Scholar Who Walks the Night – Week 8

Le sigh. We spend 15 episodes to get to the point where Yang-sun finally learns of her heritage, and for everyone else to realise no, she’s not going to kill Gwi with her vampire-human roots. This show, I swear, is too long for its own good, because the momentum is lost with all the unnecessary fillers and attempts at romance.


Anyway, Yang-sun voluntarily sacrifice herself, while Yoon and Sung-yeol learns that drinking her blood wouldn’t make Gwi shrivel up and die. Yoon has also decided that he’s not going to allow any more sacrifices in order to kill Gwi. Hye-ryung’s evil father came up with the suggestion to sacrifice young girls for Gwi, and Yang-sun joins the ranks. Soo Hyang is tasked with prettying up the girls, and she finally softens her approach towards Yang-sun, when she learns of Yang-sun’s fate.


Sung-yeol continues to be the hero, teaming up with Yoon and saving the girls who’re to be sacrificed. And remember the magic black cloak Hye-ryung stole from Sung-yeol? Yoon wears it while waiting for Sung-yeol to come to him. Anyway, the cloak is finally returned to Sung-yeol, unbeknownst to Gwi. Gwi brings vampire Hak-young to Yoon, who is shocked at what Hak-young has become. Yoon almost got bitten by Hak-young, who is being “trained” by Gwi at the moment. Frankly speaking, the antics of Gwi are the saving grace of Show at the moment.


Gwi repeats his love story to Yang-sun and Soo Hyang, which is where the latter realises that Gwi had drunk the blood of his descendents before, and it doesn’t kill Gwi. Soo Hyang tries to stop Gwi from killing Yang-sun, thank goodness for her quick thinking, telling Gwi that Yang-sun should be kept to lure Sung-yeol. Gwi is unable to resist Yang-sun’s blood any more, and when he moves in to bite her, he finds out that Yang-sun had been bitten by a vampire before, and is unaffected by it. Gwi realises that Yang-sun is related to him by her matrilineal descent, adamant to kill her, but the moment is cut short by the arrival of Sung-yeol to his underground lair.


The sad moments of this week is Hak-young’s grandfather learning what Hak-young has become, and also for Yoon to kill off Hak-young eventually. At least Hak-young came to his senses at the very end, killing himself with Sung-yeol’s hawthorn dagger, held in Yoon’s hand. Sigh, how many people must Yoon lose to Gwi, before Gwi is destroyed?

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