Scholar Who Walks the Night – Week 6

Frankly speaking, Show has been getting a tad boring and rather predictable, and I’m half as interested in the loveline between Sung-yeol and Yang-sun, than being curious to know what is Hye-ryung planning.


So Sung-yel saved Yang-sun from killing herself, and brought her back to his place, telling her he’s now her owner, and cue all the “Coz I’m your owner and you must listen to me” orders (has the new writer been reading too many romantic stories of owner/maids?). I wasn’t paying attention, because I find Yang-sun the weakest character and poorly developed. This week also revealed the truth about Yang-sun, that she IS Seo Jin, aka the long-lost childhood friend of Yoon, and she’s been brought up as a boy since a child. I’m totally floored, and then when we’re told Yang-sun descended from the maternal lineage related to Gwi, I thought, ahha, as expected. Because why else would Yang-sun time and time again be “prevented” from moving to Tamra?


I’d think that the saving grace of this week’s episodes are the introduction of a new character, Baek In Ho (Han Jung Soo) [because hey, is it too much to wish that this time round he can be friends with Lee Joon Gi’s character, instead of chasing him again (refer to Arang and the Magistrate)], and the marriage of Yoon and Hye-ryung. Apparently the current King vastly underestimates Gwi’s influence on his ministers, and again it is up to Sung-yeol to save the day. I’m still not quite sure how Hye-ryung intends to overturn her father, and escape from Gwi’s clutches, but I’m pretty certain she’s an ally rather than a foe. She may be making many calculative moves to get close to Yoon and his mother, but I believe she has a secret plan.


Yoon and Sung-yeol, ugh. Can you guys just decide to work together, instead of dilly-dallying? Now that both of them know what are the criteria to defeat Gwi, how can they still waste time thinking one is not sincere of defeating Gwi, and the other has some other ulterior motive?


It’s writing like this, where progression makes a circular motion rather than, ya know, real progression, that is making Show increasingly frustrating to watch. I find myself paying more attention to the side characters, such as Soo-hyang, and I wonder if she’ll have more interactions with Gwi? He seems interested in her, not only because he thinks she may know him, and she knows Sung-yeol. I wonder if Soo-hyang will turn to the dark side, and will she be redeemed in the end? The body count of Show most likely will be increasing as we head towards the ending.

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