Cheo-yong II (ep2): Recap

I believe none of us like the feeling of hanging off a cliff’s edge, so here’s the recap for Cheo-yong 2 ep2, which will complete the debut case.


Ep1 ends off with Yoo-ri staring in horror at her killer approaching with a buzzing Stryker saw…but ep2 opens with Na-young doing her saseang fan thing again at her “oppa(s)”‘ house. (it’s good being a female ghost and an idol fan — you can pop in to view your idol’s shower scenes if you wish to) She tsks in irritation at one of the boyband member’s open romantic tete-a-tete with another girl group’s (Pink Fan) member.


A courier dings the door bell, and everyone assumes that the gift wrapped box is from the Pink Fan’s member to the idol. However, when he opens it up, he finds a scary doll inside. Na-young initially thinks it’s from an anti-fan, until she sees that courier guy at Pink Fan’s fan club meet…and realises he dislikes his idol having a romantic relationship with the boyband’s member.


Na-young brings this up to Cheo-yong, hoping that he will arrest the crazy fan, only to be brushed aside in irritation. 😛 That’s cos the investigation into the dismembered bodies has come to a standstill, with no further clues in sight. Juz then Ha-yoon discovers that the building’s caretaker is an ex-convict, and has recently been reprimanded for stealing medical supplies from a clinic in the building.


She bravely volunteers to re-visit the haunted building (alone?!!) to interview the caretaker. (and why is there like nobody around in the corridors?) Ha-yoon goes down to the basement floor where the caretaker’s “office” is, and thankfully, she is completely unaware that the long haired female ghost is also accompanying her in the same (haunted) elevator.


The elevator today chooses not to act up, and Ha-yoon reaches the basement without mishap. (maybe the female ghost is sorry for scaring Ha-yoon earlier) However, her sixth sense warns her to approach quietly, and spooked, she releases her gun from her holster when she hears the sound of a saw revving up…and the shadow of a man approaching.


Well, turns out that she doesn’t really need the gun. The caretaker, who is crippled, is scared out of his wits at seeing her too (with a gun in her hands, no less). Ha-yoon talks to the caretaker, and the topic veers to the haunted building. The caretaker tells her that he was pals with the previous security ahjusshi who told him that this building used to house the Mafia, and they ran an underground gambling den in the basement. One night, there was a police raid, and several gamblers and mobsters died in the scuffle. The security guard claimed that you can still hear their screams at night. The caretaker also adds that not long after he heard this story from the security guard, the guard passed away due to a heart failure.


Ha-yoon then asks the caretaker about his theft of the medical supplies. He claims he only took a cigarette, and wasn’t aware that the contents of the ciggie was morphine. He also adds that for a building with very little CCTVs, he is surprised that someone actually “saw” him took the ciggie and knew the ciggie contained drugs. Ha-yoon looks interested in this piece of info.


Cheo-yong too, is separately investigating the haunted building’s current and previous owners/ occupants. He contacts a small time con artist (and police informer), and instructs him to dig out info wrt the haunted building.


We change scene (and tone) briefly to see a young lady (Hee-yeon) walking home in the rain at night. She senses a car trailing after her, and worried, she picks up her phone to call home. The car decides to bypass her, and she heaves a sigh of relief, telling the person on the opposite line that “it’s ok”. (and we know that it will NOT be okay) Still feeling a little out of sorts, Hee-yeon enters a dark, dinghy alley, and the first man she runs into nearly scared her out of her wits. Thankfully, it’s juz another passerby.


However…further down into the alley, she clearly feels SOMEONE following her. She pauses, and looks back…and sees a shadow of a man under an umbrella. Scared now, she ditches her own umbrella and runs. The man behind follows suit. Not long after, we hear a short scream from Hee-yeon, then silence.


Hee-yeon’s disappearance is reported to the police, and Cheo-yong and team is frustrated again at the lack of evidence. Juz then, Cheo-yong receives a call from his informant, and he leaves to check out the haunted building. Na-young is too busy practising her dance moves in front of the TV (er, they have a tv in the office tuned in to MTV channel??). Ha-yoon rushes after Cheo-yong to accompany him…and brushes into Na-young.


An electrical jolt passes between the 2 girls… and Na-young is sucked into Ha-yoon’s body. Next thing, we see Ha-yoon (Na-young) wriggling her butt in front of the TV…and the team. (jaws dropped) Cheo-yong obviously knows what happened, and drags Na-young out from office.


Na-young is overjoyed to have a physical body again, and tries to pretend she is Ha-yoon in order to spend quality me-time with herself. But Cheo-yong is not taken in, and forcibly drags her away with him to investigate the haunted building. They pass their new team mate, Officer Han, who is reporting for work today as they  leave the building. And Na-young pleads with her handsome oppa to “save her”, only to receive a blank stare from Officer Han. 😛


However, Na-young isn’t going to waste her chance at acquiring a corporal body. The first thing she does when she visits the haunted building is …to go shopping. She beelines to a lingerie shop, and picks up several raunchy looking bra-panty sets and asks Cheo-yong to get one for her. (the look on Cheo-yong’s face is priceless) She refuses to leave, and wants to try out a leopard print bra set only to be yelled at and and hauled away by Cheo-yong. Thankfully, he pulls her away…cos the changing room is rigged with a pinhole camera. The voyeur tsks in irritation at having his entertainment cancelled.


