We have one of our good guys turned a sexy (but mindless and literally bloodthirsty) vampire this week! This aside, there is still no progress from our good guys in eliminating Gwi, and their number is shrinking as the King kills himself as he had failed in his lifelong mission in killing Gwi. That scene had me LOLing as Gwi looked so surprised that the King slashes himself across the throat and falls into the well where Crown Prince Sadong died (farewell, Lee Soon Jae halbae!).


Show is seriously getting annoying as the good guys keep moving in circles, as this week’s theme is, to sacrifice Yang-sun or not. I say, good riddance to her, because she’s so dumb and irritating, but scriptwriter (and Sung-yeol) says no. I sighed. I was so annoyed when she started screaming when Sung-yeol was about to kill Vampire Hak-young (Yoon’s most trusted friend), because gawd, he’s a monster now and just because you had that flashback memory you can’t bear witnessing a killing in front of you now? Yang-sun tests my patience, really.


As for our baddies, Gwi finally realises that it’d make his life easier if he can get his hands on that magical black robe that protects vampires against sunlight, which Sung-yeol wears, and he orders Hye-ryung to pretend to be Myung-hee, to remove the robe from Sung-yeol. Myung-hee carries out her task with no choice not to, even though by now I’m pretty sure she’s actually on the good guys’ side. Soo-hyang, our other female character, is also fighting for survival, as she is now trapped in Gwi’s underground lair. Both ladies here are using their brains to survive one more day as a human, yet the main female character Yang-sun is wasting airtime as an airhead, first thinking about nothing but her silly romance, and then being afraid of Sung-yeol, now that she’s seen him in action as a vampire. Ugh, why did Sung-yeol fall for her, I have no idea.


I feel that Show has come to a grinding halt as the writer is scrambling to find ways to fill the airtime, throwing in familiar and oft-used troupes such as noble idoicy, damsel-in-distress, and the likes. Show has since become a mediocre watch, which is a shame from the first few weeks where it felt fresh and interesting. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been slated for 20 episodes, because the plot is totally stretched thin. If not for Lee Joon Gi, I may have dropped this already. Sigh.