Aww…we have finally come to the end of Three (Season 2). Ep18 will be the post-show “debrief”, where Na PD releases previously edited out scenes from Three (Season 2) (am looking forward to the edited out portion of Kwang-gyu’s failed sikhye (fermented sweet rice drink) incident)

1. Croquettes and Bread


We track back a little to breakfast’s preparation: the croquettes’ success have been verified in ep16, so now we take a look at Seo-jinnie‘s latest (and last) bread creation — honey + nuts country loaves.

Everything looks rather smooth sailing from the dough kneading to the breads’ entrance into the oven. Half an hour later, Taec prepares to dish out the final products…and they are burnt?!


Thankfully, only a small portion of the crust has blackened. To be fair, the cast is using a home-made fire stove built with crude bricks, so you can’t expect the nice uniformed brown crust of those breads found in bakeries that use electrical ovens. The insides of the breads are still nice, soft and fluffy though, so they can be considered a(nother) success. 🙂


While croquette frying, the rain (which started off as a light, intermittent drizzle), decides to go into a full-on thunderstorm. So they hurriedly scoop up the remaining croquettes and make a dash into the farmhouse to complete breakfast (or brunch, cos the clock shows 12.30pm).


2. Rain – Harvest – Corn Bagging – repeat

The rain doesn’t let up after brunch, so there’s nothing to do but laze (or catch up on sleep) some more and wait. Even the puppies are also in lazy mode.  3_509

The rain finally stops after a long while, and Maknae Kwang-gyu hustles the rest awake to start corn harvesting. Taec, however, is allowed to snooze longer. Cos that poor boy has caught a cold and is running a slight fever after being drenched in the rain the previous day — trying to harvest Shin-hye‘s 200 corns. (tsktsk…boys)


Kwang-gyu and Shin-hye prepare to enter the corn field, while Seo-jinnie volunteers to be the guy at the sideline. He gives himself the “most” important task of collecting the filled baskets and carting them to the farmhouse.


Of cos Na PD catches him out on his rather lame excuse and nags him for being lazier than the guest. Halfway through harvesting, the rain decides to re-visit the farm again. And again, it starts to pour. So Kwang-gyu and Shin-hye hurry back to take shelter in the farmhouse. (while Seo-jinnie tries to evade duty again by dumping the corn-filled cart along the road…)


Since there’s nothing to do while waiting for the rain to stop, Shin-hye suggests stripping the corn husk and re-packing them into the gunny sacks. And…that’s how we spend a lazy afternoon in the countryside.

The same cycle is repeated again later when Taec re-joins them — see photos evidence:

3_521 3_522 3_523

3. Ramen is an organic produce … only for today

Seo-jinnie starts whining (again) to make a trip to town, cos cooking lunch in the rain is juz plain…tiring. Na PD counter-offers — no trip to town allowed, BUT the cast can have ramen for lunch. Seems like ramen magic works wonders, cos Seo-jinnie immediately stops whining and agrees to cook ramen (in the rain).


After Taec awakens from his sickbed, they start on late lunch prep. Since it’s ramen, it muz go with spam. For the first time in Three series, Na PD acknowledges ramen + spam (previously known as “processed food”) are true blue organic produce.


Feeling a little experimental, Shin-hye pipes that she wanna try making tomato kimchi. (duh-huh??) Yeah, the reactions of the guys are also “what is that??”


But they decide to humour her, and surprisingly, tomato kimchi does work. So much so that after the guys tried it and approved of it, Na PD sneaks over and licks up (literally) the leftovers from the mixing bowl. (the cast calls Na PD the guerrilla hobo, since his habit is to squat over pots and pans while nobody is noticing to finish up the scraps)

4. Introducing a new member into the girl group

For months, Kwang-gyu has been hearing the girl group (aka hen-group) respond to the crowings of a nearby cock. So he muster up his courage to ask their neighbour to loan the cock over for a day.