Pissed, Na-young runs away and checks out the animal clinic next door. The vet comes out from the operating theatre and asks why is she squatting in a corner. Juz then, Cheo-yong arrives and apologises for Na-young’s nonsensical behaviours and drags her away.


He brings Na-young with him to interview the building’s current owner — who happens to be the well-dressed gentleman Cheo-yong met in the carpark previously. He refuses to answer questions and tells Cheo-yong to come by again with a search warrant. As Cheo-yong and Na-young leaves, the building owner calls out to Na-young and sympathises with her for having such a “hard boss”.


While waiting for the lift, Na-young suddenly registers that the building owner had called her by the name — when Cheo-yong hasn’t introduced her. She alerts Cheo-yong, and he immediately remembers that he has called Na-young at the lingerie store. He runs back and searches the changing room — true enough, he finds a pinhole cam on the ceiling. The cam’s IP traces back to — yes, the perverted building owner. He claims that he installed the CCTVs to “ensure the security of the building”, but can’t come out with a valid reason on why CCTVs are also installed in the Ladies, and female changing rooms.


While the team ponder over how their new suspect (aka the building owner) is able to ship the bodies in and out of the building without getting caught, Ha-yoon (or Na-young) indulges in chi-maek (fried chicken + beer). That unfortunately, leads to a severe tummy ache. While in the Ladies, Ha-yoon/ Na-young grows sleepy, and out pops Na-young. And Ha-yoon looks at her chicken smeared blouse in horror.


Ha-yoon returns to the office and mumbles a sorta excuse for her weird behaviours — while Cheo-yong glares at Na-young (who is trying to re-possess Ha-yoon). (heh) The team continue to sift through the building owner’s CCTVs records. Ha-yoon stumbles on the possibility of the killer pretending to be a courier man. They run through the CCTV footages from the building owner files and discover one courier guy (Kim Myeong-gi) who appears to be rather fishy. Yep, he is the one whom Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon bumped into after the horror-lift ride. Kim Myeong-gi also holds previous records for breaking/ entering and drug offences. Officer Han traces the courier van approaching the haunted building about now — a rather odd time, considering it’s late in the night. The team set out to arrest the courier guy.


Meanwhile, said courier guy approaches the haunted building. He waits for the vet to exit his clinic and slips in with a skeleton key. Entering the clinic, he goes straight to pillaging the drugs in the locker room. The vet returns, and notices that someone has entered before. He acts nonchalant and walks into his rest area.


Thinking that he is in the clear, Kim Myeong-gi steps out from his hiding place. Only to have the rest area’s door slammed open. The vet (Lee Cheol-gyu) confronts him and we see Myeong-gi getting ready to attack the vet with a scalpel. He strikes, but is slower than Cheol-gyu, who slashes him in one neat stroke across the windpipe, immediately killing Myeong-gi.


Cheol-gyu tsks at the interruption and the bloody mess, and proceeds to drag Myeong-gi’s body into the rest area. Juz as he is about to open a secret compartment, Cheo-yong steps into the clinic. Cheol-gyu goes out to intercept him, and claims he is in an operation and hasn’t seen any courier man coming around. Cheo-yong apologises and goes off.


But…something has caught Cheo-yong’s attention: Cheol-gyu’s shoes had blood splatters on them. He waits for Cheol-gyu to return into the clinic and slips in. The operating theatre is quiet, and Cheol-gyu isn’t around. Cheo-yong steps into the rest area, and notices blood stains on a pic hanging on the wall. He twists the pic slightly, and the neighbouring vanity top swings open to reveal stairs leading to the basement.


And oh dear, poor Hee-yeon is Cheol-gyu’s next victim. We see a dead and cut up Yoo-ri next to her on the operating platform. Cheol-gyu shows Hee-yeon his “masterpiece” — a grotesque and headless “mannequin” made up of the various female (preserved) body parts from the victims he has killed. He coos to Hee-yeon and tells her that she should be honoured that her head will grace his masterpiece, and injects a relaxant into Hee-yeon to ensure that her facial muscles will not look scrunched up for his art work. When Hee-yeon passes out, Cheol-gyu takes out his scalpel and proceeds to slit her neck to drain her blood.


Cheo-yong reaches Cheol-gyu’s hiding place and notices dead Myeong-gi on the floor. He enters into the operating theatre only to find a very dead Yoo-ri and Hee-yeon bleeding to death. He tries to staunch the blood flow, but Cheol-gyu attacks him from behind. Cheo-yong passes out from the drugs that Cheol-gyu injects into his neck. And when he revives from the attack, Cheol-gyu has already escaped with his headless mannequin. The police cart off Yoo-ri and Hee-yeon’s bodies.


