Just as I (or we, those who’re still watching, or reading this), was wondering when will Joo-won and Jung-myeong get married, it finally happened in this week’s episodes. But of course, it can’t be smooth sailing, because where’s the drama then?

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Jung-myeong finally managed to talk some sense into Injo, or rather, she managed to convince him that she truly wants him to be a good king, and his so-called aides are just trying to make him the puppet king through their maneuverings. Which he realised is true, and told Yeo-jung very seriously that strictly speaking, she was the mastermind behind accusing Jung-myeong of putting curse on Injo, which left Yeo-jung stricken.

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Yeo-jung was made to apologize to Queen Dowager Inmok, in front of Queen Inryeol, and was shaking with rage for the humiliation she was made to endure. She should be admitted to some mental institute, but too bad there wasn’t such places in the past. She tells Kim Ja-jeom that Jung-myeong is brainwashing Injo to abandon them, and they must find a chance make Injo be needy of them.

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The chance came, when Yi Gwal was reported to be on an attacking streak, from the borders of Joseon and Jurchen, towards Hanyang. All the ministers (ok except Choi Myeong-gil) who took part in ousting Gwanghae, persuaded Injo to flee, as Yi Gwal and his rebel soldiers advace towards Hanyang.

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Injo actually looked stricken, at the thought of abandoning his people and be a bad king, but Kim Ja-jeom managed to convince him that he can still return after the rebel forces are driven out, and what’s important is that he remain safe, to be a good king in the future. Whatever nonsense.

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Jung-myeong was supposed to get married, and was getting prepared for it (we get a sequence of Jung-myeong’s headdress being done, and some other make up being put) before the news of Yi Gwal’s rebellion reached the palace. When Jung-myeong was about to look at herself more closely, the mirror broke and all the palace ladies are frightened of the bad omen. Indeed, news of the rebellion soon broke, and the whole palace is in a frenzy. The wedding is called off, and when Jung-myeong tried to stop Injo from fleeing, she got a disappointed response from Injo, who tells her that those who told him to flee, are his real loyal men. Oh boy.

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In the end, Jung-myeong and Joo-won held their wedding at the grounds of the Department of Artillery, solemnized by Minister Yi Won-ik, and attended by all of Jung-myeong and Joo-won’s closest relatives and supporters. It’s definitely a cozy wedding, although not befitting of Jung-myeong’s status as a princess. I thought it fitted with Show thematically, which basically portrays Jung-myeong as an atypical princess with alot of experience in life. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s very different from the historical Jung-myeong. Nevertheless, finally they’re married, and I really wonder how much is the writer going to squeeze in the final 14 episodes. Maybe we should just rewatch Three Musketeers for what will happen next?