Initially the hens are rather annoyed with the addition of a male member, but gradually, they become impressed with his bright plumage and robust body. Cos half an hour later, they decide to trail after him while he pokes around his temporary new house (coop).


And one particular hen, Elizabeth, takes an extreme fond liking to their new male member. So much so that she protests the most when Kwang-gyu returns the cock later to their neighbour.


In case you are wondering if there are going to be little chicks running around soon…sorry, no.

5. Last supper


Last dinner at the farmhouse consists of spicy jiggae and Shin-hye’s marinated pork ribs. The former is handled by Taec, and it nearly earns him a scolding…cos he adds whatever he likes (as long as it’s spicy + red) into the pot of water. After trying it, Seo-jinnie declares it smells and tastes like a wet mangy dog. (aww)


Shin-hye tries to remedy it, but can’t revive the stew. So in the end, she asks Seo-jinnie for MSG. (lol) In the end, the jiggae tasted like diluted ddokbukki paste. I suppose that’s still edible?


The show stopper is Shin-hye’s pork ribs though. After marinating them overnight, she stir fries them bulgogi-style and tops it up with chopped spring onions.

6. Partings


Well, all things muz come to an end. Shin-hye is the first to leave since she has a drama shoot that evening. So right after dinner, she packs her stuff and says her last goodbyes to the puppies and the cast. That wefie moment is broken by the 2 ahjusshis mock fighting behind her and Taec — but not as though our lovebirds care.



The guys help to cart all the produce (including that 200 corns…and here i thought she was joking) into her mini van. Before she leaves, the crew catches her for a short exit interview, where she says that she “clicks very well” with Taec, and enjoys the company of the other cast, thus she had no qualms agreeing to return to Three.


After Shin-hye leaves, Taec settles down to craft hand written Thank-you notes to the previous guests. Unfortunately, he can’t think of anything to say…so he ends up transcribing whatever Seo-jinnie (who is washing the dishes behind) dictates.


But oh, he and Kwang-gyu add a “Seo-jin ❤ Ji-woo” on Ji-woo unni’s Thank-you card. And…Seo-jinnie NEVER protests! In fact, his dimples juz went a leetle bit deeper. 😛

3_540 3_538 3_539

The next morning, it’s Kwang-gyu’s turn to pack up and leave for his drama shoot. But, he isn’t the one who wakes first. It’s Jackson and her kids. And we finally get to see Seo-jinnie’s marvellous invention at work. Although the first attempt to throw down Haystack no. 1 failed (only the string came out), subsequent tuggings release Haystack no. 1 AND 2. Jackson and kids nearly got a fright at hay dropping down from the sky.


Like Shin-hye, Kwang-gyu takes a lot of parting selfies around the farm — from Min-ki + Eddy + Sappy, to Jackson + family, to Mathilda + hen groupies, to the corn field, the stream…etc. Only thing is, he doesn’t seem to realise that smart phones have front cameras on them.

7. Last breakfast

Season 1 ep1 breakfast -- doenjang jiggae
Season 1 ep1 breakfast — doenjang jiggae

We rewind to ep1 of Three (Season 1), as breakfast for today is the same as Seo-jinnie + Teac’s first meal at the farmhouse — doenjang jiggae with rice.

Season 2 last breakfast - doenjang jiggae with additional spam and eggs
Season 2 last breakfast – doenjang jiggae with additional spam and eggs

Except now there’s an improvement — an additional dish of fried spam and eggs.


Kwang-gyu challenges himself by making (for the first time) seasoned cabbages, and knocks his head not once, but twice, on the in-house stove’s piping while preparing the dish. (ouch)


After Kwang-gyu finally leaves, Taec and Seo-jinnie finish up plucking whatever can be plucked from their vege crops and bag it for their guests. (aww….Ho-joonie gets the spring onions)

8. Months later…


Like with Three (Fishing Village), the cast meet again a few months later at somebody’s spiffy apartment. And hey, Taec brings Eddy along! (so does that mean he has adopted Min-ki and family for real?)

3_551 3_552

We will know the answer in ep18!