Longest running Three ever. But it’s ending soon…and we have a special guest next week to commemorate the “closure”. (more on that later)


We pick up from where the guys finish their humongous pat bing-su and head back to the farmhouse with their on-credit shopping.

1. The worker ants and the lazy bums

Right after Seo-jinnie and Maknae Kwang-gyu step into the room, they fix up the fan, and decide to play what Na PD fondly calls the “Dead Body Game”. Which is…kinda apt (see below):


While outside in the searing heat, Lee Sun-kyun and Taec busy themselves with preparing lunch — pasta, aglio olio + vongole styles. Na PD finally can’t stand the two “gamers” in the room, and decide to coerce them into waking up, by claiming that the netizens are complaining that they are leaving all the hard work to the 2 good lookers outside.


So Seo-jinnie hustles Taec to help him pluck corns in the field, and Kwang-gyu gets hijacked by Sun-kyun to be sous chef. Oh, btw, there’s this really silly quasi-psychoanalysis which the editing crew slip in. They claim to have “consulted” an un-named famous psychologist, who “claims” that to successfully survive in a rural, threadbare farmstead, you’d need 4 different personalities:

  1. Mr Nitpicker — Seo-jinnie
  2. Mr Positive — Taec
  3. Mr Fiery — Sun-kyun
  4. Mr Cowardly (or Mr Doormat) — Kwang-gyu


And says “un-named-but-very-famous” psychoanalyst, putting the Doormat with Mr Fiery is a scary thing…cue: Sun-kyun bossing and hollering at poor Kwang-gyu to fetch this, do that…NOW NOW NOW!!!


But in case you are worried about Maknae Kwang-gyu, Three reassures us that they are best of friends. In separate interviews later, Sun-kyun says that he gets along really well with easy-going Kwang-gyu, and the latter knows he’s only ribbing him in jest when he gets “angsty”. Kwang-gyu too, speaks fondly of Sun-kyun and claims to be bestie with him.

2. Pasta!


While Taec and Seo-jinnie pluck corns, Sun-kyun successfully finishes his first pasta dish — pasta a la aglio olio. Juz as he and Maknae Kwang-gyu are about to tuck in (he promises to do the Vongole Pasta for Seo-jinnie + Taec), the corn harvesters walk in to demand a share.


Ends up everyone gets to try both pastas — the aglio olio and the vongole. And I muz say, they look good.


3. Sappy’s Adventure


Owing to the rising temperature (which is turning the kennel into a jijimbang), Taec places Min-ki and pups in a box and carries them to a shadier spot outdoors. Once released from her mummy duties, Min-ki gladly hops out of the box (no issues for her, she’s a big dog now) and joins Taec on a short walk/ exploration around the farm.


Sappy — the ever annoyingly cute Adventurer — wanna follow suit too. With a big heave (ok, several BIG heaves) and ho, he manages to clamber over the side of the box and escapes…all for a short 2 mins. Before the crew tucks him back in. (keke)

3_417 3_418 3_419

4. The fruit of hard labour is…SHOPPING


Harvesting begins in earnest after lunch — and a snooze. Sun-kyun and Maknae prove to be the more efficient harvesters (cos maybe the former is always giving bossy instructions), so Taec and Seo-jinnie volunteer to tidy and bag up the corns.


In less than 2h, Sun-kyun + Maknae have finished their 1,000 corns harvest. Sun-kyun jokes that it takes a shorter time to gather 1,000 corns than to prepare meals. (which is true…they take like HOURS to cook something) Dong-shik (the hardware store owner) lends Seo-jinnie his truck to cart the corns to town.


After a quick check, the Farmers Union’s rep transfers the cash right into Taec’s newly created bank account…and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of their labours.


So off to… the supermarket they go. (of all places) But, oh well. The guys want to splurge on an all-out meat party that evening, so they heap platters of tenderloins and samgyeopsal into their shopping basket. And cos it’s a PARTY, they also need to have buddae jiggae…and ramyun!


