Coming from the writer of Here Comes Jang Bo-ri, My Daughter is Geum Sa-wol is a makjang fest right from the beginning. Again we have a prologue in Episode 1, which likely is 1 year after the given timeline in the episodes of the premiering week (this prologue thing that’s happening very often in weekend dramas, they’re so confusing).

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It’s absolutely strange to watch the entire cast of an average age of at least 45 acting as characters in their late 20s or early 30s. Yes, this is what Episode 1 and 2 was about, where the veteran actors/actresses Jeon In Hwa (Baker King Kim Tak-goo), Son Chang Min (Unkind Women), Park Sang Won (Healer), and Kim Hee Jung (Yoo Na’s Street) are the main characters, when the story is likely set in the 90s. Those who’re hoping to catch Baek Jin Hee and Yoon Hyun Min, I’m afraid you may have to wait for another week or two at least, because at the end of Episode 2, we’re still nowhere near the prologue of Episode 1.

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Jeon In Hwa plays Shin Deuk Ye, daughter of a a famous architect, and likely the biological Mom of Geum Sa-wol (Baek Jin Hee). In the prologue, she gives birth to a girl at some store room, under circumstances yet unknown. The scene then cuts to another woman giving birth, Choi Ma Ri (Kim Hee Jung), and a man, we presume is her husband, is very happy when she gives birth to a son (the adult will be played by Yoon Hyun Min). The man is Kang Man Hoo (Son Chang Min), who turns out to be married to Deuk Ye, and I went, WTH just happened? Makjang signal everywhere.

Episode 1 is about how Deuk Ye is supposed to be married to Park Sang Won’s Oh Min Ho, but Man Hoo is is obsessed with marrying Deuk Ye, and he is absolutely unhappy about Deuk Ye’s father’s differential treatments towards him and Min Ho, despite both Man Hoo and Min Ho being architects at Deuk Ye’s father’s company. Man Hoo also has two daughters from a previous marriage, and his ex-wife is Ma Ri (I know, I know, it’s so makjang). He becomes desperate when the wedding date of Deuk Ye and Min Ho draws near, and decides to sabotage the wedding, where the event is also a public revelation of Deuk Ye’s father’s new architectural project.

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Deuk Ye’s father ends up with a stroke, and her mother becomes senile at the turn of the shocking events. Man Hoo takes the chance to be a “saviour”, and oust Min Ho by accusing him for embezzling the company’s funds. Man Hoo gets his wish of marrying Deuk Ye, becoming the rich man he’s always wanted to be (or so we’re told). His ex-wife Ma-ri, is a crazy biatch who’s very keen on reconciling, even before he married Deuk Ye. She gets her daughters to prank on Deuk Ye and her senile Mom, basically being a very bad example to her children.

By the end of Episode 2, both Deuk Ye’s parents are killed both directly and indirectly by Man Hoo, and Deuk Ye also learns of what Man Hoo did to marry her and take over her father’s company. Min Ho comes back from nowhere, and we’re told that he’s carted off to the nowhere by Man Hoo. Man Hoo runs away with Ma Ri after killing his father-in-law accidentally.

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Show is really a standard makjang fest which, meh, much as I enjoy a super dramatic drama once in a while, this is not for me. I have no idea why Deuk Ye’s daughter will grow up to be Geum Sa-wol, why are the mother and daughter separated. All I know is it’s gonna be revenge filled and an unhappy marriage between Deuk Ye and Man Hoo (so what happens to Ma Ri and their son?) It’s probably more advisable to resume watch when the younger cast appear.