Sniffs…we have come to the end of Gangwon-do’s version of Three. The Manjae-do version of Three (Fishing) will return in Oct with a Season 2. (more recapping job for me…haiz) As per usual format, the debrief ep is part recap, part BTS. We review what we (and the cast) love best about Three and get to see scenes that have been taken out previously.


1. At Kwang-gyu’s house


Ooh, the spiffy apartment where Three cast + crew gather in is none other than Maknae Kwang-gyu‘s bachelor pad. For someone who supposedly stays alone, his fridge is rather well-stocked — as evidenced by Seo-jinnie‘s spot check. He complains that he’s hungry the moment he steps in, and beelines for the refrigerator.


Taec arrives not long after — with Eddy!!! — and as usual, is put to task to cook for his hyungs. Seo-jinnie rummages some ramyun, frosted flower crabs and kimchi out from the fridge, and also discovers Kwang-gyu’s (cold) leftover dinner from the previous night — bossam (boiled pork normally eaten wrapped with cabbage). And I suppose he really meant it when he said he’s hungry, cos he pops a few bossam into his mouth without even bothering to re-heat them. (ew)


Our final lunch for Three is ramyun with flowercrabs. And Taec fries some meat patties as well, on Kwang-gyu’s Teflon-coated pan. We get to see that previously at the farmhouse, Taec constantly whines that he NEEDS a Teflon pan, cos food juz burn so easily on the sot’s cover. Hilariously, he still burns the meat patties even on the Teflon-coated pan. (ahem…so is it a case of lack of skills or materials?)

2. New nickname 1 – The Ya-Gwang-Man


I’ve never touched on this in my highlights previously, but Kwang-gyu, during one of the many shopping trips to town, was introduced to ya-gwang-mun herbal tea by Seo-jinnie. Ya-gwang-mun is also called the Chinese bush clover, and its’ traditional (oriental) medical properties include removing excess toxins/heat from the kidneys, liver and lungs. Seo-jinnie then had introduced ya-gwang-mun to Kwang-gyu as being “beneficial for men”. (ok, you go interpret what he means by that)


Anyway, Maknae Kwang-gyu bought a pack home and started brewing it immediately. He fell in love at first taste, and subsequently become dubbed as the “Ya-gwang-mun Ahjusshi”, cos he’s always armed with a bottle of the tea and offering cups of it to everyone.


When Sun-kyun visited, the guys discover another use for it. An ahjumma claims that fermenting ya-gwang-mun may help in hair growth. So (nearly bald) Kwang-gyu had faithfully carried out her instructions…and after 3 months, presents the fermented ya-gwang-mun for the guys to drink. Seo-jinnie retorts that Kwang-gyu should juz soak his head in the potion already. 😛

3. New nickname 2 — Seo-jinnie the Florist


Lol. The person who whines the most at having to pluck flowers and present bouquets turns out to be the most avid floral arranger. The editing crew string together a series of Seo-jinnie gathering wild flowers and arranging them into bouquets for his female (and sometimes, male) guests.


The first bouquet which started the trend was presented to Kim Ha-neul. Although her bouquet was huge, it wasn’t the best. Cos Seo-jinnie pays more attention to the types and colours of flowers he adds to the subsequent bouquets, culminating into a really presentable bunch of wild flowers for — Sohn Ho-joon. (lol)

4. Love line 1 — Seo-jinnie + Ji-woo unni


Someone pls decipher for me that secretive, self-satisfied smirk Seo-jinnie has on his face whenever “Choi Ji-woo” and “hyungsoo-nim” are mentioned in the same breath. That’s his expression (above) when Na PD loudly announces the “first couple award goes to Seo-jin hyung and hyungsoo-nim Ji-woo”.


To aid us in recapping the journey between these 2 lovebirds, the editing crew include scenes from Three (Season 1), when Seo-jinnie first met Ji-woo and became smitten with her attentiveness to details and her chirpy personality.


During her second visit (post-Grandpas Over Flowers: Greece), the two have definitely become closer. They operate on the same wavelength and bystanders like Taec and Kwang-gyu both comment that Seo-jin behaves like a husband in a marital relationship.


Seo-jinnie and Ji-woo bicker like a married couple, Ji-woo bosses Seo-jinnie around like his wife, and the camera catches Seo-jinnie spoon feeding (literally) Ji-woo on several occasions. (aww, we can hope, can’t we?)

5. Love line 2 — Taec + Shin-hye


Unlike Seo-jin, whenever Na PD and the guys mention Park Shin-hye and her “relevance” to Taec, he will protest left, right and center. He even groans that Kwang-gyu’s exhortation to Taec to “say you love her already!” during ep16 prompted his entire filming crew to repeat the same when he goes on set at The Assembly (his latest drama). (pwahahaha…but then, i hope the two become really good frens, if they aren’t already)


6. Best Meal Award

3_571 3_572 3_573 3_574 3_575Na PD then asks the cast to vote for their “Best Meal” out of the 200+ meals Three presented in the course of 3 months. (that many?!)