Midway through the shopping spree, Dong-shik shyly sidles up to Seo-jinnie and says that he has been approached to shoot a CF. Seo-jinnie (and Sun-kyun) are happy for him, but ribs that Maknae Kwang-gyu hasn’t even had any shred of an offer. (aww)


And Kwang-gyu appears really upset when he hears that Dong-shik has been offered a CF, and he, nothing. (hopefully he gets a chance after this ep…poor Kwang-gyu ahjausshi)

5. The Meat Party


Dinner prep begins in earnest when the guys return. And Na PD whines that they have bought too much stuff, only to be rebuffed by Seo-jinnie who says that it’s cos they are rich. And immediately, Na PD wheedles for Seo-jinnie to pay his “debts” — the fan + pat bing-su from this morning’s shopping.


After sending off Na Loanshark, the guys split up the work for dinner. Taec takes charge of the fire, Seo-jinnie, the garlic pounding, Maknae, the odd job labourer, and Sun-kyun, head chef.


Unfortunately, Head Chef Sun-kyun runs into trouble with his buddae jiggae almost immediately. Seo-jinnie secretly hands him the MSG pack from the ramyuns and Sun-kyun pretends to innocently “dust” his hands over the pot. Only to be caught out by Na PD with a “I suppose that will make it taste nicer now?” (pwahaha) Seo-jinnie + Sun-kyun think they are being discreet and furtive…only to be exposed that their “crime” has been caught on cameras.



The meat, however, have no such issues. Taec (who is an expert griller) serves up sizzling chunks of beef and later samgyeopsal (pork belly meat) seasoned simply with butter/ lard and onions. The funny thing is, all the guys choose to stand around the plate to eat. I think they are juz too intent on gobbling down the meat, and don’t even want to spend the extra few minutes to carry the meal tray over to the wooden platform. 😛


The grilled meat are only the appetizers though. The main courses for the evening are stir fried kimchi pork and buddae jiggae. With ramyun AND rice. (so much carbs)

3_436 3_437

Min-ki gets a share of the meat too (but not the toothless (or not completely toothless) Sappy/ Eddy). And Taec gently grooms her post dinner to make her look pretty again. (aww)

3_438 3_439

6. K Chefs Battle

3_447 3_451

Ever since the tomatoes ripen, Taec has been angling for pizzas. He finally gets his wish when Na PD announces that breakfast menu for the next morning will be pizza and a plum pie. Taec volunteers for pizza making, while in-house expert baker, Seo-jinnie, takes on the plum pie.


Pizza seems to be going well, until Taec decides to pretend to be a pizza master and starts twirling and throwing the dough in the air. The caption reads: …and we know what happens when he does stupid things like this…”



Next scene: dough falls on the floor. (wags finger. told’ya so)


Seo-jinnie’s pie though…is done totally wrong. (i know, cos i bake) Instead of baking the pie crust separately, he decides to take a shortcut, and dumps everything on to the baking tray (i.e. the pie dough, the pie butter cream filling and the fresh plum deco). Naturally, everything becomes wet and soppy…and doesn’t bake through.

3_448 3_449 3_454

While waiting for the under-developed pie, the rest gobble up the pizza Taec made.


After like about 3-4h, the pie is finally ready. Though I won’t really call it a “pie” by now — maybe a big cookie? Cos all the moisture has dried up with the long baking time, leaving only a uniformed baked thingy.


Anyway, the guys tried it, and the plum “cookie” tastes not bad too.


And…drumrolls…guest for next ep is Park Shin-hye. (again?!) Yep, her again. She decides to return to claim her fruits of labour too. Remember she was the one who planted the corn seedlings and everything else? The crops have grown, and it’s only right that we go a full circle and invite the first guest to sample her crops.


Am also looking to Seo-jinnie + Kwang-gyu’s merciless teasing of Taec…Kwang-gyu keeps pressing Taec to tell Shin-hye that he loves her already. 😛