Twenty Again: Sleeping Beauty

Nah, although the title brings to mind Han Yeo-jin from Yong-pal (cos she HAD been zzz for 3 years), it’s also relevant to Ha No-ra from Twenty. The “real” Ha No-ra that is. And recently, we have been seeing a possibility of the sassy, preppy No-ra finally waking up from her long time “slumber”.


It’s funny when Hyun-seok retorts in ep5 that he doesn’t want to get married in case his wife turns out to be “like No-ra” — meek, with no ideals, all life sapped from her. But we all know he does want his wife to BE No-ra. (so punny there)


Although people do mellow as they age, bulk of No-ra’s recession into her shell stems from an unbalanced marriage. From the onset (as in what we can glean from Twenty‘s recount of No-ra’s youth), No-ra is the one enamoured by Woo-chul (she recounted that she wanted to perform “for him”). She might have been impressed with either his pedigree, or his intellect, or both, but young No-ra already started off on the wrong footing with Woo-chul. So it’s kinda inevitable that he feels “superior” to her and continually belittles her.


In addition, the loneliness and insecurity from uprooting herself from her circle of family and friends to re-locate to Germany contribute to No-ra’s dependency on Woo-chul. He became her entire world, literally. By the time the family moved back to Korea, it is probably too late. The “damage” had been done, and No-ra is essentially cut off from the world at large. Even back in Korea, No-ra’s habitual deference to Woo-chul and her placing him on bigger and taller pedestals increase the widening gap between them.


Her re-entrance into school life is a chance to pick up from where her life abruptly entered stasis 20 years ago. And whether it’s by coincidence or Fate, the person who mattered to her 20 years ago is again around her. Hyun-suk is very much like the Prince in the fabled Sleeping Beauty, entering the bewitched castle and chopping down the poison ivy to reach the Princess in the center.


And we have seen how successful he is — once he stops being such a pissy, petty boy. Even though the reason for his coming around is No-ra supposed terminal illness. But hey, at least he still considers himself friend enough to “send” No-ra off as the No-ra he knew, rather than the shadow that appeared as No-ra in his classroom. He had the choice to continue to ignore her after all.


It’s still small baby steps at the moment, but what we can see from ep4 onwards is a No-ra who has begin to live, and take charge of her life. She literally let her hair loose in ep6 in the oldies Club, where she and her group of friends dance late into the night. There is also more reason for her to re-discover the steel she used to have, now that she knows her husband’s reason for divorce is cos of a third party, and not cos he finds her “intellectually lacking”. In other words, she probably has come to terms that the marriage breakdown isn’t entirely due to her, and high-and-mighty Woo-chul also has to shoulder a large part of it.

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  1. I like this drama. It’s so easy to watch and I don’t even like 2/3 of the leads. The only reason I stuck through this as I marathoned ep 1-6 was Ji Woo unnie. I initially thought Lee Sang-Yoon is a miscast but as the episodes progressed, I just let it go since he’s not too shabby in his acting.

    Apart from the son’s love interest (she can’t act), the rest of the cast has been superb so far.

  2. Nice read. Episode 6 is the best so far. I had a hard time enjoying this drama at first because of how pitiful No-Ra was, UGH!!! Lee Sang-Yoon and the “younger” No-Ra were the reason I kept watching it. It has started to grow on me. I can’t wait to see why Hyun-Suk is/was mad at her, hope this reason won’t be disappointing.

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