Now that they have a fugitive at large, the team storm Cheol-gyu’s abode, and discover walls and walls plastered with pictures of beautiful women. Cheol-gyu’s earlier medical records show that he suffers from perfectionism, and his “current hobby” is his way to re-creating an ideal female form.


Ha-yoon also finds out that Hee-yeon has a twin sister, Hee-soo, and suspects that Cheol-gyu will go after Hee-soo since he has lost Hee-yeon before completing his masterpiece. Hee-soo is due to return to Korea on the evening of that same day. And yep, the team is alerted to Hee-yeon’s mobile re-activation — Cheol-gyu is using Hee-yeon’s phone to trick her elder sis into believing that he is sent by Hee-yeon to pick her up.


However, enroute to his (new) lair, Hee-soo feels that something is off. She texts her “sister” in Cheol-gyu’s car and is horrified to find Cheol-gyu responding. Cheol-gyu knocks her out and brings her to his hideout. Again, he introduces his “Perfect Female” to Hee-soo, and compliments her for her beauty, thanking her as well that she is physically identical to Hee-yeon. Hee-soo struggles in horror at her sister’s fate.


Cheol-gyu goes off to prepare for the “dissection”, and Hee-soo manages to escape from the duct tapes binding her. (thank god that this operation table is less “professional” than the original one Cheol-gyu used) She doesn’t get to run far though, as Cheol-gyu manages to track her down. In desperation, she knocks down a piece of glass and threatens to disfigure herself. Cheol-gyu panicks.


Cheo-yong and team arrive then. Na-young alerts Cheo-yong to Cheol-gyu’s location and he manages to rescue Hee-soo. However, Cheol-gyu escapes. Cheo-yong gives chase in his car, and crashes into Cheol-gyu’s vehicle to stop him in his tracks.


Stunned from the accident, Cheol-gyu stumbles out. He slashes Cheo-yong on the stomach, but sees something that horrifies him so much that he drops the scalpel. It’s his Perfect (Headless) Female, walking towards him and reaching out as if to grab him.


He screams, and Cheo-yong takes the opportunity to knock him out and arrest him. The walking dead morphs into a staggering Hee-soo, with Cheo-yong’s gun in her hands. Cheo-yong gently stops her from shooting, and Hee-soo collapses sobbing on to the floor.


The ambulance and police arrive to take Hee-soo away. And Cheo-yong and Na-young see the ghost of Hee-yeon looking at her elder sister. Hee-yeon glances over at Cheo-yong/ Na-young and nods her thanks at them for saving her unni.


Epilogue: The team celebrates with samgyeopsal and soju that evening, and Ha-yoon catches Cheo-yong alone for a chat. She reveals that she was a rather sickly kid in the past, and her family had hired a shaman for purification rites in the hope that she will get better. Well, she DID get better, but something weird happened. For months, she transformed into somebody else, and later she had no idea what happened. (Na Bong-sun!!) She jokingly comments that she will make a great partner to Cheo-yong. He can see ghosts, and she is no stranger to being possessed by ghosts.


Later, Ha-yoon reports the case’s findings to Inspector Kang, telling him that she has “verified” Cheo-yong’s “abilities”. Inspector Kang hands Ha-yoon a dusty police case file and Ha-yoon leaves.


Preview to ep3:

A man runs, as if to escape someone or something. He stops in his tracks and looks back…and a shadow holding a hammer strikes him on his head. The man awakes in a bare interrogation room, and the men in front of him begin to torture him…



First off, the moment Cheol-gyu appears on screen, it’s obvious that he’s the perv — cos the forensic pathologist did say that the cuts on the body are neat and surgically precise…so muz. be. a. doctor.


Anyway, I’m rather pleased with the debut case, and the red herrings thrown in. Ha-yoon’s foray into the building’s basement to look for the caretaker is chillingly creepy. I was rather worried she will really run smack into the real killer. And kudos to Ha Yeon-joo for doing a Park Bo-young stance in Cheo-yong 2. And she has hopes for not becoming a second Ha Sun-woo (fr. Cheo Yong 1). At the very very least, she knows about Cheo-yong’s ability, and isn’t squeamy squirmy over the possession thing. And she prob also guesses that Cheo-yong has a pet ghost that “ran” into her during the period where she had a familiar memory lapse.


Having Cheo-yong’s ability out in the open is a big bonus for Cheo Yong 2, cos most of the frustration in Cheo Yong 1 is our lead’s annoying refusal to explain why he knows things the other team members don’t. Although Team Leader Byeon dislikes having run-ins with the paranormal, he doesn’t dislike Cheo-yong and his useful ability. Same for team mate Jong-hyun. They both hilariously verify with Cheo-yong that the building where Yoo-ri disappeared from is haunted, and then both “volunteer” Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon to follow up on it. Now I’m juz waiting for them to find out about Na-young’s presence. 😛

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