It’s been a long while since I checked in on the long weekenders, and for some reason I decided to start on I Have a Lover, perhaps because of Kim Hyun Joo. Coming from the writer of Scandal (MBC, 2013), I think Show has the potential to be gripping, but not so much of a makjang. The makjang part comes in the form of a pair of long lost twin sisters, both played by Kim, and both sisters are as different as sky and earth.


The twin sisters Kim play are known as Do Hae-kang, and Dokko Yong Gi. The former is a corporate lawyer at her in-law’s pharmaceutical company, and her husband Choi Jin-eon (Ji Jin Hee) is an academic research chemist. Hae-kang and Jin-eon had a daughter, who because of some reasons, passed away beacause of Hae-kang (EDIT: it was hinted). The couple’s relationship turned bad after the death of their daughter, and Jin-eon’s student Kang Seolli (Park Han-byul) harbors a crush on him. Hae-kang desparately wants another child as she’s approaching 35, but Jin-eon is unable to move on from the death of their daughter. Hae-kang learns of Seolli’s crush and tries to threaten her to give up on Jin-eon, but Seolli is adamant on confessing to Jin-eon. Hae-kang is cold and ambitious, and it seems that she has a bad track record of causing plaintiffs against her in-law’s company to commit suicide.


We don’t see much of Yong Gi, except that she’s likely unmarried yet very pregnant, and she’s as happy-go-lucky as Hae-kang is cold-blooded. Yong Gi is also righteous and protective of her female colleague, who often gets sexually harrassed by their lewd manager. Lee Kyu Han plays a rookie lawyer Baek Seok, who’s morally upright like Yong Gi, and in the promo materials, he’s either the first love, or crush of Yong Gi back in school days. Baek Seok is kinda for comedic relief now, and his kind-heartedness is a welcomed contrast to Hae-kang’s coldness.


The opening of episode 1 is kind of confusing, as we’re told about 10 minutes later, that what we had seen is what happened 3 months later of the rest of episode 1 and 2 (and counting). Yong Gi is somehow GPS tracked by someone, and she managed to evade the tracking by throwing away the tracker (?) and jumped into Hae-kang’s car and drove away. At this point, the sisters do not know of each other’s existence; it’s by chance that they parked their car next to each other’s at a rest stop. Hae-kang had no choice but to take Yong Gi’s car instead, but lost track of her as they drove onto separate lanes on the highway. Yong Gi drove to a seaside, where she see a very much in love couple, who is actually Seolli and Jin-eon. Yong Gi also found divorce papers on Hae-kang’s car, and tsktsk about the disparity she’s just observed, not knowing Jin-eon is one of the names on the divorce papers.


Hae-kang made a stop at the side of a cliff, contemplating how to get back her car, when a truck (of doom) came from behind and knocked the car over the cliff. Hae-kang miraculously survived, and made her way to a passing car in the middle of the night, scaring the daylights out of Baek Seok, who was driving the car. He recognises her as Yong Gi (apparently he has not seen Yong Gi for ages), and from here, we time jumped to three months ago.


I’d say that Show is pretty interesting, given how Hae-kang is so possessive of her husband, yet so indifferent to his sufferings. It is still building up on the backstory, so I think it’ll be worth watching how Hae-kang restarts her life as Yong Gi, and then what about real Yong Gi? Why are the twins separated? Promo materials has it that Hae-kang will fall in love with Jin-eon again, but he’s already married Seolli by then. Jin-eon’s own family is also full of stories – his Dad was actually in love with Hae-kang’s Mom, and Dad’s current wife is the second wife, who snatched Dad away from Hae-kang’s Mom. Jin-eon’s half-sister Jin-ri and brother-in-law are also in a loveless marriage, where the brother-in-law is always having some random one night stands. Jin-ri is hoping to inherit the whole company, and is pretty antagonistic towards Hae-kang. Likely I’ll be watching this, but wouldn’t be following up with the writings.