All 3 unanimously vote the home made soya milk noodles as the best. (methinks is prob cos they put in so much sweat and blood in grinding those soya beans…)


7. Worst Meal Award

Ok, this is funny. The Worst Meal (or Meal from Hell) Award goes to one of Taec’s creations that never made it on screen — Honey butter chips.


He tried his hands at making this popular snack during BoA and Yoo Hae-jin‘s visit. (and if you haven’t tried it, the original is from Calbee. the product is a joint Jap-Korean venture using Calbee brand of chips and a Korean recipe of butter + honey. i tried…it’s reaaally good)


Well…it turned out to be (burnt) butter + honey + potatoes soup. (eeww)

8. The “I-can-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed” recipe


For Seo-jinnie, it’ll be ssamjang (the spicy, savoury paste usually taken with rice). And again, we see scenes of Seo-jinnie preparing ssamjang from Three (Season 1) all the way to Three (Season 2). (besides grounding garlic and peeling potatoes) He explains that he learnt the ssamjang recipe from his mum and in charge of preparing ssamjang at home before mealtimes. (ahh…that explains why he’s so good at it)


Kwang-gyu though, claims his never-fail recipe to be seasoned spring onions (usually forms part of the banchan). And given Kwang-gyu’s sashimi chef’s slicing skills, his spring onions are all julienned very finely.

9. Our Animal Friends


I’m sure you have been waiting for this juz as eagerly as I did. Na PD updates the cast (and us) on the fates of the animal friends who have spend the last 3 months with them on the farm. First: Mathilda and the hen group. They are adopted by a neighbouring farmer — the same farmer who loaned the cock to Kwang-gyu. And yes, Mathilda and friends are getting along very well with their new husband, and I suppose he doesn’t mind additions to his harem.


As for Jackson and family, she (and Black Pearl + Diamond) are returned to their original owner. (she was “on loan” for the filming) Amazingly, Seo-jinnie can iden Jackson and her kids immediately from the video clip which the crew took. The crew on the other hand, have no idea which is Jackson from the goat herd. Seo-jinnie complains that the original breeder is not doing a good enough job at feeding Jackson though. 😛


Lastly: Min-ki and Sappy. Although Taec did wanted to adopt Min-ki, he had to drop the idea cos she belongs to a neighbouring halmoni. In return, the halmoni let him choose one of the puppies. And he took Eddy, the quieter guy. As for Sappy, he has grown in size to rival his mum, and is juz as rambunctious as ever.

3_586 3_587

Lucky Eddy, who is now part of Taec’s family, reports for work daily with Taec at JYP. At home, Taec has set aside a large corner in his living room and converted it into a playpen for the puppy. So yes, Eddy is probably a very happy doggy, even though he is separated from his sibling and mum.

3_588 3_589

10. The Sikhye Incident

In the ep when Kim Ha-neul visited and insisted on doing her Gangwon-do styled potato + glutinous rice balls, Kwang-gyu also wanted to try out a rice-related recipe — sikhye (fermented sweet rice drink).


He was quite confident of its success actually, since he claimed to have practised it at home. Even then, he still bugged the town’s ahjummas with questions on the preparation. Back at the farmhouse, he threw down his gauntlet and prepared to compete with Ha-neul — the loser whose dish turned out totally inedible would have its footage completely edited out.


We already know who lost…but ok, let’s roll back to that fateful day. Everything seemed fine, from the prep to the boiling. Even with his bad back, Kwang-gyu insisted on carrying the heavy sot from fire to shelter to start the fermentation process.


However, next morning…the sikhye became fermented juk (porridge), and was declared totally inedible. Thus, Ha-neul earned her near 15mins footage of her (almost disastrous) potato-glutinous rice balls and Kwang-gyu got 0. (aww)


Needing to prove that he CAN make sikhye, Kwang-gyu has prepared a large bowl of it at home. He presents his successful sikhye to the cast and crew…and their response? “Why does it tastes so much like ginger tea?” T_T


11. Wrapping it up. Presents!


Both cast and guests gave and received presents — the guests left handwritten notes to the cast, and the cast carefully handpicked the farm’s produce and ship it to their guests. Ji-sung received the rockmelons (but er, they are not ripe yet, so are inedible), and Ji-woo unni received a large napa cabbage (for her kimchi effort). Ho-joonie got tons of spring onions and ingredients for doenjang. (lol)


Even Manjae-do’s cast + crew get a box of pressie from Seo-jinnie: their freshly harvested corns. Which I believe will be very much useful in food scarce Manjae-do. (well at least if Papa Yoo can’t get any fish, Chajumma can whip up some corn dish, no?)


12. Preview ^^


Talking about Manjae-do, we are given a sneak peek into what will happen in Oct. The island is juz as windy as it was in winter, earning several curses and complaints from Chajumma. Like “how can I cook in this weather?! Let’s return during winter instead!”

3_602 3_603

And look who else have returned? Bee and San-je! (don’t you juz love Bee’s expression-less “shaddup” at San-je’s obvious excitement? cats… :P)