all we get are half-baked situations and uninteresting personalities. Ha Ji Won plays Oh Hana, the counterpart to Cheng You Qing; while Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) is the Korean equivalent of Lee Da Ren. The reason why Won never confess to Hana he likes her is because a classmate who likes her died in an accident (which is of no fault of Won’s; in fact, his death has nothing to do with Won), but he feels guilty because the classmate always passes his love letters to Won to give to Hana, but Won never passed them to Hana. I felt that it was very lame, and while it made Won a good friend, it also made him look like a wishy-washy guy who can’t be forthcoming with his own feelings.


The next biggest gripe is the boring, boring second leads. Maggie (Andrea Chen) may be whiny in the original, but at least she wasn’t that persistant and annoying than So Eun (Chu Soo-hyun) is in the remake. Ding Li Wei (Sunny Wang) is a douchebag through and through in the original, but he definitely had more dimensions and it made the entire “girls like bad boys” troupe convincing. Here, Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Kyun Sang) is such a flat character, and feels like a child throwing tantrum most of the time, which I can’t understand why Hana went back to him (it totally felt like it happened because the script says so).


You Qing’s wedding with Li Wei was called off the first time because she found him cheating (if I never remember wrongly), and she went back to him again because he appeared really sincere in winning her back (even if he’s sleeping around again, as well as becoming increasingly bossy and dictates You Qing’s life). He is charismatic, and it provided numerous conflicts, enough for You Qing to realise Li Wei is not the right one. In the remake, the engagement of Hana and Seo Hoo was cancelled because Seo Hoo’s agency company forces him to (he’s a world reknowned pianist, supposedly). The subsequent conflicts the CEO of his agency company had with Hana, in order to prevent them from getting married, was pretty much meh and boring, and that flashback scene of Won seeing Seo Hoo flirting around was just thrown aside. Why waste such a good trigger for conflict, I have no idea.


And as usual, we have lovelines for side characters, which are just pretty much fillers, and are as uninteresting as they can be. For the latter half of Show, I was just letting the episode play itself on the TV, while I do other stuff. One can still follow what’s going on without paying much attention, because nothing happened. It’s like a huge cotton candy, fluffy and sweet, but there’s no content. Show is pretty to look at, but otherwise it’s a complete waste of time.

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  1. You assessment is spot on! I don’t understand why this is frequently happening this year- writers continued to butchered drama after drama with my favorite leads- this drama and before that Hyde, Jekyll & Me 😦 😦
    Goes to show the TV stations that big stars doesn’t equal great drama- it all depends on the writing.

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