Park Shin-hye is back to reclaim her fruits of labour, and we know what happens (specifically to Teac) when Shin-hye visits.


1. Melons


Fruits are taking turns to ripen on the farm — the strawberries started first, followed by the cucumbers, eggplants, chilli and lemons…and now, the melons are joining the harvest party. Even the smallest rock melon turns out to be sweet and fragrant.

That’s nosey parker Na PD in the red circle.

Na PD wants to join in the fruit picking fun, but ends up getting scolded by Taec and Maknae Kwang-gyu. Cos he plucks an unripe watermelon: verified by the totally pale, white flesh when Taec cuts it open. So, er, not everything small and mini will be sweet.


In contrast, the huge watermelon which Taec and Kwang-gyu harvested is super ripe, and super sweet. Kwang-gyu also comments that the flesh is strangely cool — as though the watermelon has been sitting in the refrigerator before.


2. Shin-hye


Prior to Shin-hye’s visit, the crew had interviewed Taec on who he thinks will be invited to round up Three (Season 2). His first choice: Shin-hye (a choice which he hurriedly explains is cos she was the one who planted the crops, blahblah), 2nd choice: Chajumma (cos his drama — Hwajeong — should have ended by now). Other choices include: 2PM, or any girl bands favoured by Seo-jinnie.


Heh, seems like the production crew decide to grant Taec his wish: Shin-hye revisits the farm, but sans the icebox. Which annoyed Seo-jinnie, cos he has high expectations of Shin-hye and her generosity.


Like any other girls, Shin-hye beelines to Min-ki’s pups straight after arrival, and coos over how cute they are. 😛 While Taec and the rest prepare lunch of curry rice.

Seo-jinnie and Shin-hye get additional fried egg on their curry rice. yums.

3. Thunderstorms


The heat index is finally broken with the start of a series of thunderstorms on the farm. The cracking thunder scared the hell out of the dogs, and Shin-hye, who happened to be holding on to Min-ki’s leash, is forced to run after Min-ki when she bolts. And Min-ki brings her on an impromptu jog around the entire estate. 😛 (see? rural life is good for health, u get loadsa fresh food…and exercise)


Since it’s pouring, there’s nothing much the cast can do post-lunch, other than…laze around.


When the rain stops for a while, the temperature is much cooler, and the cast decide that it is a good time to continue corn harvesting. They manage to cart of loads of ripe corns before the second thunderstorm strikes.


But…Taec continues to bravely plow on under the ever-increasing rainfall. Cos Shin-hye said she wanted to return with 200 corns, so he has to pluck those 200 — in the pouring rain…while Shin-hye looks on worriedly. (and yes, Taec did got drenched)

4. Seafood dinner


The cast takes a quick trip to town to sell off the corn harvest and purchase the ingredients for the evening’s dinner. Since they still have plenty of money left (about 670,000won), they decide to splurge on fish and seafood. (partly cos Shin-hye wants to eat bbq fish as well) Enroute to town, Taec loudly introduces Shin-hye to whoever passes by their car/ them.


Dinner preparation is handled by the two lovebirds, while Kwang-gyu and Seo-jinnie tackle a pressing problem. That of Jackson and her morning call bleats. Cos the goats have been waking up Seo-jinnie everyday without fail to make him come out and feed them, he decides that he need to improvise and make an “automated” feeder.


Basically, it involves stringing up 3 bundles of fresh hay, juz out of Jackson’s reach. The strings are then attached to the window frame near where Seo-jinnie sleeps. So when he hears the first morning call, he can cut the first string to drop the hay to Jackson and thereby “snooze” his “alarm clock”.


Na PD sarcastically comments that Seo-jinnie went all the way to New York to get an overseas degree…in order to think up such elementary school ideas.


When Jackson and kids return from their night grazing, the first thing she notices is the bundles of fresh hay above her head. And when she can’t reach them, she casts a look of utter contempt and betrayal at Seo-jinnie. (poor nanny goat)


Let’s check back on Three‘s on-screen couple’s dinner prep: Taec, as usual literally buzzes himself around the farm whenever Shin-hye (who sits on the wooden platform like a queen) issues commands to fetch this, grind that, wash this, throw that.


After Seo-jinnie and Kwang-gyu finish their innovative auto-feeder, they hang around to see if the two need help…and their conclusion is: “we best not be lightbulbs”. (lol)


3_485Dare I say this? Shin-hye and Taec appear to be flirting with each other…and the atmosphere is so rosy that Seo-jinnie and Kwang-gyu had to stand apart and not even dare to enter that bubble. Seo-jinnie claims he has been squatting at the wash area and rinsing his rice grains for more than 10 times, while eyeing a chance to enter the lovebirds’ corner to pass them the (overly) washed rice.


Well, dinner prep FINALLY starts after all the lovey-dovey business. Taec prepares the grilled fish, while Shin-hye steams the white cabbage and eggplants as sides. Later, she prepares a haemul-pajeon (seafood pancake) as well. (and she said she is NOT going to work at all in this ep)


As usual, when Shin-hye (or any competent female guest) is around, the meals look yummy.


5. Tuition


After losing a round of rock-paper-scissors, Taec is “volunteered” to wash the dishes. And he isn’t the best person to handle the task, judging by how sloppy he is at cleaning stuff.


Before bed, Taec revises his script for his current drama — Assembly. And it’s so sweet that the others help him out by practising with him. The veteran actors — Seo-jinnie and Kwang-gyu — also teach Taec some tricks of the trade to nail his character. (and we all know that Taec does need some help…he is juz…too earnest, and bad, at acting)


6. Croquette breakfast


It starts to pour again early in the morning, and it may be the reason why Jackson decides not to bleat. (so all the effort at making that “automated” feeder goes to waste) So the cast gets to sleep in later than usual — except maybe Kwang-gyu, who is woken up by Mathilda’s cacklings.


The heavy rainstorms the previous day have wash down a pillar holding the coop’s netting. And seeing a chance at freedom, Mathilda and Elizabeth strut out to investigate the yard. They pay a visit to Min-ki, clucking at her pups, then proceed to browse over to the neighbouring farm after flying past a low wall divider. Unfortunately, Kwang-gyu’s presence means an end to their adventure. Both are captured and thrown back home.


Seo-jinnie and Shin-hye are the next to wake up. The former takes out his bread dough (breakfast is croquette + country honey loaf) and even before he brushes his teeth, kneads the dough for a second proofing. Shin-hye, on the other hand, goes straight to the pets. She changes into running shoes, and brings Min-ki out for walk run. Correction: Min-ki brings Shin-hye out for a run.

It’s amazing how round and poofy they look now, as opposed to 3 weeks ago, when they were both scrawny and tiny.

A short interlude before I go into breakfast’s preparations: the pups are given their morning feed as well, and there’s an amusing segment where they try to climb up a short flight of steps. Eddy, being the smaller pup, has some problem negotiating the steps’ height. Sappy has no such problems, since he is bigger and stronger. (but aww…so cute)

3_498 3_499

Breakfast the morning is Shin-hye’s croquettes. As usual, Shin-hye takes the helm in preparing the food and cooking them, with the guys as assistants and odd job labourers. (says the girl who claimed she came to chill) And omg…juz by looking at the bacon + cheese centered croquettes make me feel hungry. (and i juz had my lunch!)

3_500 3_501 3_502

It starts raining again, midway into croquette frying. Kwang-gyu takes out an umbrella to shield Shin-hye, and also to prevent the rain water from entering the food + hot oil (which can be dangerous).


Next week may be the last of Three (Season 2) series?